Beach GOP chairman agrees to resign over racist e-mail


The city's Republican chairman agreed to resign late Monday night, just hours after a racist joke sent from his e-mail address surfaced.

David Bartholomew is not a racist and agreed to resign because the e-mail had become a distraction to the Nov. 2 election, said Gary Byler, the 2nd Congressional District GOP chairman, after meeting with Bartholomew.

The e-mail was dated March 15 and sent from the address that Bartholomew uses as party chairman. Bartholomew forwarded it without reading the contents when "he was first getting familiar with the Internet," Byler said.

The Virginian-Pilot obtained it from Democratic sources on Monday, and it was posted on the progressive blog Blue Virginia on Monday afternoon.

The e-mail sparked a flurry of responses.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Nye, the 2nd District Democrat, said in a statement Monday evening that "this type of racist behavior has no place in politics," and called on his Republican opponent to condemn the e-mail.

An hour later Scott Rigell did exactly that. Rigell, the owner of Freedom Automotive, called the e-mail "reprehensible," and said Bartholomew should step down from his leadership role.

The state's Legislative Black Caucus said in the statement that the "e-mail promotes ignorance and hostility towards racial and ethnic minorities and those who have been left unemployed by the recession."

Eight black Republican leaders sent an open letter requesting Bartholomew's resignation within 48 hours.

Bartholomew did not return calls for comment Monday.

The e-mail, which was sent to a handful of people, describes a man trying to get welfare benefits for his dog.

"My Dog is black, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English and has no frigging clue who his Daddy is," the e-mail states.

Byler said Bartholomew was "horrified" by the e-mail.

"Events of the past few hours have been devastating to David Bartholomew. Anyone who knows chairman Bartholomew knows he's unbiased," Byler said.

Bartholomew took over leadership of the Virginia Beach Republican Party after Kenny Golden stepped down to run for the 2nd District congressional seat. He has helped run some local campaigns and some politicians credited him with outreach to the city's black and Filipino communit ies.

Ken Longo will serve as the interim chairman until the party holds new elections, Byler said.

Golden, who is running as an independent, did not call for Bartholomew's resignation and criticized Rigell as being too quick "to throw him under the bus."

"David would never do something like that on purpose," Golden said. "It was a racist e-mail.... It shouldn't have gone from anybody's e-mail to anybody's e-mail."

Some Republicans also questioned the timing of the release of the e-mail, coming out just two weeks before the Nov. 2 election.

"It doesn't help when you're trying to build our party into a bigger, more inclusive party," said state Del. Ron Villanueva, a Virginia Beach Republican and a Filipino-American. "His actions hopefully won't affect our races in November."

Georgia Allen, the head of the city's NAACP, said the e-mail reflects the climate this election cycle when several politicians have made inflammatory statements.

"This is disappointing that you've got to continue to deal with foolishness like this," Allen said.

Pilot writer Bill Bartel contributed to this report.

Deirdre Fernandes, (757) 222-5121, deirdre.fernandes@pilotonline.com

Julian Walker, (804) 697-1564, julian.walker@pilotonline.com

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Would You Buy a Used Car From Mr Byler

The spokesman for the chairman of a major political party in 2010 pleads ignorance because an e-mail was sent “when he was first getting familiar with the Internet,” Byler said.....I'll have to remember that one for future use.

Mr Bartholomew

Number one, Mr Bartholomew, forwarding an e mail without reading it is how spam increases, ignorance proliferates and hate attempts to become legitimate. You're horrified, that's good, but the damage has been done and there is no telling who used this e mail to further hate and ignorance.

Unverified internet stories and jokes are the bane of politics now. None are vetted, just put out there, no context. Both sides preach truth but yet use the internet to further lies and half truths. It is time for both sides to condemn all lies and innuendo and seek truth. Neither, however, will, because power is more important than truth


That's not racism, second argue the issues,be a man stop whining.Clearly there are more important things to worry about ie this big intrusive overblown scary government,Obamacare,immigration,the economy,jobs,.......

Yeah Right!

Please define racism and then just try to explain how Bartholomew's action isn't racist. Do you approve of this stereotype?

Maybe it wouldn't have been racist

if the dog hadn't been described as black, but come on, was the color necessary for the joke? That is the issue, like when this area used to report a crime and then they would say something like 'police are looking for two black men' without further description. Please explain why this isn't racist?

Mr. Byler's comment

is more demeaning. To think that I am stupid enough to believe that comment "learning about the internet" is more disrespetful than Bartholemew's comment. That is, I hope Byler meant that Bartholemew did not know how to use email, because if he meant that Bartholemew did not know that racist comments like that would be held accountable, then he is even more demeaning. Both of them should step down.

I can believe a politician

I can believe a politician is too far behind the times to know how to use a computer.

I'm pretty sure all people say stuff among their groups of friends that they probably don't want aired. I'm sure politicians talk down on the people they want to vote for them all the time.

So then

do we really want people like this in charge of anything? One would think that with the successful use of the internet and e mail by the 2008 Obama campaign would signal a leadership requirement to be familiar with the internet and e mail.

A lawyer from Byler's office

A lawyer from Byler's office knowingly lied in open court a couple of years ago, in my presence. Since that time I've had no use for him or anybody from his law firm. I'm as conservative as they come, but truth is truth. Bartholomew is just getting familiar with the internet in 2010? Please.

If you're going to shoot yourself in the foot....

DON'T do it during an important election and NEVER use a BAZOOKA!

I'm confused

Today is Oct 18 and the e mail was sent March 15th????? Where's it been?


If David Bartholomew truly held those beliefs, then there ought to be any number of other e-mails between March and now that should come out. If they don't, then are we witnessing that favorited "October surprise" to which many are becoming immune (by that I mean, taking advantage of voters' passion by causing them to overreact to something completely out of context, and the voters are getting wise to the politicians and the news media).

This is no isolated event.

