Creigh Deeds for governor

By the time Virginia's new governor takes his oath of office, the state's long-term road and transit budget will be $4.6 billion poorer than it was last spring. Virginia is dismembering not just its transportation future, but its economic future at a pace few voters will comprehend until the damage is irreversible.

In braver days, the crisis might have transformed the 2009 election into a season of renewal and resolve. Instead, the two gubernatorial candidates have twisted it into a season of equivocation and insipidity.

An effusive endorsement would ring false in the final hours of what has been a profoundly frustrating contest of banalities. Neither candidate has made a convincing case on the merits of his ideas or the strength of his leadership. The choice instead rests on which one will do the least violence to the cause each claims to embrace.

By this measure, Creigh Deeds ekes out a modest advantage over his opponent. He offers a political strategy rather than a substantive plan for solving the state's most overwhelming challenge. While that strategy does not provide transportation advocates the leadership they crave, the Democrat at least allows them a fighting chance to press forward.

In contrast, Bob McDonnell's plan is a chain-link fence of stall tactics designed to distract voters into believing that progress is being made while not providing the money to actually make it. Under a Gov. McDonnell, transportation advocates would waste four years clawing their way over, under and around barriers erected by the state's top elected official.


While Deeds has not been an A-team power broker in the legislature, the state senator understands the inside-baseball maneuvers, the partisan pecking orders and the personality quirks that comprise the culture at the state Capitol. He also understands that his success depends upon the proper balance of benevolence and brawn.

He describes himself as a "guy that works hard to get along with people," but he also acknowledges that the state's last transportation plan passed in part because of Gov. Gerald Baliles' willingness to use threats and retribution.

"It's hardball politics, but it's the way you get things done," Deeds said.

His mantra that "all options are on the table" has become tiresome, but the senator's voting record confirms he's not afraid to back unpopular yet necessary measures, including a gas tax increase.

A native of western Virginia, his is a compelling voice able to articulate to rural regions the shared wealth that will extend from investment in urban infrastructure.

Deeds has a commendable record of moderate progressivism that the state needs to break loose from the turmoil of the recession. He has supported the prudent budgetary management of Govs. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and promises to continue their sound policies. Well before they arrived in Richmond, Deeds recognized the value of strong economic development programs and passed legislation modernizing the Governor's Opportunity Fund. His plan for college scholarships tied to public service deserves consideration, although funding will be a challenge. He approaches offshore drilling proposals with proper caution and practicality. If Deeds has failed to win the hearts of most business groups, it is primarily because he refuses to play on their fears over union and environmental legislation pending in Congress, where he has no vote.

There is no denying Deeds' sincerity and his will to move Virginia forward. But if his chaotic campaign is a measure of his executive skills, a Deeds administration is likely to yield trying moments.


McDonnell, who represented Virginia Beach in the General Assembly, possesses superior management and negotiating abilities, but the Republican has too often flinched in the face of push-back from absolutists within his party. He helped win passage of legislation permitting a 2002 regional referendum on a sales tax for transportation but refused to publicly support the initiative once it was on the ballot. He brokered a 2007 transportation package, but then blamed Gov. Tim Kaine for the plan's collapse under legal challenge while ignoring flaws that can't be easily ascribed to others.

In his boldest hour, McDonnell was willing to accept new taxes for roads only if he could hand off the decision to voters or to local governments. This year, he has retreated even from that feeble stand.

The most redeeming quality of his transportation plan is its utter inability to win passage in the legislature. He proposes to funnel revenues now earmarked for schools, health care and law enforcement to road construction. He remains convinced the federal government will give Virginia royalties for offshore drilling, even though he seems breathlessly eager to give those rights away for free. He equates higher debt with new revenues.

His plan to privatize state liquor stores has merit, but he admits his estimate of $500 million in revenues "in the near term" may be optimistic. Even if correct, that amount alone won't build even one of Hampton Roads' priority projects, much less address statewide needs.

On other matters, McDonnell's inability to resist divisive social issues could result in real harm to law-abiding Virginians with whom he should have no quarrel. He has promised to end an executive order prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation within the state work force. That's not just an insult to gay Virginians, but a threat to the careers of men and women who have depended on those legal protections for eight years and two administrations.

