PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted fly in interview


Norfolk-based group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the flyswatter-in-chief to try taking a more humane attitude the next time he's bedeviled by a fly in the White House.

PETA is sending President Barack Obama a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, a device that allows users to trap a house fly and then release it outside.

"We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals," PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich said Wednesday. "We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals."

During an interview for CNBC at the White House on Tuesday, a fly intruded on Obama's conversation with correspondent John Harwood.

"Get out of here," the president told the pesky insect. When it didn't, he waited for the fly to settle, put his hand up and then smacked it dead.

"Now, where were we?" Obama asked Harwood. Then he added: "That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker."

Friedrich said that PETA was pleased with Obama's voting record in the Senate on behalf of animal rights and noted that he has been outspoken against animal abuses.

Still, "swatting a fly on TV indicates he's not perfect," Friedrich said, "and we're happy to say that we wish he hadn't."

Deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said the White House has no comment on the matter.

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Are you kidding?

This is all PETA has to worry about?

What has the world come to?????

"Friedrich said that PETA was pleased with Obama's voting record in the Senate on behalf of animal rights and noted that he has been outspoken against animal abuses.

Still, "swatting a fly on TV indicates he's not perfect," Friedrich said, "and we're happy to say that we wish he hadn't"

There is something wrong with an individual who has to apologize for killing a fly. Does the guy also apologize for the White House not loving leaving garbage around for the fly to dine on? Give me a break ! What has the world come to?????

Are you kidding?

That's the only constructive thing he's done since he's been President!

This Is A Shame

This, if nothing else does, proves that we live in an insane world.

Keep swating flies President Obama!

they have nerve

this from a "charity" that was killing dogs in carolina en route, and dumping the carcasses in any dumpster they could find...

PETA killing dogs in NC

what ever happened to those employees of PETA who were caught dumping dogs in dumpsters in NC? Why were they rescuing dogs to kill them?? Is this something still going on? Does PETA operate a no-kill shelter or sanctuary for animals anywhere in the US?

PETA, saving the world one

PETA, saving the world one bug at a time !!!!

PETA didn't say anything about all the germs that flies carry.

PETA's Fly's

I rest my case....PETA is a bunch of ne'er-do-wells who have nothing else to do. This gave them something to be back into the news and show just how socially retarded and screwballs they really are.....and of course, the Virginian-Pilot had to give them press time to show their readers how very, very liberal they are. "PETA and the PILOT" what a team!

Good Grief

This terrorist group opens it's mouth and the pilot gives them coverage?

Too bad obama doesn't swat PETA!


Good one!

Actually, that should be "asinine", but all the same that was a good one - even better than "People Eating Tasty Animals".

It was a bug!

How many mosquitoes did PETA members swat on their arms? Did they spray for roaches in their homes? Set termite traps?

They never crushed ants or other insects walking around pestering us normal folk with their inane diatribe?

Living Up to Their Name

People Embarrassing the Tidewater Area.

Imagine if

Barry was a republican. There would be an huge outcry from the folks based on the Elizabeth river and the media would be calling for him to step down.


Seriously..........C'mon. PETA is quickly becoming the laughing stock of Norfolk. I wish they were than passionate about our economy.

People Embarrassing Tidewater AGAIN

Mikey, seriously, they became the laughing stock of Norfolk years ago....they're just continually reinforcing their position. The only people that take Peta seriously anymore are the members of Peta themselves. The rest of us obviously see this group for the attention seekers they are. Next thing on their agenda: protesting exterminators for killing the insects in our homes and businesses.

Oh, wait, doesn't the A in PeTA stand for Animals, not Insects???


PETA's always good for a laugh. Can I assume that they don't treat that nice headquarters building for termites, roaches, mice, and other pests?

Thanks for the chuckle to start my day!


It is comments like this that make PETA look off the wall stupid. If PETA wants to be treated as a source of intellgent input for animal safety it should stick to "animals". What is next, relocate termites to a "safe" location? What about killer ants?

PETA and the FLY

Why is this even news worthy. It is astonishing to me the true junk that is in the newspaper and on tv news.

What happened in Carolina?

Aren’t these the same people who had their minions down in Carolina picking up animals at vets and pounds, killing them, and tossing the carcasses in a dumpster? Then they defended them (paid for their lawyers, etc.) And now they are worried about a fly? This is so hypocritical and stupid. Thanks Pilot for wasting paper and electrons on what they say.

I'm no fan of Obama's

But I'm even less of a fan of PETA's. I wish the Tommy & Rumble Striper Tournament hadn't gotten so big. I fished in one of the early PETA tourneys, and it was a BLAST!