It is only a matter of time. More will come out!


was it right or wrong for him to forward this? Doesn't matter when it came out. The fact is he sent it. Why?

Circulating Among the Like Minded

Until someone mistakenly sent it to a Democrat or a Republican with a conscious (which are becoming increasingly rare). I wasn't going to vote this time around because none of the Congressional candidates do a thing for me, but this kind of trash needs to be stomped and stomped hard. A businessman and political party leader doesn't know how to use the internet? Man up, dude!

Why does that matter?

It was sent this year. Trying to blame those who made us aware of the email is just tring to divert attention from the very real implications caused by this email. Many fellow Republicans and elected officials must have recieved this email and did nothing. That is a real problem!

Circulating among Republican Leaders!

The Republican leaders were still sharing it.


Laying dormant ...

On second look....

I guess since this e-mail is months old, I can only guess that this is political payback....

What do you want to BET that the next targets of this smear are Gary Byler and Bill DeSteph?

They'll probably use the Halloween costume, "shoeshine-gate" and of course, the Mosque letter to smear DeSteph......

I just wish they would come up with something CURRENT........

Months old

Bartholemew was a racist in March but isn't now. Now I get it.

Second look

I guess second look wants a short statute of limitations on racism. Okay to be racist in May b/c it is irrelevant by October. This guy is a racist to even forward a "joke" like that. Every Republican in VB should disavow him--or if they are racist too, just stand up and say so. Don't blame those who brought this to light. And, the not so subtle reference to BET tells us which category you are in!

You obviouslty don't understand politics

The fact that its only becoming an issue now is proof that it was only brought to the attention of the Pilot to influence voters-and political payback.

It's not unlike reporting someone you know for committing a crime right after the police have arrested you for another crime.

Of course, your response tells me that this story planted in the media just days before the election has had just the effect those who planted it were looking for-you took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

So how DOES it feel to have been used?

Why is it not wrong now?

And didn't DeSteph write that letter?

Or is it only wrong when someone you don't like does it?

Scott Rigell stand up to condemn GOP Chairman

Great to see that Scott Rigell has the backbone to condemn such reprehensible behavior by the GOP Chairman. It reinforces why I'm voting for him; he's willing to stand up to people in his own party when they are wrong.

Makes me wonder, has Glenn Nye ever condemned some of the members of his own Democratic Party when they say and do outrageous behavior?

Scott Rigell Did the Right Thing

As a Resident of the Second District and A Member of the Republican Party, The party of Lincoln and the Party of the "Big Tent" I think Scott Rigell did the right thing by calling for the Chairman's Resignation. The Chairman's Actions do not represent the Republican Party. I am Proud to Call myself a Supporter of Scott Rigell, someone who stands up for the Full fabric of our community.

Good for Rigell

I applaud Scott Rigell on condeming this email situation. It was the right thing to do and it shows me Scott is able to stand up for what is right regardless of the circumstances. I am proud to support an honorable candidate like Scott Rigell. Asuch as the democrats want to make this about Scott, its not and voters see through that.

Racist Email

Scott Rigell is open and acceptive of all races. I know he would not accept that kind of email from anyone, Republican or Democrat. Wrong is wrong.

Any Other Choice?

Did Scott have any other choice but to call for his resignation? NO... I'm not surprised by anything that happens in politics anymore. These racist email comments still have no place in America. He must resign immediately or the GOP will be left showing its true side to the community.

Great job Candidates

I read this e-mail on another blog, and it is very sad. David Bartholomew was wrong to forward it on. Scott Rigell was right to ask for David's resignation. I just hope that voters are smart enough to see that Rigell is not connected with David B. Just because there is a picture of him shaking his hand. That doesn't make him his bff, or even friends with him. I am proud of Congressman Nye (something I never thought I would say) for standing against this. And am also proud of Scott Rigell for calling for DB's resignation. Keep up the good work Scott.

Why isn't Kenny Golden condemning this?!?

Scott Rigell and his Democratic opponent have both properly condemned the actions of this guy. Why hasn't the independent, Kenny Golden, done the same thing? By the way, I'll bet some of you don't know that Kenny Golden is the guy running as an independent, not Glenn Nye. Glenn Nye is running as hard and as fast as he can away from his fellow Democrats in Congress. Too bad the facts don't like, and they say that Nye votes with Pelosi and his fellow Democrats in Congress 83% of the time.

So my assumption is that

you believe that republicans voted against her 83% of the time. I guess none of them voted for those Medal of Honor recipients, or better care for veterans, or any of the budget resolutions, etc. Get real, man, and recognize that not all legislation is healthcare or TARP or stimulus.

Of the 83% he voted with Pelosi can you name any of them? Scott Rigell certainly doesn't in his ads. And do you really support Boehner for speaker? Will you condemn Rigell if he votes for him and Boehner turns out to be just as calculating and bad (a sure bet) as Pelosi?

What do any of those people

What do any of those people you listed have in common? Your post makes no sense, it is just a incoherent list of people from headlines over the past 20 years.

It is as coherent as many of

It is as coherent as many of the postings of similar content that appear on these threads.

This what the names have in common

" Republicans always find a brown or black person to scare white suburban voters with." I spend too much time on these comment boardds being utterly dismayed by other commenters', particularly the conservatives and tea partiers, refusal to actually the words written or inability to understand the words' meanings.

Really? Worse than truthers

Of course I read that line. I just couldn't believe that people are out there that ignorant, and simple minded, that would believe such a stupid statement.

Then again some 30 % of Democrat voters think the government was behind 9-11, so you never know...

And 45%

of republicans think Obama was born in Kenya without any proof. Ignorance hits boths sides, chum.

Exactly. And those crazy

Exactly. And those crazy goons that think all republicans are racist are just as loony as the truthers and birthers.