His actions as attorney general suggest a troubling eagerness to water down gun control measures and interfere in private church matters.

McDonnell may be a more persuasive leader, but he is asking Virginia to follow him down a dead-end road. If he is governor, he will spend four years churning out spreadsheets with fantasy forecasts and writing stern letters to the president, Congress, state legislators and city councils demanding that they do something to save him from his own inertia.

If Deeds is elected and breaks his promise to pass an adequately funded transportation plan, that failure will fall directly on his shoulders. He's not asking that accountability be passed to future governors or postponed for more prosperous times. He's willing to take on that responsibility here and now.

In return for that commitment, we give him our support.

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Ho Hum.

And you didn't see this coming?

I'm surprised

But pleasantly so. Good job, Pilot editorial board. A very well-reasoned endorsement.

Endorsement for Governor

Since the Pilot has never met a tax it does not like and is liberal leaning, the endorsement of Deeds is just one more reason to cancel subscriptions and help end the paper.


I've had it with the media in this country emulating Pravda.

It's taxes

It does not like taxes on newspapers. It fought Del Wardrup's bills trying to remove their tax exemption, and won.


Even though this endorsement is hardly a surprise, the lack of self-awareness of the Pilot's editorial board is staggering.

Here's my favorite line from this endorsement:
"If Deeds is elected and breaks his promise to pass an adequately funded transportation plan, that failure will fall directly on his shoulders."

Regular readers of this page know that's a lie. If a plan by Deeds to raise taxes fails, the Pilot editorial page would be the first to blame Republicans. And in the view of the out-of-touch Pilot editorial board, this makes perfect sense. Because, as they see it, Republicans are invariably to blame for one simple reason: they're not Democrats.

i wonder

Gotta wonder how long it's gonna take before Mike comments here on what a "great" choice the vp has made. hehe

The Kiss of Defeat

If The Pilot's record of endorsing winning candidates is an indicator,
Bob McDonnell is a shoo-in.


I am really amazed that the Far Left Liberal Op Ed board choose Deeds. This is a stunning suprise!

Surely you jest . . .

When's your real endorsement?


Pathetic.Your endorsement is like Deeds commercials,since there is so little to say about Deeds,you only bad mouth Mc.Good luck with that.And give that "western VA" appeal a break.A gas tax and MORE gun laws?That dawg won't hunt.


who saw this coming?

Next thing you know ...

they'll endorse Jody Wagner, Steve Shannon, Paula Miller, and Sharon MacDonald! More "surprises!" They could have cut to the chase and made these endorsements months ago and dispensed with the charade of interviewing them and playing the silly "after long and careful consideration" game.

Couldn't have said it better myself

LOL. JPJONES hit the nail on the head. I've been thinking the same thing and predicted the Pilot Editorial Board's endorsements for weeks.

Surprise, surprise. High from their glass, rose colored tower over looking Hampton Roads, the Pilot endorses Deeds for Governor.


I'm not surprised by the endorsement, and the analysis is right on target. "The choice instead rests on which one will do the least violence to the cause each claims to embrace," is a sad commentary on a race for Governor, whoever wins.

My assessment is that while it probably won't get Deed's many votes, it is certainly a slap-in-the-face to the home town boy.
(This "home town.")

Why is no one challenging

Why is no one challenging Bob McDonnell and the Republican members of the House of Delegates on their political posturing and harmful, political games that caused Virginia to leave $125 million on the federal table; thus forcing our Governor to borrow $250 million for the unemployment program in these very difficult times of high unemployment?

Folks really should read the link to understand that Bob and the Republican delegates put partisan political games above the best interests of all of Virginia’s citizens, both employed and unemployed. There was no unfunded mandate for a permanent program; but rather, a $125 million grant to fund a $20 million program that could have been repealed by a GA vote in 2010!!!


Bob McDonnell and the current Republican Delegates have demonstrated that their self-serving views and actions represent a real threat to the stability of Virginia’s economy and the overall wellbeing of all Virginians! One should really ask why Bob McDonnell and the Republican State Delegates and Senators would so willingly throw away $125 million in these really horrific time

5 non GOP people endorse a Democrat - Wow!

Last I knew there are 5 individuals that make up the Pilot editotial Board. Not one is a Republican. Gosh, this endorsement is such a surprise.