Those folks on Brambleton Ave continue to live up to their name as the:

P eople
E mbarassing the
T idewater
A rea


PETA needs to really look in the mirror and decide when to fight the battle or let it slide. For goodness sake, killing a lfy is now national news and an animal right's campaign. PETA needs to patrol our highways so there is no more roadkill. Or better yet become roadkill. What an obnoxious organization when it takes its cause to the ridiculous. I guess they don't want me to kill the mosquito that is sucking my blood and passing along West Nile virus. Gimme a break!!!!

More stupidity...

It's a shame this group calls Tidewater home, they are much better suited for the left coast. I'd love to send them to a jungle full of malaria carrying mosquitoes and see how many they swat! To bad the pilot continues to publish their nonsense!

PETA get a LIFE!

PETA is a joke on even making a comment on this. This is overkill and PETA is just doing this to try to get press! It was overkill with Vick and now it with President Obama. What is next, to tell fishermen to throw the fish back that they caught or the deer hunters to use paint guns on the deer so that they do not kill them!!??!! PETA is a JOKE!

PETA against H1N1

Following PETA's warped logic, PETA should also be up in arms against things such as flu shots and antibiotics! After all, these only serve to "kill" living organisms.

PETA - here's what I want. I want sworn depositions from every PETA employee and its supporters stating they have never in their lives even swatted a mosquito that was feeding on their arms. Don’t forget to include protecting your homes against termites as termites suffer horribly. Only then will PETA garner any respect from me. Until then - move your office to the Funny Farm.

"swatting a fly on TV indicates he's not perfect,"

Friedrich said.
Forget PETA getting all misty over BHO executing a fly. The fact they consider him anything above the camera mugging clown he is is by far the most distressing news ever to come out on this group.
I will say though, that killing disease laden insects is one of the few truly positive, useful things BHO has done since taking office.
Speaking of swatting pests, any chance the Pilot will see their way clear to bring us some news on BHO illegally firing Inspector General Walpin for having the audacity to investigate his pal for using taxpayer money to keep his car washed & detailed?

Oh well,

PETA will take any publicity they can get.They are like unruly children.
Maybe it would be better to just ignore them,make sure they have thier helmut and crayons and move on.


the author of this article is a peta sympathizer. Otherwise why would the VP give them this coverage or waste space on this? And they wonder why subscribership is down!

"Subscribership" is up

I'm happy to report that sales of The Virginian-Pilot actually are up. Here's a quote from our publisher: "In the five cities of South Hampton Roads - Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake - newspaper sales have actually increased in the past year." You can read more from Publisher Maurice Jones here: http://hamptonroads.com/2009/05/publisher-continuing-grow

Thanks for reading and commenting at PilotOnline.com.

Jane Elizabeth, Director of Online News, The Virginian-Pilot

long term trends are down

Nice attempt to spin...long term circulation has been decreasing. What you describe is an anamoly.

"subscribership is up."

So apparently is fishing & rodent ownership. Nothing wraps a fish or lines a hamster cage like a fresh partisan newspaper.

I'd bet subscribership would skyrocket for the right reasons if the Pilot made just a half-hearted attempt to be an objective, not-in-the-tank-for-Obama pub.

"Subscribership is up"

That's 'cause of all the people looking for werk in this Obama economy.

How many?

How many bugs are killed by vehicles of PETA members as they go about their daily tasks? Maybe they should give up their cars, motorcycles and bicycles to prevent such tragic loss of life. Do they use any organic or chemical pesticides to keep the little buggers off their vegetable or ornamental plants? How many bugs do they kill just cutting their grass? Is anyone getting my point? These people are so far out there it is quite scary st times. Please relocate to another state as soon as possible.


Well said. They should all walk to work and make sure they do not step on an ant along the way! What hypocrites!!!

Oh, for the love of...

Are you freaking KIDDING me?!? THIS is what PETA is having conniptions about now - swatting flies?!? Isn't there anything better they could be doing? And come on...catch and release traps for houseflies? Last I looked, there was no shortage of flies in the world. What's next, PETA protests outside every restaurant or park or home with a bug zapper? Ye gods.

Congratulations, PETA, you've officially established yourselves as bat-guano insane morons and destroyed any miniscule shreds of credibility you might have had remaining. Please shut up and go away now.

PETA Official Name Changed

It is official: PETA's name has been changed to "People for the Ethical Treatment of Insects"...PETI...the poor fool!