If the Republicans win control of the house, they will immediately begin conducting hearing into Obama's citizenship. They said so themselves, so get ready for the freakshow. Have the current Democratic leadership allowed for truther hearings? No they haven't, so your attempts of equating the two groups are a reach.

I was actually equating all

I was actually equating all three groups.

Who Cares Where He Was Born

I see no importance in this natural born requirement anyway and wish we would amend it away. It probably had a purpose in the 1700’s that I haven’t bothered to figure out. The people elected him. Who cares where he was when he was one day old? If the Republicans want to pursue that, they will fall even more in my disfavor.

Having Said That ...

I am absolutely licking my chops to see the Republicans get subpoena power so they can go after the dirty, underhanded, unethical, un-American, unconstitutional and illegal things the thugs and goons he appointed have done over the last 2 years. No I’m not going to list them; too many.

What do these people have in common?

Easy. They have all been used by the GOP over the years to stir up fear and hatred to mobilize their "base". The list is not complete. There are many more examples of hatemongering as a political tactic by the GOP. Why do they do this? Simple. It is the only way they can win since their ideas and policies and management have always proven to be failures. Stop and think for a moment - where would the GOP be today if it were not for the Dixiecrats - former democrats who switched parties over civil rights?

So let me get this

So let me get this straight.

You think...
we should let people abuse the welfare system?

it's okay for violent felons to let out of jail for the weekend?

Bin Laden and Saddam are not something we should be concerned with?

Rev. Wright isn't racist, but Repubs are for calling him one (and by extention questioning if Obama is since he certainly sat in the pew and listened to that crap)?

illegal aliens should be welcomed into our country to steal resources and jobs from legal citizens?

And yet you wonder why people think the democrats are clueless.

There are millions of whites

There are millions of whites on public assistance, the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action are WHITE WOMEN, felons come in all colors, and who is letting them out for the weekend (unless you want to cite Willie Horton), illegal aliens have been coming here for decades, to work for Republican backed corporations looking for cheap labor, and terrorist attacks have occured during both Democratic and Republican adminstrations.

And yes the black bogeyman Rev. Wright, name one thing he said that was racist, but how can we forget Falwell and Robertson blame 9/11 on gays and lesbians. Don't deny it, I saw it live when they said it.

I never once mentioned race

I never once mentioned race in my post. Please stop being racist.

My post was a direct response to the nonesense Chris posted; so yes, obviously, I was referencing Willie.

But, if you are going to act like Rev Wright hasn't said racist things then clearly nothing I say will reach you.

Logically we could infer that yes

you were speaking of race when you made your statement. To equivocate the e mail to anything is wrong. Investigate Rev Wright (I do believe he has been repudiated by both the Pres and Democratic leadership for his racism) all you want, but realize he has no standing in the Democratic Party, unlike Byler, Bartholomew and Rigell

Didn't 9/11 happen while a

Didn't 9/11 happen while a Republican was president? What's up with this Democrats are clueless line?

Scott Rigell stands up to his own Party

Great job of leadership by Scott Rigell. He asked for this guy's resignation before the Governor or the state Party Chairman. Clarity of conviction is something I want in a leader, and I'm so glad Scott Rigell took the action he took.

The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln and racism has no place in it.

To the Wayback Machine Mr, Peabody

Lincoln would be ashamed to associate with today's Republicans. They more closely resemble Joseph McCarthy than Abraham Lincoln.


The Republican philosophy has migrated over time from that of Abraham Lincoln to that of Lincoln Rockwell.

party of who?

the 1948 election began the transition of the democratic party to the party of defender of civil rights and republicans as home to to the racist elements in our society culminating with Nixons southern strategy in 1968. T o deny the racist elements in the republican party and its associated tea party is being disingenuous at best and naive at worst. Lets be honest. After all, a pig with lipstick is still a pig. (wink wink)

It is true that some Repubs

It is true that some Repubs are racist. However, it is also true that some liberals are racist. To broadly paint an entire political party based on a few individuals within that party is a disingenuous act.

Of course, there are racists

Of course, there are racists of all stripes. And there are racist Democrats as well as Republicans who do not have a prejudiced bone in their bodies. No party or political affiliation holds a monopoly of buttheads.

But let's THINK here, for a moment: more often than not, isn't it CONSERVATIVES who are making the prejudiced statements against those of different ethnicities, religions, and sometimes color, and liberals who are condemning such offensive statements?

If one wants to hear stereotypes against Muslims, does one listen to a liberal? Or does one turn on, let's see, Pam Geller, or Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh?

I would have to disagree.

The visceral racist hatred coming from those racist in the left is far worse and more accepted among the party than the racism coming from those in the right.

On the right as soon as something happens, they are immediately denounced, and forced to resign. The left circles the wagons and waits until their constituents forget


Palodino, Bartholowew, recently Limbaugh said "some people deserve to be slaves", a Nazi sympathizer, Beck, racist signs at tea rallies, Dr. Laura, and so much more to print, all on the Republican side. I would cite more but the moderator approve it. I challenge you to produce progressives behaving in such a way.

Please Mr Graves

with all due respect, name the leftist racists who are worse than, oh, Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott or David Dukes? Seems they were/are pretty well accepted. Hell, Thurmond is venerated among conservatives. Please be specific

I don't think you're

I don't think you're thinking here. Denying the obvious truth is not the path towards enlightenment!

Ask yourself: How many liberals rail against Muslims and Hispanics?

How many Democrats (not all are liberal) are running for office and making statements against Muslims or Hispanics?


How many conservatives and Republicans are doing that? Too many to mention. Even so-called John McCain was involved.

Can you name me one liberal on MSNBC who has expressed hostility or communicated stereotypes against Muslims or Hispanics?

And what about Fox News? Too many to mention.

You just gave the classic

You just gave the classic "yea we do it, but they do it too" line. Rush Limbaugh who in my opinion and the opinions of millions of others is the unofficial leader of the Republicans, and he spouts racism on a daily basis targeted primarily to African Americans. And never are his words disavowed by fellow Republicans. There is no comparison, by far conservatives are hundreds of times more racist than progressives could ever be.