After reading the article, I'm not sure whether the pilot just endorsed Deeds or McDonnell. What I read was so unbiased, I just couldn't tell.
( Sarcasm intended)
With the Pilot and Obama endorsing Deeds, I don't have any choice who to vote for.

I'm mostly a democrat, but

I'm mostly a Democrat, but I WILL NOT vote for Deeds, and I certainly will ot vote for McD. As a matter of fact those I supported in previous election I will vote against in every up-coming election. I am sick of ALL our elected officials!

Back to Deeds......yes transportation is very important, but my reasons are different. I'm a senior citizen with an adult gay son, and Deeds has no interest in supporting anything gay. Before I depart this life, I want my son to have EVERY legal right that Deeds has. My other reason for not voting for him is his lack of interest in gun control.


Gun control means to use both hands. A question for you Gertz. What make you think that Deeds is not for anything gay? Give me an example of what issue Deeds or McDonnell should support in reference to gays and lesbians. I have no issue with gay or lesbian people.

Tepid endorsement

While I certainly agree with your choice, I sincerely regret that the tone is so half hearted. The Washington Post, while making note of the challenges Deeds faces as a communicator, certainly did not equivocate on the importance of electing Deeds. You note that the so called McDonnell transportation Plan in simply a fairytale masquerading as solution, yet you fail to actually stress what that says about the character and the integrity of McDonnell and his republican cohorts in the House of Delegates who are responsible for the gradual yet systematic demolition of a once proud and efficient transportation system. The fact that the Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers has given the Commonwealth's roads and bridges a D- ought to have given your editorial board some backbone to call it as it is. Conservatives ought to be appalled at the failure to sustain and improve this system which is a direct link to prosperity and economic development. I hope they wake up from reading your tepid editorial to vote for Deeds.


Deeds is such a sad excuse for a candidate that even the ivory tower liberals at the Pilot give him only a "tepid" endorsement. Cretan Deeds (Misdeeds) is going down. LOL

Considering the the Pilot has been campaigning for Deeds

This was no surprise to anyone. A far left "editorial board" endorsed the Democrat. Wow. Big deal. They had to, they understand that Deeds defeat is going to harm their Obamessiah.

The Pilot has swung hard-left in the past few years, running stories that promote homosexuality, endorsing tax and spend policies, increasing the size of government and embracing job killing environmental wackos. In regards to McDonnell, it's nothing more than liberal bigotry. The Pilot hates McDonnell because they view him as a social conservative. As the Pilot is staffed with bigots and Christophobes, they take out their frustration on McDonnell.

They ignored the fact that McDonnell has focused this race about economic concerns. They ignore the fact that Deeds hasn't come up with any economic or transportation plan at all. Sorry Pilot, you fail. In November we are going to be laughing at you.


Thinly-disguised partisan bleed-over into what I'm sure they'd claim is a 100% objective publication.

I haven't seen one compelling reason to vote _for_ Creigh Deeds, other than the fact that he's not Bob McDonnell. Essentially, that's what the paper is saying, here.

For too long, Tidewater has been marginalized and ignored by Richmond. Most of the Commonwealth, with the exception of Northern Virginia, is considered "swing" territory. But the Democrats who've been elected lately, largely on the push provided by Hampton Roads, have then proceeded to ignore it, focusing money, instead, on rich donors in Northern Virginia.

If a financially-troubled region and newspaper want more of the same, well, this endorsement makes a lot of sense. I'm not happy about voting for McDonnell, but eight years of Warner and Kaine have been disastrous for Hampton Roads. Yet, we have a guy who is running to continue it, so he's our guy.


...The House of Delegates is controlled by Republicans and until the last couple of elections, so has the State Senate. It is not the Governor's office that determines what legislation gets funded, it is the General Assembly. You can't blame the Democratic Governors. As a matter of fact, had Mark Warner not been such a progressive Governor, I hate to think where Va would now be economically.

With McD, funding for needed projects will have to wait until the next election for governor, assuming the Dems can think far enough in advance to bring forward a viable candidate...because, I don't know of any moderate Repub's in the Commonwealth. Do you?

Two things

First, the State Senate has been controlled by the Democrats since 2003. Thank Tricia Stall for that.