Stop contributing to PETA and they will go away

The only reason PETA can continue with their asinine stunts is that they are operating off of other people's money. Perhaps the current recession will slow the contributions down and they will be forced to sell the building in Norfolk and move to the People's Republik of Kalifornia where they might fit in better. One can hope. Remember, malaria-ridden mosquito's and Limes disease infested ticks have feewings too.

Oh, and another thing....

"We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals," PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich said Wednesday. "We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals."

Hey Bruce, you moron....flies are INSECTS, not ANIMALS. You should have learned that in elementary school!

Fact Check

Insects are in fact animals. They are not bacteria, protists, fungi, or plants. The classification of a house fly is as follows:

Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Insecta, Order: Diptera, Family: Muscidae


Contribution to society: USELESS


Flies in general are not "useless". They have important ecological functions such as pollination (including food crops), decomposition (so road kill doesn't pile up on the highway), etc. As vectors of various diseases, they can also facilitate natural population control of other animal species, preventing them from becoming nuisances or pests themselves. The disease vector role does put them at odds with human interests in many instances though. However, they are by no means useless.

I sit corrected

I guess I should have paid better attention in biology class.

In the President's defense....

The President mistook the fly for Kim Jong IL, understandable mistake.

Mad Fly Disease

Obama did the humane thing in swatting that fly! Apparently PETA has forgotten that the fly may carry any number of diseases by transporting infectious agents on their feet. They may spread salmonellosis, typhoid, or even red paint disease. Red paint disease is the ability for humans to interact and repel other humans by tossing paint on their outer fur. It has been postulated that the insect may not have been a fly but a BUG implanted by some other itinerant organization wanting to blame PETA. Do I smell conspiracy?


PETA when founded had a serious mission: to protect animals from abuse. So much promise. Think of the education programs, outreach into schools, lobbying for national animal protection policies, exposing the dangers in animal product consumption PETA could have promoted. Instead Ms Newkirk decided to follow a different path. One that has taken the organization outside the mainstream, thereby limiting its potential. PETA is no longer taken seriously. It seeks out publicity that is frivolous and silly. The result is that it has become a joke to most of us. Other organizations like GreenPeace have not followed this path and have carefully built there credibility to the point that when they speak few giggle; they listen.

Ridiculous... Really.

Are People Embarrassing Tidewater Area (PETA) at it again? Maybe they should all take a July 4th trip to a small island off Hawaii and try to intercept that missle North Korea is about to launch, all for the sake of saving the jungle bugs.

where were they?

Wasn't it at about this point in Carter's Presidency when he killed the rabbit that attacked his canoe?

Where was PETA then?

More importantly, where will they be taking off their clothes to protest the fly's demise?

It always causes traffic tie-ups.

Thanks Doc!

I guess you remember this because it gives you some sort of political ammunition(having read WP on the topic), but gosh, that is a funny and bizarre incident. My sincere thanks for bringing it to my attention! I'm totally on Carter's side. I had a similar encounter with a raccoon. Wild animals that approach you are scary and rabbits do, in fact, bite, kick and scratch(<-- please don't turn that into a gun rights argument . . . I kid.) Carter would have been insane to let that little vermin in his boat. Besides I'm sure the secret service would have been duty bound to swing into action at that point.


what could i possibly add to what has already been said? i do have one question however. is the PILOT obligated to run every story that the AP posts? if not, what was the point? just curious.

i think its because the

i think its because the pilot is cutting their staff and instead will just be reprinting ap atories. i mean jeez. writing meaningful stories is hard work

"Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me..."

C'mon Folks, relax a little. I seriously doubt PETA gives much a swat about flies. It does, however, want to increse public awareness about sensitivity to other creatures sharing the Planet with us. I think the President's sharp aim at offing the fly just gives the organization a sure fire opportunity to get that fundamental message out there. Regardless of their offbeat shenanigans, there is no doubt PETA has helped countless animals. Okay, you guessed it, I am a supporter, and darn proud to be one.

As a somewhat neutral

As a somewhat neutral observer I agree with your assessment of the purpose behind PETA's announcement.

It's called marketing people!

PETA periodically issues press releases on a variety of seemingly bizarre and nonsensical topics. The sole intent is to garner name checks in the media. These name checks remind like-minded folks that PETA is out there. As for the rest of us, PETA is more then happy that we chatter about this topic--be that chatter good, bad or indifferent. Maybe Fox news will pick it up and this little press release will garner even more name checks.

I personally find these funny PETA "commercials" just as amusing as the Geico ghecko. Gotta love "kittens of the sea." Besides, this is world's better than them spending their time and money on posting gory and completly unfunny billboards near fast food restaurants.