To coin a phrase

Clarity comes to Scott Rigell after he is informed by his political handlers that he can denounce a compatriot without getting punished for doing so.

Are you saying Rigell

was given permission to condemn? Are you saying that this was a test for him to follow instructions? Now I get it, ok for Rigell to show independence by this action, but when Nye does it it's because he received permission.

Mocking banalities

I'm not sure I take your point, Roy. My own comments was a straight-up mocking of the trite, unproven and unprovable critique of the timing of Nye's vote against the health reform law. Coincidence is not causality.

Let's Remember it was Democrats that were against Civil Rights.

It is unfortunate that this incident occurred. Democrats are always happy to turn a blind eye to this type of behavior in their own party but will be very vocal to condemn it in Republicans.

Racism by anyone is wrong. That will not change history no matter how much the Democrats try to blow this incident up into 'headline' news. As this article clearly shows in Racist Democrats vs. Colorblind Republicans: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=15893

Or this great history the Democrats would like to pretend does not exist: The Democrat Party's Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism http://gopcapitalist.tripod.com/democratrecord.html

Scott Rigell has had a tremendous presence in the African American community. Anyone that knows him knows he would never condone this type of behaviour. Where is Glenn Nye in the African American community - no where! Scott has been there for decades supporting worthwhile causes throughout the community. I believe Scott will represent EVERYONE in the community. He believes it is not the color of one's skin that matters; only their respect for the red, white and blue. At the end of the day true Americans are color blind.

Break Out the Shovel

You're digging deep on this one. The Republican Party and their evil twin, the Tea Party have become both hateful and racist. Although, I do commend Scott Rigell for quickly asking for this man's resignation.

Human Events?

You would do much better than to keep citing Human Events, arguably one of the most far far right wing websites out there.

Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms

Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Trent Lott were Democrats who switched to Republican. May I ask why did they switch parties?

Racism has no place in Virginia

It's amazing to me that in this day and age, archaic and degrading stereotypes are still part of the every day vernacular of Virginian Leaders. Scott Rigell's stepping in front of this issue clearly demonstrates he has ZERO tolerance for such beliefs and bigotry.

I don't know about all that.

I don't know about all that.

But, the fact remains: Election exactly 15 days away & getting this issue off the minds of voters & the media ASAP is always a winning strategy.

Truth about Racism

Racist Democrats vs. Colorblind Republicans


The Democrat Party's Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism


I'm not impressed with your links. Is there anything from a major news organization?

Thats really funny!!

Since when as ANY "major news organization" been remotely associated with anything resembling the truth?

I'm jus' sayin'

but you put your trust in

but you put your trust in some faceless person on the internet, some random blog or some nasty chain letter that happens to confirm your bias? I've got a bridge to sell you, I'm just saying

Who's actions hasn't Scott

Who's actions hasn't Scott Rigell condemned? I'm a Republican but I won't even vote for this guy.

I have known David...

for years. We attend the same Church where he is very active and displays incredible kindness and compassion to our entire congregation. I believe that he had no intention of condemning black people by forwarding on one of these silly chain emails. You should see the stuff that I get forwarded from my black friends, white friends and worse yet my own mother (in her 70's). This incident is being used by politicians on the left and the right to bolster their approval ratings. David is not the boogeyman. Ummmm... can I say that? Nye, Rigell and Ron Villa-nowhere should be focused on real issues in this election cycle not rabble-rousing to gain support. And as for the NAACP guy, can you say Philadelphia Black Panthers - November 2008???????? David's action was foolish and poorly conceived but not racist.

Just goes to show...

You never really know what's in a mans heart. From my dealings with him, this email didn't suprise me.

Sure - lots of good Christians think it is good fun

to slander and demean other groups of people. An obvious sign of a kind and compassioniate person.

"And why behold the mote

"And why behold the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but consider not the beam that is in thine own eye?"

Ummmm... can I say that?

Ummmm... can I say that? Seriously? Poor David! People are picking on him for mindlessly forwarding racist chain mail in his official capacity as GOP leader and look at all the other wrong in the world has been done by black people!?! gloriosky! David is a saint and a martyr!

. . . please . . . excusing his actions by pointing out that there are other wrongs in the world is childish in the extreme.

Doubtful. Too out of character. Likely cyber attack

From what I have seen of David Bartholomew I wonder if the email in question was not a form of US Wire Fraud. Email headers can be hacked. It seems extremely out of moral character and extremely out of character by being purposeless and stupid. David would not likely do something like that even if he had worked 72 hours straight.

The wrong done to David Bartholomew's good name will be healed in time.
The FBI will NOT do a competent job investigating this matter.
Justice may be served in some unexpected way.
God will remember David's reward.

I also think it will be hard to find a replacement that can run a business meeting with such lively and gracious style. Too bad. Perhaps David will resign in name only just to avoid a distracting controversy at this time.

Conspiracy Theory

Ah, yes a conspiracy theory. Probably perpetrated by the liberal media. So why put the "he didn't know how to use the internet excuse" out there?

If you wanted to burn

If you wanted to burn someone like that, you couldn't really forge the mail headers. Instead you'd trick them into running malware (delivered by email), then use their actual system to send mail through their ISP (in his case I think it was AOL.)

he admited sending the email

If you are going to push the conspiracy theory you should first tell your person not to admit it. He admitted sending the email, so much for his account being hacked. Truth is not a strong suit of tea party cultist.


That stuff is illegal man; you need to quit.

You wrote "God will remember

You wrote "God will remember David's reward."

But will God remember the email that David sent?

And will God remember your deflecting blaming to others--the FBI!--who had nothing to do with the email in the first place?

It's unfortunate

If you are in a high-profile position, you absolutely MUST show cultural sensitivity. There's really no room for error. That's just the way it is.