Second, Warner's fiscal "solutions" were supposed to save us from fiscal ruin. We're in worse shape now than we were under Gilmore. Yet Jodie Wagner is running ads that say she balanced the budget. Okay, it's balanced, assuming 4% economic growth _in a recession_. Kaine's failure as governor is epic, and gets nary a mention in the press. Warner's failures are getting press coverage now, after he's gotten himself ensconced in the Senate for the next five years. He's hoping that by re-election time, people will have forgotten.

And, again, two things are missed when it comes to large projects. First, most of the large dollars spent when Bush was president were spent on projects in Northern Virginia. That's indisputable. The Wilson Bridge, Fairfax County Parkway, HOV extension to Quantico, re-do of "malfunction junction" in Springfield, etc. etc. Those all were very expensive projects completed in the past ten years. Warner's mantra was, "we'll fix NoVA first." When Kaine and the GA got to the point where it was time to fix 757, they punted to an unelected (and ultim


When Kaine and the GA got to the point where it was time to fix 757, they punted to an unelected (and ultimately unconstitutional) regional taxing authority. The second point is that little of this funding will actually come via revenue generated in Virginia. Major highway projects come from DC money. Obama's massive spending plans don't include us, so having someone from his party in change doesn't matter at all.

But a Hampton Roads guy might have our interests a bit more in mind. Hope and Change are producing nothing for us, so maybe having a local guy might produce something, anything.

There's no surprise..

with this announcement, I think all would have been genuinely stunned if the Pilot endorsed McDonnell. The endorsement for this race was sealed when Deeds secured the Dem nomination over McAuliffe and Moran. And we would be reading how the Pilot endorses either of those two if either one of them had won. The Pilot is an arm of the DNC, period. Has been for years, and no doubt will be even if they go under. That's just the way it is!

Conservative agenda?

The cost to repair the damage done by the anti tax, anti government republicans is staggering. The Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers has placed a price tag on the cost of deferred maintenance at $8,000,000,000, but I suspect that is just the beginning. Just like the homeowner who refuses to fix the hole in the roof, the rot and decay caused by the refusal to spend a few bucks now on the roof soon grows into thousands of dollars required to be spent in the future, and that is just to bring the house back into condition it was in, not improve it. So the attitude expressed herein by supposed fiscal conservatives is baffling to me. They must know that to fail to sustain major systems is just causing them to fail, and to fix them then will cost billions of dollars more. So how can one who is at heart a conservative abide this strategy designed to cost billions more in the future?

Run for Bob Purkeys seat Mike!

You sit on your high horse and moan about the Grover Norquist anti-tax, anti-christ, republican house of delegates not acting in the public interest. Well here's your chance Mikey. Or go after Ken Stolle's seat. Either way, run on that George Soros pinko platform of raising taxes and fees on gasoline, license, title, and registration. While you're at it lets reimplement the car tax to the full 100%. Oh... don't forget the income tax either as we are a low tax state. New Jersey pays higher taxes and fees on everything from oxygen to sunlight so therefore Virginia should be subject also. We don't want to be the only state in the union with lower taxes than New Jersey do we? Of course not. Your campaign slogan can be "Your candidate in the house of delegates for eminent domain and immediate forclosure."

The hole in the roof could have been fixed.

At one time, the homeowner HAD the money necessary to fix the roof and had budgeted it for that purpose, but he kept spending the money on other things like dining out, a new deck, going to the movies, a cruise, etc. Now he's crying poverty and using the terrible condition of his house to get more money from his boss, his relatives, the bank, whomever will listen to his whining.

Yeah, at one time...

The homeowner HAD the money to fix the hole in his roof, before it was a hole, but other pressing needs like increases in his personal property taxes, grocery bill, commuting-to-work expenses, utility bills, tuition and books for school,health and life insurance, ate up what little disposable income he had, nand caaused him to put it off a little longer. Add to this the added cost of traffic fines and court costs (not to mention higher car insurance)because of superflurous traffic tickets that policemen have to write to meet their "non-mandated" quotas to raise funds for the municipalities. (We've all been there.) So where wer our good neighbors when we could have used a little help?

Not surprising at all.

The amount of Pro Democrat, Anti Republican stances just continue to pile on here at the Pilot. But it can't be deemed surprising. The staff is inherently liberal, they just are. So while Virginians and Va papers overwhelmingly support McDonnell, we can continue to expect routine Pilot support for Deeds with editorials and letters which proves the paper is the recipricol of how Virginia is.