Anyway, at root, *needless* cruelty to animals is a very bad thing--it poisons people. You can certainly question their methods, and perhaps their motives, but their goals are, at least in part, noble.

Knew he was good for something...

Who else is counting the days? There seems to be no end to the list of idiots ...Tom Brokaw?


We need to look at the real issue here. It's not that our President has been caught murdering a fly, but what else is it that lurks in that dark, vicious mind of his? I bet it all started a long time ago when he had his first fishing experience, running that hook through the poor worm's body, all the time laughing and making fun of it while it screamed in agony, or was it the first experience that he had chasing fire flies at night, catching them and pulling their wings off, of heaven forbid, did he squeeze their little lights off or tie strings to them? The man is a menace to society. We must send him to some gov't diversity training or else, he may soon be trampling and walking on the rights of ants and cockroaches.


Pilot,,,,,,,,,,,,Please keep posting these kind of stories, just to show how foolish and overboard PETA has slipped...........

I am not an ANIMAL

If my memory serves me correctly a "house fly" is an insect - Musca domestica, is the most common of all flies flying in homes, and indeed one of the most widely distributed insects; it is often considered a pest that can carry serious diseases. PETA has no cause to accuse the President of killing an animal and should be sued for wasting funds on such frivolous accusations!

Animal lovers shouldn't

Animal lovers shouldn't support peta. They kill on average about 90% of the animals they save and employees of their norfolk office have even been prosecuted for taking animals from adoption shelters and killing them, then dumping their bodies in dumpsters. Don't take my word for it, do the research yourself. Why do they have a shelter if they don't want to budget the money to take care fo them? Why do they see spending money on frivolous press attempts like this as more important than helping actual animals they take in? Because like a lot of corrupt orginaztations it's only about keeping donation money coming in to support their infrastrcture. and don't get me started about them bankrolling domestic terror groups like the alf.
It's hard to believe, this is coming from a former supporter. They are wolf in sheeps clothing who do not practice what they preach. They don't even come close.

The perfect application for the

"Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, a device that allows users to trap a house fly and then release it outside."

This is the perfect gift for someone in Washington. If the Bug Catcher" is large enough, Obama should take it down the road to congress - there's 535 bugs there that need to be released outdoors.

GOP-PETA Alliance?

It wouldn't surprise me to see Republicans defend the fly and use this as ammunition against Obama. Fifty bucks this swatting episode turns political.

fly swipe? a fly slap? a

fly swipe? a fly slap? a terrorist Fly swat?

Pot, meet Kettle

Last I read, PETA was the one doing all the killing.
I think I saw it at www.PETAKillsAnimals.com


I'm a proud member of PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals and I'm glad that flys are not animals.

Not a Peta fan

It is typical of Peta to react this way. Don't they realize where flies like to go? To nasty, bacterial filled, rotting material and can spread horrible diseases? Most people would have done the same thing Obama did. And he got it on the first try.


I guess no one from PETA drives a car. Think of all the bugs that needlessly die when they are driving to and from work.

What a joke..........

PETA is simply an organization that allows 'surburban housewives' to feel good about themselves. This way they can STILL drive their gas-guzzling SUV's, have 'hired help' to do the yard-work and clean the house.

Then, if asked at some inane 'club' function, they can honestly say they 'support' Peta. Just stroke a check once a month and still have a clear conscious.

I would love to see an 'expose' on how these Peta People 'live' day to day................how many flys did they swat, what sort of pesticides are sprayed on THEIR yards............

The BIGGEST Problem we , as a Nation, face are the inordinate amount of 'stray' animals in every city across these united states . But see? Thats a REAL problem and Peta avoids THOSE like the plague because results can be calculated.

They would much rather dress up in lettuce leaves and tell us how 'fish have feelings'...................


You're saying PETA people might mow their lawns? Even using "green" tools such as battery operated mowers, they ARE grinding up loads of insects each time. Some of them die slowly, and if you keep your eyes open you will see that this is what happens. The bugs suffer.

I give credit to Obama - he at least did a clean kill.

If he'd turned that fly outside it may have ended up being dewinged by someone's mower, or maybe stuck to a windshield or grill.

If we intend to stop hurting bugs, we'll have to stop eating, stop driving and stop walking as well.

Insects Unite!

Insects of the world rise-up and defend the swatting of a fellow "Fly" by thoughs two-legged, upright-standing, wingless beings known as "Humans!"
It's time for all insects, flys, beetles, ants and slugs to unite! Crawl, fly, or slime your way to PETA to show where you stand with humans! No more swatting, stepping-on, squishing, pulling wings-off, or putting us in jars for display. Insects of the world "Unite!"