I don't know anything about Bartholomew, but it appears as if he used very poor judgement. Can't do that.

Racist Democrats?

Here is the truth on the 1964 Vote Count.

Still Not Impressed

Still no major news sources. But it is well known that the Republican base is built on many old southern Democrats.

You know you've lost the

You know you've lost the point when you have to go back to 1964, only a short 46 years ago.

Not really,

a lot are still going back to the 1800s with slavery.

I only mention slavery when

I only mention slavery when you try to revise and sugarcoat it.

But yet

we aren't allowed to go back to GW Bush....interesting how that history stuff is bandied about

I'll have to remember that

I'll have to remember that the next time someone starts talking about McCarthy and the republican party.

Are you a teacher, you

Are you a teacher, you should know better.

Something is fishy

This racist slur masquerading as a joke, has been circulating for over 7 months thanks to Mr. Batholomew's widespread email list including top Republicans here in Hampton Roads and in Richmond at the state party level. He sent it out on his official GOP email to political friends and supporters. Despite his denial, he knew about the internet and anything else used for an excuse, is just a weak-kneed attempt to hide his shame. The Rigell campaign and his key operatives were recipients of these emails months ago -- yet, only after the news was published yesterday and Congressman Nye denounced it, did the Rigell campaign come forward with a standard press release. Rigell and Batholomew are friends and political associates working together on Rigell's campaign that is Batholomew's top political priority this year.

Why did Mr. Rigell refuse to go in front of the news cameras and denounce this himself? Most likely, his media advisers told him to issue the short release and stay out of sight in the hope that this would blow over while getting his supporters to post how courageous he is for stating the obvious. Is this the kind of candidate that CD2 voters want to see representin

Something is fishy

This racist slur masquerading as a joke, has been circulating for over 7 months thanks to Mr. Batholomew's widespread email list including top Republicans here in Hampton Roads and in Richmond at the state party level. He sent it out on his official GOP email to political friends and supporters. Despite his denial, he knew about the internet and anything else used for an excuse, is just a weak-kneed attempt to hide his shame. The Rigell campaign and his key operatives were recipients of these emails months ago -- yet, only after the news was published yesterday and Congressman Nye denounced it, did the Rigell campaign come forward with a standard press release. Rigell and Batholomew are friends and political associates working together on Rigell's campaign that is Batholomew's top political priority this year.

Why did Mr. Rigell refuse to go in front of the news cameras and denounce this himself? Most likely, his media advisers told him to issue the short release and stay out of sight in the hope that this would blow over while getting his supporters to post how courageous he is for stating the obvious. Is this the kind of candidate that CD2 voters want to see representin

Oh I Think I Believe Him

I can’t imagine anyone in his position being stupid enough to send that around this close to the election even if he is a racist. But then again it is hard to believe someone his age is clueless about how the Internet works. There are a lot of good people out there with an (R) after their name (no that doesn’t stand for racist) but where they dig their leaders up is beyond me.

"first getting familiar with the internet"

What a preposterous statement. Byler is a clown for making such a ridiculous statement.

He's a lawyer

and used to making preposterous statements.

Not entirely atypical

"forwarded it without reading the contents when "he was first getting familiar with the Internet," Oh, right. he forwards his email unread to friends and never used the internet before march? Nice of the Pilot to declare him "not a racist" though. I would never say that all republicans are racist but there is much racism on the right and the sentiments expressed in the "joke" are as ubiquitous as the water table in the rhetoric and campaigns of the right and are expressed regularly on these threads all too often.

And Democrats don't?

And you don't think that Democrats have any "racists" in their party? I'd say they are much worse than the Republicans.

First of all,

there are is no complaints lodged against all the organizations that are named clearly for non whites. Let a United Causacian College Fund pop up and the clouds would shake.

I agree that this man not knowing much about the Internet is questionable but I don't know him so it is possible. What did he do for a living that he didn't use the Internet?

You don't need a "united

You don't need a "united Caucasian college fund". You have "alumni organizations". Nice try at being cynical.


a little history: In 1943, Dr. Frederick D. Patterson, president of what is now Tuskegee University, urged his fellow black college presidents to raise money collectively through an "appeal to the national conscience." The next year, on April 25, 1944, Dr. Patterson, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and others incorporated the United Negro College Fund with 27 member colleges. Early supporters of the UNCF included President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John D. Rockefeller, Jr...
Over the years, the idea and mission of UNCF have attracted hundreds of thousands, who through their gifts and their goodwill have helped us to keep our students focused on achieving their college degrees. Numbered among our friends was Sen. John F. Kennedy, who later became president of the United States. In 1959, he donated the proceeds from his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Profiles in Courage, to UNCF.

Since member colleges accept all races and all students are eligible for the scholarships your statement rings patently false.

He has been sending emails for years!

As a Republican party leader, long before he was elected chair, Bartholomew has forward and composed emails for party purposes for years. He knew exactly what he was doing!

Publish the list of all the forwards associated with this email.

Publish the list of all the forwards associated with this email.

A real interest that should be explored...before the election.

I'm less concerned with a list that contains the people he forwarded the email to, because they may have chosen to simply delete it since they may have disagreed with the theme, or never looked at it if it wound up in spam filter folders. You can't control what other people send you in that respect, only what you do with it afterwards.
More specifically, I do think the identity of the person who sent the email to him should be of interest enough to be made public. Was it another party member/friend cracking a joke? Or was it an opponent familiar with the fact this man wasn't familiar with the internet yet who was banking on him blindly forwarding something that could be later used as mud during campaign season? That could make a HUGE difference in the intent of the email. I do find it unusual that something on the internet, like emailing, would be unfamiliar to anyone in today's politics, but I suppose it could be plausible. VP, how about digging around for the sender? That could shed true light on this.

Never Thought Of That

I would like to know who sent it also, win or lose for the Republican Party.