VP and WP Made the Right Choice

One compelling reason to vote for Deeds rather than McDonnel is that he will tell the truth .That is one reason why the Virginia Pilot and the Washington Post endorsed him. Just take road improvement.McDonnell want to take away from our education, healthcare and public safety to improve our roads.Who would go along with that? He said he will use income from off shore drilling. That would have to get pass the state and federal government. It would be up to the federal if he can share in the income. And even if he can drill, it will take ten years or more from this day before drilling can take place. Whoever is governor will be long gone from office. the VP and WP was right in endorseing Deeds.

What You Meant to Say, Mapatty

Is that The Pilot and The Washington Post were WITHIN their rights, not right, to endorse Deeds - as will be clearly evident when McDonnell wins by a surprisingly wide margin on Nov. 3.

What I Meant To Say

Was what I said. They were right to endorse Deeds.That is my opinion regardless of the outcome. Right or wrong,we all are within our rights To give our opinion. Fixing our roads with income from drilling is just not going to happen in the next ten years, if ever.Bob need to stop fooling people to get elected.

Good call by the Va. Pilot

Even though I'm not convinced that Creigh Deeds have the answers to all of our problems in the state (his campaign didn't focus on any promises or solutions, and was mostly centered on Bob Mcdonald negativity), I do feel that he is the best man to work with the current administration in the work that they are trying to do. That's more than I can say for the postering and stall tactics of the Repubican party who doesn't seem to have a clue, period. Plus, the time of the high rollers and big money-spenders in Congress is over, and the new power generation will be those who come from more meager beginnings, and those who will focus on the welfare of this state, this country, and the common, everyday man, and not the wel-being of big bankers and insurance brokers of the past. Creigh Deeds is the best man for this job also. Bob MacDonald has shown his true colors (not the sheep's clothing that he is now wearing), and his policy would be a continuance of what we had with the last administration, and a terrible setback to Virginia. The thing now to do is to get the voters for Deeds to the polls for this important election. Bob MacDonald's supporters have made it known that they will

Deeds is Best for Virginia

Good choice VP! Deeds has experiance and comes fron conservative Virginia. Bob just has too much baggage to get my vote: too churchy, to right wing and just too many mixed messages. But I'll vote for Bill B as he has done little as the current Lt. Gov so I don't fear his next four years.

i will not be voting for governor

I am mostly a Democrat, but I will not be voting for Deeds and I certainly will not vote for McD. Neither one is what's good for Virginia. Thank God the winner will only be in office for 4 years, but how many decades will it take to recover?

As a matter of fact, I will not be voting for anyone I supported in past election. I am sick and tired of our current elected, and I will vote to get each one out of office.


How do you propose to "vote each one out of office" by not voting?

Drive-by lunatic

And, how does anyone, but a certified moron, give that comment a thumbs down?


The VP endorsed a Democrat! What a surprise! They endorsed Obama. Have they ever endorsed a Republican? There is no need for the VP to endorse anyone. We know how they vote and write. Very liberal newspaper and they wonder why they are losing subscribers.

The Pilot did not endorse Obama

The Virginian-Pilot did not endorse Obama. The paper did not make any endorsement in the 2008 presidential race. Thanks for reading! -PilotOnline moderator.


Lightning quick with a response when you are defending yourselves eh?

As Darth Vader would say, "Impressive. Most impressive."

As much as it pains me to say it, I'd be willing to pay a LITTLE more for gas to ease gridlock in Hampton Roads.

For the record, I'm not a fan of either candidate, but it seems as though we will have to get used to choosing the lesser of two evils at election time.

That being said, I find the VP's lack of fairness when it comes to endorsements disturbing...

Fact is...

For the record, since 1956, the Virginian-Pilot has endorsed seven Democrats and six Republicans running for president. On October 23, 2007, the Pilot announced that it would cease endorsing presidential contenders. Further, nearly five hours had passed before the Pilot's lighting-quick defense. Now, what exactly was unfair and "disturbing" regarding the Pilot's endorsement of Deeds. Was it because the Pilot did not endorse McDonnell? Disingenuousness knows no political boundaries.