I would like to know PETA's policy on tapeworms...

How about it Ingrid?

Your group could do so much good. Instead, you make yourself look like idiots.

How sad...


I will take that bet. Democrats being wrong is a daily occurrence lately and now I'll get paid for it.

Perhaps President Obiwan Should Appoint A Fly Czar...

That way we could all be assured of having a resident expert on the White House payroll to advise & guide the President on the appropriate & judicious uses of The Force in situations of clear & present danger... ;-)

Catch and release

Perhaps we can release all these "important" animals at the PETA headquarters.

Actually it gets me to thinking... does PETA object to the animals that eat other animals? To the birds that eat the bugs? Or is it only the humans that eat other animals that they are opposed to?

Finally, yes I believe that in People Eating Tasty Animals

I have an idea

Someone should construct a huge, light weight fly swatter, and another should dress up as a fly. The person holding the fly swatter should wear animal fur (faux of course) and should swat at the person dressed as a fly in front of the PETA building!

good idea

Good idea and mabe we could go fishing off there dock while we are at it !!!!

"Help me! Help me!"

Are you forgetting the tragic tale of Andre Delambre?
Look before you swat!

The Buzz

More publicity for the cause - Sadly - Mission accomplished


I'm sure most of the world is up in arms over this. PETA is crying over a dead fly, the Hindus are crying that somebody's great grandfather who used to be a horse thief just got killed (again) and now will have to come back as something even lower than a fly, and the Democrats are crying that their "just be nice to them and the Muslims won't kill you" President has a mean streak after all. The only people happy about this are the mainstream media who now have yet another excuse to avoid dealing with the truth about the mess this administration has created in just the last few months.


Whether you agree or disagree with PETA the response is typical. This isn't the real story here. Did anyone actually view the interview and the reporting on the matter by journalists? After the President killed the fly the camera men in the background yelled and clapped in joy! Later the big 3 networks ran several stories covering "flygate." One journalist network journalist officially declared the President a "ninja." Another said it was like a scene out of Goodfellas, your not so tough anymore are you fly? (paraphrasing) Another journalist proclaimed he wished "he was a fly on the wall" in the White House. One journalist reported the President killed the fly with "catlike" precision. Still another reported declared it was the "first bugging incident" since Watergate. The internet ran with the story and called the incident a "sensational hit." This reckless and open cheer leading of the President by the media establishment is outright dangerous. There is no accountability of this man, all the while some his policies may very well lead to a lost decade of prosperity and economic growth. Journalism is dead.

They got millions of free advertising for their cause.

PETA loves it. They got millions of free advertising for their cause. So they really are not that stupid are they? Gasoline is made partially from dead animals. Do PETA people drive cars and trucks?

Answer please

VP...would still like to know how you determine which stories to allow comments on and which ones to not. This question has been asked several times and you have yet to even hint at an answer. Your refusal to allow comments on certain stories and not others makes alot of people wonder. Then you sit back and wonder why the VP is called biased from so many angles.

Mosquito Feasts

I think that if these people are serious about all living things, they should volunteer to go & stand in the Great Dismal Swamp EVERY night at sunset to provide food (their blood) for the mosquitoes there. Since they say they, "support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals."

Why stop there?

Killing that poor, defenseless, disease carrying creature was plenty bad. Calling it "sucker" afterward, however, elevates this to a Federal Hate crime. So c'mon,PETA. C'mon 'Society for the Protection of Whatever Minority Six-legged Suckers Fall Into'. Let's hear an outcry for Federal hate charges against this monster in the White House. It certainly would be no more ridiculous.

Why stop there?

Killing that poor, defenseless, disease carrying creature was plenty bad. Calling it "sucker" afterward, however, elevates this to a Federal Hate crime. So c'mon,PETA. C'mon 'Society for the Protection of Whatever Minority Six-legged Suckers Fall Into'. Let's hear an outcry for Federal hate charges against this monster in the White House. It certainly would be no more ridiculous.

Vegetarians or Vegans? Good, but...

I sure hope these PETA people don't eat any fruits or vegetables. We have to kill countless thousands of bugs every month on our relatively small farm.

Organic? We have a certified organic section where we've hired ladybugs to do the job. They are more efficient killers than Obama.

Humane bug traps? Put the bugs outside? Thanks! Let someone else (like us) do your dirty work, eh?

These PETA people don't drive vehicles either, RIGHT? How many half-dead bugs do you see wiggling on your windshield or grill after a country drive? How many roaches, and mice for that matter, get run over in the city? What about people's pets killed by our use of vehicles?