Vote for U.S. Rep. Glenn Nye

People make mistakes. Nobody got hurt. Forgive and move on. We have an election coming up. Vote for U.S. Rep. Glenn Nye.

It's just a joke!

Geeze...nobody can take a joke these days...we have become so wrapped up with this political correctness and stuff that ALL of us are now hypocrites!! Who cares?? I certainly don't...now if the individual goes out and starts killing people then, then I would care. But joke is a joke...

You know what, I noticed

You know what, I noticed that whenever African Americans get offended, and rightfully so when this garbage comes out, someone always tries to say "lighten up, it's just a joke". But no one ever, ever makes racist jokes about Jews, or Native Americans, or Asians. It seems African American are "safe" targets.

Imus, Limbaugh, Beck, Dr. Laura and Republicans wouldn't dare make a demeaning comment about Jews, they know better.

likening black

welfare recipients to a dog is not a joke by any standard.

Oh...but the

Oh...but the Italian-American League believes that Jersey Show on TV is racist towards Italan-Americans...but the TV gods won't cancel it...hey, what's fair is fair and all races should learn to take a joke! Levity is the spirit of life...there's enough other types of sadness going on in this world...

Wait, you don't understand

Wait, you don't understand the difference between a joke and a reality TeeVee show? I'll give you a hint. On the TeeVee show you've got real people pretending to be themselves in some loose interpretation of reality. Try comparing apples to apples.

The "Joke"

That joke has been around for years and years...and now it is causing trouble? Where was all the uproar when it first started making the rounds?

Years and years...

You and other Republicans just don't get it. Your party chairman in our Commonwealth's largest city spread this vile kind of slur to his political circle. He was smart enough to not send it to Democrats but dumb enough to send it to top Republican associates and major GOP donors and to friends in the Rigell campaign. Why didn't they contact him right away and say, "Stop this because it could reflect horribly on Rigell's candidacy!" But of course, that didn't happen and as a Johnny come lately to the party, Rigell was forced to respond only after Congressman Nye was quick to denounce it. Rigell was 7 months too late.

re: the joke

That this trash has been around for years, makes it worse. Clearly you have no problem with it.

Been around for years

Yes, this joke and alot more like them have been around for years and years. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. Instead of Bartholomew deleting or responding to the sender with the appropriate response "I do not accept or forward racist emails", he forwards it! I think the leader of the republican party in our city is a disgrace to himself, and his party. He is also a barometer of the Republicans' attitude toward racism. Not a pretty picture is it?

No excuse in 2010

Resignation is required here. Don't forward anything you would be embarrassed to have posted on every streetlamp.....

That said, shame on the Pilot for mentioning the left's hate site that brought it out. You have a state party organization whose stated goal for this cycle is specifically looking for a "macaca moment." Nobody should be surprised that they found one. If the state GOP did the same thing, I'm sure they'd find similar garbage on the other side. It's gutter politics, but it's what we've devolved to in Virginia. I hope people are proud.

Shame on the Pilot?

So now the Virginian Pilot is responsible for Bartholomew's racist actions? You want to blame the local newspaper and democrats for Bartholomew forwarding a nasty racist stupid joke? This is priceless and unfortunately what Republicans do when they step in it. Blame someone else. What about reforming your actions to fit the platform out there that you represent all Americans. That's obviously not the case with the leadership. What else about the GOP platform is a lie?

"Blame someone else." I'm

"Blame someone else."

I'm sorry if my commentary on modern Virginian (and American, by extension) politics offends you.

My bigger problem is with a supposedly legitimate news site trumpeting the name of a third-rate hate site.

"VB GOP leader resigns after his forwarding a racist e-mail became public."

There. I wrote the story without unnecessary attribution to a hate site. Wasn't difficult.

Same goes for the Krystal Ball photos up in the first district.

There shouldn't be

any of these moments-Unfortunately, they keep coming.

SO, blame the messenger is your answer?

Damage control

via hurdboy "It's really the democrats fault he forwarded it." Ever heard of denial or equivocation?

The email is bad but what about him just learning the internet

The email is atrocious but his excuse is almost as worrisome. How is that a party chairman is "just learning the internet." Methinks that statement is from the tea party playbook of just make up anything to deflect criticism.

Because its accepted, even

Because its accepted, even encouraged in republican circles. They just don't like that it came to light.

It's amazing that when these

It's amazing that when these things come to light, the enablers and apologists come out in hoardes.

And you base this statement on??

And how many republican circles do you hang out in on a regular basis to make such a sweeping statement?

A republican Racist?

A Rebublican would NEVER be a racist. A Democrater wouldn't be eithet. Guess what boys & girls it happens. Just ask George Allen. Wasn't the chairman of the RNC African-American? Racism happens in every country, every race, every sex, every religion. God gave us a brain and the ability to reason. USE IT! To all the candidates running this and that means the ones in the 2nd also, let abide by the words of the great little rabbit Thumper..."If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin at all".

RPVB Chairman

The Ken Longo who is mentioned in the article is "not" the Ken Longo who is the person which Chairman Gary Byler referenced. Ken Longo the Real Estate Agent does not belong to the Republican Party of Virginia Beach.


It ssems racist emails are a staple in republican circles. No suprise here, as a matter of fact, this is par for the course in today's republican party. You got that madman Paladino in New York forwarding racist emails, the GOP chair in Tennessee forwarded a racist email last year, and to top it off, there is a Nazi sympathizer in Ohio running for Congress as a republican, and not a peep from the establishment disavowing him.

This guy running around in

This guy running around in Nazi SS uniforms, I wonder what kind of emails he sends to his SS buddies. Makes you cringe.

This is the type.......

of stuff you find when "the swamp is drained".

Judging by the thumbs down I

Judging by the thumbs down I got, apparently there a lots of people who don't have a problem with republicans sending and forwarding racist emails.