So you got around the word ENDORSED

But I did read your paper for a number of years and you definately let everyone know which way you are leaning by a blatant disregard for answers to questions that you should know would be asked by the other side. You should hire reporters that would ask and answer these questions immediately (for those of us that are sitting at our kitchen tables reading and knowing that we are only reading one side of the story)in the same edition that you are leaning to the left on. You have gone too far left, along with a majority of the media over the past 10 years and we are getting tired of it. Hopefully the silent majority will be showing up in force someday soon or this nation is going to go into a tailspin that we won't be able to pull out of.


I hope Arnold Wiseman will learn to spell the Republican's name!!!!

I had to….

….chuckle. My wife and I were talking over dinner last week. The conversation turned to this election. I offered to bet her a trip to her favorite restaurant versus a trip to mine the paper would endorse Deeds. She wouldn’t take the bet. She reads the print edition daily and has for years. She knows the paper well.

Can we all say “predictable”?

We won’t be voting for Deeds.

And, you would not be voting

And, you would not be voting for Deeds if the Pilot had endorsed McDonnell.

VP for Deeds was a no brainer.

I'm with you too RC. Months ago I would have bet everything I have, including the house, on the Virginia Pravda/Pilot going for Deeds. It would have been some easy money. There is still time for you at the Pilot to change your Left leaning ways. Why not give it a try? What you've been doing doesn't seem to be working especially now that so much of what FOX reports on is comming around to bite the main stream media on their butt. Whereas the rest of the nation is pretty much divided 50/50 on every one of this administrations projects/programs/issues, maybe you should start hiring some local right leaning conservatives to add some balance to your reporting.

I am not excited about either Candidate

I wished that the Liberarians had a candidate to vote for Governor in this election but that is not the case this year. Neither of the two have the courage to do what it takes to fix our transportation system. However, Deeds seems a lot more cowardly to me when he endlessly hides behind a thesis that was written 20 years ago. I guess that many women buy the view that McDonnell is a sexist pig but the evidence doesn't show that to be true. If Deeds had any real plan of how to govern compared to his opponent then he wouldn't need to continually bring up the 20 year old thesis. Don't take this as a sign that I am voting for McDonnell because I am serously considering not voting for the first time in almost 25 years due to frustration. The real culprit is the voters who want something to be done about our transportation problem but believe that no new taxes will be needed to get the job done. Any tax initiative in any form is political suicide these days so I can't blame either candidate for dodging the topic at all cost. So what is lacking more than anything else these days in our leaders is courage.


Yes, I share your frustration about poorly informed voters, but for the first time, I believe those who have signed the Grover Norquist No Tax Pledge, and who therefore have an anti government bias as the basis of their political philosophy, are as much to blame as the voters. Remember the TV ad during the Yes Campaign when Joannou and Gear shared the stage with a picture of Thomas Jefferson, and opined that they, two elected Delegates, one from each party, could not be trusted to spend any of the money that was raised? No wonder voters are confused and perplexed by the myths generated by the anti government zealots. Now, I know there are inefficiencies in every complex system, but to condemn government in general is as absurd as it is ridiculous, and gives an open field to corporate greed and power that surrounds us in every major field of endeavor. When all transportation projects are PPVs, stand by for the rich to benefit and the middle class to ride the bus.

Circulation down?

The Virginian-Pilot keeps endorsing Democrats and yet they wonder why circulation keeps falling. Maybe fair and balanced reporting would attract the citizens of Virginia to purchase your paper again!

Fair and balanced?

You must mean right-leaning. There is absolutely no fact-based connection between the Pilot's circulation - or any newspaper's for that matter - and its endoresements. Newspaper circulation is simply dropping because the printed media is no longer THE source for many as it once was. That you happen to disagree with the Pilot's endorsement of Creigh Deeds should be honestly presented, not gutter-sniped. You no-doubt salivate over Fox News broadcasts...

Once again the Pilot kisses Democrat backsides

Who'd a guessed? The Editorial Staff of the Pilot once again bowed low to their DNC Masters and endorsed Democrats for every major office in Virginia. Obama says jump, and they jump. I've long since come to the conclusion that the LAST person who should get my vote would be someone endorsed by the Pilot Editors, who spend far too much time in their pseudo-intellectual koffee-klatches impressing each other and too little time in the real world.