Being a vegetarian or vegan is great for health benefits but it doesn't help animals.

to Publius85

you are so right. Frightening what others don't see isn't it? But then that's just how obummer got into the whitehouse.

As with rats

we should all now trap disease carrying rodents and insects and drop them off at PETA. I would like to see how they handle a hornets nest over the entry to that building that destroyed a natural habitat for local wildlife!
Extremist lunatics.

The "Curious" Fly....

We all know PETA is about as full of it as that Fly was. All this hoopla was to get PETA's name out there again - anyway, anyhow. But to go as far as to say that the fly was only curious and to send a humane fly trap to the White House is almost adding Insult to Injury. The typical fly can carry as many as 6 million bacteria on its feet from walking in manure. Some of the average diseases found on just about ANY fly are: EColi, Salmonela, Dysentery, Typhoid. These are NORMAL. Our immune systems fight off the small amounts that might be left on our counter tops or, God forbid when they walk across our french fries or Hamburgers and we shoo them away. PETA is a perfect example of good intentions carried to the moon and the milky way in terms of common sense. Unfortunately people continue to believe in some of the utter nonsense such as "harmless or curious" descriptions given to one of the most dangerous insects known to man... probably responsible for more human deaths than all the wars humans have waged in its existance. Come on PETA... Curious? I think Not.


Your comment about "suburban housewives" being the primary members of PETA so that they can feel good about themselves is an insult to women. Your views are absurd and misogynistic. Sorry if some woman hurt you to the point you feel it is okay to disparage wives, but you need a reality check.

Fly to me baby!

I usually back PETA on animal abuse issues because I am an animal lover, especially little dogs. However, this goes beyond common sense.
Pleeessseee! Killing a fly is a necessary evil. Just last week something got in my bed and bit me 32 times leaving me with large welts that itched something awful. I can promise you that if I had found the fiesty critter I would have done the same thing the President did....kill the sucker! (By the way, might I add, I don't support this President in any way, shape or form.) But this is obsurd. PETA,focus on the terrible abuse of other animals not insects.
PW in NC


Right on Publius85!

How much further out of touch with the mainstream will PETA be able to get and remain viable? Its amazing they can still get supporters.


Money talks and we all know what walks. Celebrities pay lots of money to this 501c3 organization (which I would love to know their purported mission statement)to pay themselves nice salaries and look like they are saving animals from being mistreated.

bug killing and PETA

Can any one tell me how PETA deserves to make news with their idiotic comments?? While we are on the subject of PETA, what happened to their employees who were being prosecuted for killing pets and dumping them in a dumpster in NC about the same time the Michael Vick mess came to light?

I don't know bout suburban housewives, but someone has too much time on their hands. If they really are about stopping animal cruelty, they can approach public housing authorities and change their policies about no pets and offer free animal care programs, support the SPCA and stop shelters from killing the overflow of pets. Usse their money from the celebrities who pay them to develop animal santuaries. Meanwhile, will the lady who captured a live hornet's nest please mail it, with air holes so the creatures can't die, to PETA in Norfolk, VA. Let them handle the nest.


Maybe PETA should push to change the name from houseflies to Fly Kittens.


The absolute foolishness of telling someone to treat a germ carrying, disease infesting fly could only be conveyed by someone who does not know what the fly does when it lands on you or your food. Flies are "pests" not some lovely fluttering butterfly! They need to be killed and eliminated not hugged and protected. It is the extreme nonsense that PETA represents and this American has zero respect of PETA or it's members. Ban all further news articles about PETA and save us from the people haters of PETA.


LMAO ! My comment about surburban housewives was simply because when you SEE any PETA ad, its USUALLY ALL WOMEN ! There were 'women' dressed in lettuce leaves, NOT men.

I live in 'historic downtown Suffolk' and the 'stray animal' situation is INSANE ! My point is that IF PETA TRULY wanted to make a difference, there is sooooooooooooooooo much they can DO that will actually MAKE a difference.

But noooooooo, PETA is more about 'sound-bytes'. Lil silly comments that are sooo stupid they get air-time simply BECAUSE its so inane.

In this PC World, evthing is criticized, ostracized and down-right ridiculed simply because you say what you SEE............


are people too!

This public service announcement brought to you by the People Embarrassing the Tidewater Area (PETA).

Thank you for your support..

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Is this of any importance? After all, shouldn't we ALL be more concerned over jobs and homes being lost? People going hungry? Kids being pulled out of college for lack of money? Shall I go on? Swat that!!!

