ODU turns down 1,065 orders for football season tickets


Foreman Field just isn't big enough, at least for this initial year.

School officials this week sent out letters to 296 individuals who made down payments in hopes of getting season tickets for ODU's initial football season. Those individuals had ordered a total of 1,065 tickets.

The stadium seats 19,782, but officials reserved 5,405 of those seats - 3, 918 for students, 500 for visiting teams and 987 for university usage. That left room for 14,377 season ticket s.

Debbie White, senior associate athletic director, said the allotment of tickets for visiting teams was capped at 500 this season to increase the number of season tickets available. Colonial Athletic Association rules mandate 1,000 tickets for visitors, but the Monarchs do not begin CAA play until 2011.

White said those who were denied season tickets will get first shot at any available single-game tickets through e-mail announcements. Single-game ticket availability will come from tickets not acquired by students or visiting teams.

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Don't worry...

Tickets will become available soon enough. Once the "new car smell" fades many will jump off of the band wagon.


Good to see so much support for Monarchs football!!!

general availability tix?

Will any tickets be available for purchase to the general public from Coxtix, ticketmaster, or something, or if you're not a student, friend or family or a student (if student guest tickets are allowed), season ticket holder, well connected to the visiting team, or Really Really Importantâ„¢ are you SOL?

ODU Football Tickets

What is the status of the additional bleachers they were thinking of adding in the corner of the end zone?

Sounds like it is time to

Sounds like it is time to build a bigger and better Foreman Field. ;-)

Sounds like a fun way to

Sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the fall.

ODU Football

I have season tickets and I want to attend the first game. After that, look on Craigslist and I will be dumping them. If the team is good, I can sell; if the tam is bad, I will be shredding them. Take care, ODU fans. An opinion: A football team is the LAST thing ODU needs.

Football Tickets

Sailboat: The last thing ODU and it's fans need is someone like you at the games. Sell your tickets now. You don't deserve them.


Seems like you would invest in something that you have no faith in succeeding. Am I wrong? If not, I have several investment ideas that might interest you.

And your point???!!!

Sailboat, I have to say that I am very curious as to why you felt the need to post such a random and negative comment??? I guess that you have nothing more to do with your time??? I agree with the others, if you don't want the team to succeed and you don't want the tickets.... why not sell them now to others that would like to be a part of the community? I work at ODU and can agree that there is a need for more but the football team is here, it's a done deal and you either choose to participate and support the program or not but to make a comment as you did, there is no reason for it? I am sorry for you.


My guess is that Sailboat never graduated since got bad grades because he would always argue with his professors, and just sat by himself at the 4400 club making fun of all the people enjoying their college experience, the anger just boiling over because he had not friends and no girls would dance with him because of his greasy hair and dirty toe nails.... so sad

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