Well, in another week the DNC will let loose on your leash boys. Then you can whine about how the paper is swirling 'round the drain.

Myth number 5

Another one of the myths perpetuated by the anti tax, anti government zealots is that we don't get our fair share of revenue from the state, claiming that our share goes too much to NoVa and the rural sections of the Commonwealth. It is interesting to note that anti tax republicans from those areas always run on the same plank, this is, they too are donor regions, but that is just politics. What do the experts say? In the last state of the region report, the basic conclusion was..."It does not appear that Hampton Roads has a strong basis for arguing that it is being underfunded relative to other VDOT transportatyion districts. The problem, bluntly, is that there isn't enough money to go around." And in regard to that, it is clear that the anti tax republicans in the House of Delegates are fine if we vote to tax ourselves, but they will not do it for us. Stand by for more abandoned bridges, potholes, closed rest stops, and no new construction unless Deeds is elected. You get what you pay for.

nice cut and paste

Nice cut and paste from other article.

57.6% vice 16.6% a myth?

How is that a myth Mike? HRTPO analysis released June 4, 2009 shows over a 12 year period that Tidewaters share was 16.6% vice Northern Virginia at 57.6%. Gee wizz Mikey. Now I know that you think the posters here that disagree with you have the brains of an ice cube, but I thought that any analysis that came out of the all knowing, room full of experts, Transportation Planning Organization was the gospel. If it came from them it has been said and NO further discussion. So they are no longer experts? Please Mikey, have a glass of kool-aid.

There simply is not enough money

Well actually Keith, there is a simple and rational explanation. The percentage you quote from the HRTPO is for interstate funds which are distributed based upon need, not the funding formula that the CTB uses to fund the VDOT districts for urban and rural allocations and maintenance. So while you are correct on the percentages for interstate funding, I am correct for the urban allocation that comes to Hampton Roads for local road building and maintenance. Of course, the overall conclusion of the ODU State of the Region Report, that is, there simply is not enough money, is true; had there been, the I-264/64 project, the next one in line for interstate funding for $250,000,000 or so, would have come to Hampton Roads and our percentage would have been restored for interstate funding as well. Regretfully, because Virginia simply does not have the funds, that project was recently cancelled and removed from the CTB's six year plan. Further bifurcation within HR.

What difference does it make

What difference does it make Mike? The funding comes from the same source which is us.

Missing Something

"This ad paid for by the friends of Creigh Deeds"

There we go that's better

There you went...nowhere...

Your off-topic comment is simply asinine. The Pilot Editorial Board and its publisher spent a considerable amount of time and effort in interviewing both candidates before reaching its decision to endorse Creigh Deeds, and its editorial reflects that lengthy deliberation, as well as the difficulty it had in a reaching a decision at all. It is one thing to disagree with a thing and doing so by supporting your position with the facts. It is quite another to stoop to theatrics such as yours and such claptrap did nothing to further the cause of your candidate, which, I can only assume is Mr. McDonnell.

Hometown Views

The Pilot's comments about Virginia Beach's "hometown" candidate's lackluster role in the legislature and how he would fail to lead on transportation are most telling and convincing.

Genius at Obfuscation

Wow, I have to simply stand back and admire McDonnell's incredible ability to obfuscate with the best of them. For example, on today's Cathy Lewis show HearSay, she finally got him to single out his highest priority for Hampton Roads, and he said it was the improvement of SR 460 with a PPEA. Now just a month or so ago, the Commonwealth Transportation Board cancelled this project, because the Commonwealth did not have the meager amount for the public investment required for the private sector to seriously consider this project. He was so proud of himself for pulling the wool over Cathy's eyes on that one that he said most of our projects could be funded that way, ignoring the fact that the money is just not there for maintenance, much less public private partnerships. Of course, he says the money will come from off shore drilling, and sale of the ABC stores, but we already know that is just part of the fairytale. He is a genius at storytelling.