Throwing the bravo sierra flag

Let's take a look at some of the passengers that can catch a ride on a common housefly: anthrax, cholera, dysentery, salmonella, tuberculosis, typhoid and the eggs of parasitic worms. Is that really something that PETA should be advocating passing the buck on??! Nervermind, they're too busy "humanely euthanizing" puppies and throwing them in dumpsters to worry about little facts like these. I think the President should have the media (I dunno, maybe ABC since they're camped in the White House anyways) follow him on down to the local Wal Mart and record him buying some fly glue paper. Clean hands, no carcass on the floor, it won't make your neighbor sick and it's cheap (Lord knows they're burning through our money fast enough as it is).

And they said it wouldn't happen...

...okay, I admit it...I was wrong...I said I would never agree with anything this foreign born usurper said or did...but here we are... I admit it, between THE ONE and PETA, while a close call, while infinitly more dangerous to our lives, he is also, this one time, right in killing the fly...there, I've said it!


I am in SW Florida, Ft. Myers to be exact,,,,,,,,,,,A news cast from a local station just showed PETA supporters on a local fishing pier dressed like a fish, protesting the cruel and inhumane act of fishing for fish................If this was an individual , we could praobably petion a court to find him or her unbalanced...........C'mon Peta get real ...........................


I used to send PETA a $10 monthly donation for their work in protecting animals that needed help but now I am not sure. Flys carry germs, transport diseases and to my knowledge contribute little to mankind. I surely think there are more pressing problems facing the President of the United States than to have his troubleshooters put out fires started by PETA.


Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?

Obama is cool

Obama is James Bond cool. He can solve any problem. Financial disaster, GM failing, flies, ... you name it, he can solve it.


Sorry I did not spell "petition" correctly in my last posting...........

peta get a grip

This is one of the most stupid things I've ever heard.

Well Put

One of the few times we'll agree. Ditto on that one!

PETA what a JOKE. I wish

PETA what a JOKE. I wish that organization would go away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Public Records: PETA Found Homes for Less than 1 out of 300

Public Records: PETA Found Adoptive Homes for Less than 1 out of 300 Animals

Animal lovers worldwide now have access to more than a decade’s worth of proof that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) kills thousands of defenseless pets at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. Since 1998, PETA has opted to “put down” 21,339 adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens instead of finding homes for them.


chicken, fish....now, flies???

You must be joking

PETA is the same group that has a huge, energy consuming building on the water that I am sure displaced may native crustacians and fish.

Someone needs to swat them.

get a life PETA

PETA must be run by kooks. Its so ridiculous that they protect flies that the news agencies should be ashamed for running such a stupid story.

PETA has got to be kidding

PETA has got to be kidding. A fly is an insect and an annoying one at that. He swatted one fly; I kill several because I have animals who poop and poop draws flies. Here is a novel idea...gather up all the flies you can and send them to PETA. See how many flies their staff would swat.


I didn't vote for Obama. I think PETA is too radical and I find the ASPCA more palatable. However I agree with the spokesman who said..

"We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals. We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals."

I can't believe a statement like this would meet with enmity. If it is just as easy to put a spider outside, why kill it? Too many people have no regard for the value of life. Imagine the message you send children by showing mercy instead of stomping out a creature's life because you feel its irrelevant? How do you judge anyway?

Our shelters are full of mistreated and uncared for animals. Few people in their cars will slow down for a squirell as if running it over is equal to hitting a stick in the road. And peoplewho want to show mercy are met with rage.

So yes, its just a fly, but if an individual has the power of life and death over it, I think chosing the former says a lot about someone. There is much cruelty in the world, and each individual has the option of adding to it, or lessening it.

Come ON.................

When will PETA stop and at what point? A fly is an insect not an animal. I can see people being cruel to animals but what if a mesquito landed on you and you knew it was going to bite, would you save it? This is rediculous. I am sure there are more pressing issues involving animals than to have to worry about the President swatting a fly. If other President's would have relaxed a little and didn't claim to be so perfect maybe the country would be in better times economically now. I think it is great that the President is not putting on any airs and is just being himself. Find some other issue more important to turn your attention too!

fly swatting

when i heard obama do that i felt that wasnt a very nice thing to do, i was in the car with my father at the time, and commented on that to him, i think what many here overlook, and its easy to brush it aside, ive travelled around the world about 50 times, we are all in this world together, to be really connected to ourself, humanity, and nature, we have respect for all life forms, look what humans do, we make plastic , strafoam, we pollute the beautiful oceans, kill off amazing animals, eat processed food, animals that have total fear as they go to the slaughterhouse, and get chowed down, by people like its nothing, most people are very disconnected from themself, obviously they have not much of an idea of what that even means, as there to busy on there cell phone, or unconsciously working there tail off, to keep them away from there repressed feelings inside themself, trying to get material goods to connect thru that, since there so disconnected on a human level, if one can come to a place of appreciation for all life, theyd probably have more cmpassion for themself, and others, trying respecting life, were all in this together, cheers

So this is what it means to live in “The Information Age” ???