Par for the course.

I Certainly Have Problem With It

I’m a WASP Republican leaning Tea Partier but certainly not a racist and I really hate to see something like this happen. It lets people generalize about the way ALL of us think about any issue, just like the “joke” did about blacks. That is probably why you got some thumbs down. You are throwing a huge group of people into the same pot because of what they think is wrong with the Democrat agenda in general just like this joke did to you because of the color of your skin.

I would like to think

the vast majority of Republicans and Tea Partiers aren't racist, sexist or anything like that, but it is their responses, signs and associations that bother me. Nominating a tea partier to run for office is fine, no problem, but to not vett them better? Really, Paladino, O'Donnell and Angle are the best you can come up with?


I agree that some of the candidates running for office are "out there" but I don't recall a presidential administration that has had more "vetting" issues than the current one.

No one in their right mind

No one in their right mind forwards an e-mail like that. Who did the Chairman receive it from? Could have been sent to him from someone trying to achieve this very result.I don't think republicans are more racist. I would argue even less racist than liberals because a republican thinks highly enough of all races to believe everyone in this country can achieve greatness regardless of race where a liberal thinks they can't, and hand outs are needed. Those handouts keep a certain race of people who I won't identify on the dole, generation after generation.

You sound so much in denial

You sound so much in denial my man. Emails, memos, letters, etc that are racist and hateful are sent because people believe in he contents, being in your right mind has nothing to do with it. Wake up and smell he coffee.

So where is an apology from Bartholomew?

Even if he is trying to say this was a mistake, David owes an apology. The fact that an apology wasn't the first words offered by the party leader says a lot!

needed to go

He def. had to go! But I gotta tell you, my boss, an educated black man, gets some of the funniest "white folk" jokes and I would hate for him to stop sharing them with me over this

Not the ring of truth

Your words do not have the ring of truth to them -- it's more likely that this is your attempt to deflect the racist comment of a political associate. Nice try, though but no cigar.

too ooz

see how it goes? did you have to use the adjective "educated" to describe your boss? is he clean and well-spoken also (a quote from Joe Biden)? So many hypocrites.

How many uneducated black

How many uneducated black men are bosses?


I dont know, how many?

re: response

This is in response to the guy who said he had a black boss who was "educated". As if being educated and black rarely go together.

No, he didn't infer that at

No, he didn't infer that at all. He qualified his statement. You however read a bit too much into it.


And there you are! Ah, racialism....

Are you talking about Joe

Are you talking about Joe Biden?

Which is the greater offense?

Racism? Classism? Sexism? Ageism? Nationalism?

This gentleman must resign in today's environment for his poor judgement and to avoid negatively affecting the election, nothing more and nothing less. The rest of us might want to examine our finger-pointing.

Who has laughed at Richard Pryor jokes about addicts and prostitutes? Jeff Foxworthy's redneck jokes? Jeff Dunham's "Walter" or "Jose" or "Achmed"? How about all the commercials with stupid-acting people of every type? Who are the fair targets? Lawyers? Teen-agers? Other?
Now, let's say we run those skits in front of all the local candidates for school boards, city council, Congress, etc. and videotape their responses. Any candidate who keeps a straight face through all of these or shows the proper "disgust" at them all has apparently passed some test of political correctness and sensitivity. Does that make them "normal"? Or humorless? The candidate who keeps a straight face through all of that is abnormal.

Should we review all the candidates' known IP addresses for visits to dis-tasteful you-tube videos? Apparently facebook has shared them all. NSA could pull that off in a week and release the resul

I don't believe

anyone anywhere has ever laughed at a Jeff Dunham joke. You almost swayed me with your analysis until you slipped in that flat-out untruth.


You are comparing a political public figure to stand up comedians? That is very fitting....but not because the email he sent was in any way meant to be funny.


didn't Minnesota recently elect a comedian? Oh, so you are saying racial comments are ok so long as you (or the liberals) get to decide what is proper and who makes them.
I get it now.

hey flyby1

What's worse, the racist jokes or those who make excuses for them?

Is this 1995?

He's just becoming familiar with the internet? Seriously? Sounds like what the party really needs is a 24-hour PR man!

NSA could pull that off in a week...

and release the results the day before election. Who would fare better, Ds or Rs?

Overt racism in the G.O.P. , again this election cycle

"David Bartholomew is not a racist and agreed to resign because the e-mail had become a distraction to the Nov. 2 election, said Gary Byler."

Mr Byler is a lawyer doing the G.O.P.'s bidding in the media.

Where is David Bartolomew? Hiding.

C'mon. Most know there is racism on BOTH sides of the aisle and the scar is especially deep in the south.

Face the cameras Mr. Bartholomew in a press conference with reporters questions. You're a public figure. That is where your contrition starts, if you want any.

This "tea party" thing is destroying the G.O.P. from the inside.

My childhood roots are republican (mom) and democrat (dad). As a member of AARP I'm now an independent.

See why?

AARP Independent????

You equate AARP with being an independent? How is that possible when they are an active and vocal 'virtual' arm of the DNC with little regard for the opinions of their members? Perplexing...

The AARP is just as

The AARP is just as independent as the Chamber of Commerce.

So What

Nobody was claiming that the Chamber of Commerce didn't have political leanings.

Racist or not

Still doesn't change the sorry state of our country. This is really a non-issue in the grand scheme of things.

Agreed. These little things

Agreed. These little things keep the sheep distracted while America fails.

David Bartholomew's resignation

This is not the first time that David Bartholomew has made comments that have negatively affected the Virginia Beach Republican Party. I am very pained by his insensitivity to others and relieved that he is stepping down from his role of leadership. Scott Rigell has a reputation for reaching out to the minority community and helping those less fortunate. A prime example of this was when he brought an impoverished Nicaraguan boy to live with his family and then provided him an education so that the young man might be able to provide for himself.