The right choice

This editorial is a big AMEN to my rants. I’m not saying Deeds is a political stud, but he’ll obviously play ball with the DEMS & not stall Virginia's needs. At one point there were dedicated funds for VDOT something organized PRE-Governors Allen and Gilmore. But, once in power the republicans managed to “let go” vetted VDOT workers who already knew the ins and outs of the system. Also, dedicated money for VDOT, rainy day endowment, etc. was put into the general fund, giving it an appearance of surplus. Don’t forget Gilmore does away with the car tax. So, what’s left for transportation improvement? Voters wanted a change and obviously want someone to take charge with our dire transportation issues; to do that you need the right leadership and money. History has shown Virginians that all the Republicans will do for us ‘mainstreeters’ is provide empty promises, take the money and literally leave our streets in shambles. So, now after the mess they’ve made, no real solution is offered and their answer is to put another one in as governor?

The Pilot Endorsement is Already Working!

According to the new Washington Post poll, Bob McDonnell has opened up an
11 point lead over Deeds. We McDonnell supporters thank The Pilot for the
finish-line boost.


The last Democratic Governor of Virginia did such a great job, let's let another one replace him. The Federal Dems are doing just as well, I can't wait to vote for them too.

The Pilot's Endorsement of Deeds

If the Pilot were successful in their endorsement Deeds would be the third straight Democrat Party Governor endorsed by the Pilot.

And what exactly did the last two governors the Pilot endorsed deliver to this area's transportation needs? Perhaps the Pilot could enumerate all the major transportation accomplishments delivered by their choices for governor that benefited this area in a proportional way? Or if that's too hard, perhaps the Pilot could tell us if this area just broke even when it came to taxes and transportation funds returned to this are under the administrations the Pilot endorsed? Is there a trend and has it changed?

I do credit the Pilot for this, the Pilot's endorsement made me smile. The notion the Pilot might not endorse a fourth Democrat Party gubernatorial candidate if Deeds fails to deliver transportation taxes is hilarious.

Civics Lesson

Those herein who chide Governors for failing to deliver on transportation either don't know their civics, or could care less. In Virginia, the power to appropriate funds rests with the Legislature; in this case, attempts to correct the deterioration of our roads and bridges has always died in the House of Delegates. Why? Because a large majority of the republican Delegates have signed the no tax pledge, and those that have not have simply demurred to their majority. Therefore, the result is roads and bridges that are crumbling, and which recently earned a grade of D- from the Virginia Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers. By signing the pledge, sponsored by Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff's friend, these Delegates are responding to an infamous Washington lobbyist, not to the citizens and voters of Virginia. If we return them to the House, we deserve what we get.

Then why....

Then why are you bashing McDonnell's transportation plan if ultimately he cannot bring anything to fruition in terms of funding. Your double standard shows through again.

Civics Lesson

Fact is that most of those who support Bob McDonnell and Republicans in the House of Delegates over Creigh Deeds and and Democrats is because the Democrats signed the pledge of the George Soros Hollywood pinko tax and spend and the Virginia Section of the Barrett Society of Developer Taj Mahals. If Deeds and Democrats are elected we will surely be bankrupt. We elected Democrat Kandy Kaine and we deserved what we got. Time for NEW leadership. YES WE CAN!

Deeds Endorsement

Precisely - I was hoping there would be at least one professor in the audience who would provide a civics lesson to the folks that might be tempted to drink the Pilot's Kool-Aid.

Your point is that the Pilot's endorsement of Deeds was phony because the governor can't deliver what they want any more than he can plan a Mars mission. Their last two endorsements couldn't do it either - more data to support our civics lesson.

That was a very good lecture.

Creigh Deeds for Governor

To the Editor:
RE: “Creigh Deeds for Governor,” October 25

McDonnell’s small-minded, intolerant viewpoint on social issues, in particular the issue of gay discrimination in the workplace, proves that he is living in the past and unable to accept the progress that has been made in the past 8 years.
On the issue of employment discrimination, McDonnell is clearly mistaken. If McDonnell were to end the executive order prohibiting employment discrimination, it would turn back the clock on all the advancements that have been made in the past 8 years in the area of gay rights. The work done by Tim Kaine and Mark Warner would be completely undone and annulled. This would allow events like the 2007 case when a homosexual was harassed and mocked at work because of his sexual orientation, and then turned away by the people at Human Resources, to continue in more workplaces around Virginia. This reopened avenue for discrimination would be supremely unfair to the homosexuals in Virginia whose jobs and livelihood would be threatened by the repeal of this executive order.

Chesapeake, Virginia

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