Is there any wonder why Mainstream Journalism is going broke? And what passes for journalistic standards & editorial integrity seems to have taken a dive into the toilet??

When a report of the US President swatting a fly, garners an obscene amount of high-profile attention from every international wire-service, newspaper, television outlet & internet newsgroup, chat room & weblog, what does it say about our societal intellectual abilities ??

Sheesh folks... Get A Life !!

Should I also leave cute

Should I also leave cute little dishes of food out to feed roaches too? Good grief!


Very well said, I agree totally. I hope people read your post.


If anyone feels overwhelmed at perusing the enormous number of posts on this topic, please simply read "Cromwell 1650." I think this blogger does a fantastic job of explaining things. Thanks, Cromwell.

PETA contributors will like this even more:

Heard on the radio that PETA has hired Che Guevarra's grandaughter(yeah, THAT Che; murderer of many humans & radical Communist) to do a vegetarian commercial.
Unless she will be renouncing Communism on these ads (which ain't likely to happen) I'd be pretty steamed that my hard earned donations were going to bankroll someone like her.
Can't PETA find any patriotic Americans to hire?

Totally Ridiculous

This kind of ridiculous reaction from PETA should surprise anyone how? What is annoying is that the media puts any ink or bytes to this story at all is what is appalling. I am not a fan of Obama, but this kind of foolishness makes a Liberarian like myself have a lot of sympathy for the poor guy.

PETA Fly Swatting - They Want to Euthanize Your Pet

This is so outrageous and a mockery of people who truly care about animals abused by human beings. PETA has been outed last month for accepting animals for adoption it ended up putting to sleep. They want to kill off animals and are disguising their agenda behind a mockery such as this fly episode. They had insiders report to the outside they really are an organization with plans to get rid of as many pets as possible. They lure people into thinking their pets will be safe with them, when their intent all along is to euthanize them. Articles on this are here: http://www.petakillsanimals.com/


Thank you PETA for standing up for all animals , big and small, and for standing up for what you believe in.
Maybe everyone who has a problem with PETA should stop hanging out on comment message boards and fight for something you feel strongly about whether it be animals, people, whatever. DO SOMETHING! and Quit complaining about what others do DO!

fly swatting

I am not going to name-call or be nasty, but how can U say it is good to stand up for all creatures when a fly was swatted? Are you Buddhist? Hindu? Thinking your ancestor was resurrected into that fly? Otherwise, it's nonsensical to go off on such a tangent about killing vermin. If U want to seriously help animals, and I guess bugs, volunteer at the SPCA or form an organization that will help children to learn to care for pets and other animals... and humanely kill bugs.

You're are as nuts as PETA

I am an animal lover and always have been. Flies are pest, and even when you swat at them, you miss them. They are quick. PETA doesn't have anything better to do than worry about the President swatting at a fly. Oh my gosh, that is sad for a company, and company. I would love to see PETA take up saving all the cats and dogs that are at the SPCA's, but they don't. Talk about not being cruel to animals, they need to try and save the ones that are in shelters. Where were they for hurricane Katrina. They didn't seem to lift a finger to help those homeless animals. So the "Good Job PETA" person I hope I never see them swat a fly or stop on an ant, or use mosquito spray. IF you do, you are just as much as a hypocrite is as PETA seems to be.

errors in my statement

I meant step on instead of stop on.. instead of them, I should of used you, and it should be "Good Work PETA", not "Good Job PETA".

obama swatting the fly

This country is not only a haven for the tired, poor huddled masses, it is a haven for nuts. Like the lady who said it wasn't a nice thing to do when the President swatted the fly. How much money is being passed from PETA to the Pilot to cover their nonsense? They do not do anything to promote kindness for animals. All they do is preen and "profile" themselves.

Someone has too much time on their hands. Go save a dog, go save a child, go to the nearest nursing home and find an elderly person who never has company and visit them and MAKE A COMMITMENT to do something for someone or something instead of having flights of fancy.

Today is December 10

Why is there a news (HA!) story from June online now?


I was laughing when I read the headline, and I'm laughing harder now that I've read all the comments! I knew this headline wouldn't disappoint!

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