This guy either showed bad

This guy either showed bad judgemnent or is totally ignorant when it comes to racist matters. In any case, the fact that Republicans selected him as their local chairman is a poor reflection on all of them.

Hell Just Froze Over

I agree with that statement. You made a valid point without demeaning the vast majority of Republicans who don't engage in this type of activity. As to poor judgement in choosing him for that post: That may be true but only those who were responsible for his selection (assuming they knew about this side of him) should get the finger pointed at them.

let it freeze

Blah blah blah, and what about the Nazi sympathizer in Ohio, the homophobe Paladino in New York, or Rand Paul claiming the 1964 Civil Rights Bill was "unnecessary"? The Republicans have lurched far far far outside the mainstream, and I haven't heard any moderate Republicans voices raise up to counter them.

Maybe there aren't any moderate Republicans left.

Wow, And You Call Us Haters....LOL

So, even when I agree you can't hold back the hate. I can't say I'm surprised. For all the Liberal accusations of hateful behavior on the right, we see that in actual practice and deed it is FAR more prevalent from the left (just look at you froth with zero provocation). If we add to that the 'end justifies the means' mentality that has taken over most Liberal groups we get a very dangerous and worrisome situation indeed. The rest of us recognized this in you long ago and we are ready for your worst.
You, brownstone, will always find what you are looking for and in your case it's always going to be racism. You'll find it regardless of whether it actually exists or not.
So no sir, I say it is the Liberals like yourself who have left the mainstream behind (all the while ironically calling yourselves "mainstream"). The funny thing is, the only way you could possibly continue to believe that lie is if you have lost touch with the MAJORITY of your fellow citizens. Welcome to reality - Now get back to that hating.

Mr. Bart insulted my intelligence...

It isn't so much the content of the email that I'm offended with, but the fact that this "educated" man tried to cover himself by saying he was learning how to use internet. This is one of sorriest excuses I think I have ever heard from a politician...which he is because he had to be elected to his GOP leadership post. To insult people with that lame excuse says a lot about his character and I don't need to know a person personally to be able to make that judgement. Was it not the Republicans who argued that Democrats doesn't read the bills they are voting on...wouldn't you think guy would at least had read the content of the email???


and comments like this are on both sides, pitched and tolerated among all races, and become hurtful or sensitive whenever there's an advantage to be had. Especially in politics. Jackson, Biden, Reid, Clinton, and others on the left have spouted racial remarks. Somehow they get a pass. Can we just move on before the sky begins to fall?

What to do?

When you're caught with your pants down, you turn around and hope no one notices. But people do and you become the butt of their comments. What do voters do when the top Republican operative in this area, its GOP Chairman Batholomew, is caught sending out racist emails? Make excuses, of course! Cover up the story! The point is that Batholomew is one of Rigell's closest confidant on his first political campaign.

Rigell has a responsibility to tell voters why this email was spreading in top Republican circles and among his own campaign staff over computers in their headquarters? Why wouldn't a smart GOP operative, after Sen. Allen's loose lips experience, have warned Rigell right away to quietly ask Batholomew to resign 7 months ago? Or certainly after Rigell's primary win. It appears that they all thought it was best to keep quiet.

No profile in courage here, folks. Just another politician throwing a million plus of his own money to win an election. This story isn't over.

political correctness

im sorry if the joke offended some people but when did it become a crime to offend someone. just for once i would like to see a politician with a backbone. just one to say, "you know what, i did send it, i thought it was funny." We are losing what has made this country, freedom of speech. You can't even criticize the president without being watched by the FBI now. this country was built on freedom, even the freedom to openly offend people. i may not agree with what you say but i will defend your right to say it to the death. you can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all the people all the time

This country wasn't founded

This country wasn't founded on insulting and demeaning people!

Human nature doesn't change

If you think the founders didn't have their fair share of mockery and insults, you'd best take another look at human nature.

Should he have sent a joke that was racist in nature? - Most jokes have someone as the butt, and there's a number of varying degrees. Just because it deals with the topic of race doesn't mean automatically that it won't be funny.

Should he resign? - Absolutely. Whether his decision to send was right or wrong, it's become a lightning rod. Every now and then you need to tell someone to lie low for awhile.

political correctness

Political correctness is a term used by conservatives to justify material that demeaning, racist, and ugly, i.e. Don Imus. If a joke demeaning people of your ethnic or racial background was put out on the internet, you wouldn't have such a cavalier attitude toward it. It's always those who claim harmless humor when the joke is not directed toward them. Isn't it?

You can't even criticize the

You can't even criticize the president without being watched by the FBI now.

Oh come on! Let's keep our comments reality based, people!

Lol, even in your bunkers

Lol, even in your bunkers and militia hidey-holes you can reach the thumbs down button. hahaha

I can name 100 organizations

I can name 100 organizations that are founded by white people, are run by white people and advocate for white people.

P.s. BET is owned by Viacom a white owned corporation. In case you didn't know.

Um, I don't so...

"P.s. BET is owned by Viacom a white owned corporation. In case you didn't know."

Viacom (NYSE: VIA) (NYSE: VIAB)(NYSE: VNV)is publicly traded and not 'owned' by only white people.

LOL! Thanks for the giggle!

I just purchased 10 shares

I just purchased 10 shares for you Mamba. Please provide an address.

You just lost all creditability. Viacom is a publically traded

"P.s. BET is owned by Viacom a white owned corporation. In case you didn't know."

You just lost all creditability. Viacom is a publically traded company.

Mostly white?

Please provide us the place you found the breakdown of stock holders in this company.

Be serious. You know the

Be serious. You know the stocks are probably mostly held by white people. 401K and the like is a joke, a tiny blip on the radar. Just a way for the wealthy to take the retirement money of Americans.

The top 20% of wealthy people own 88% of the stock market as of 2007.


The statistical probability

The statistical probability of what you describe offers no direct correlation. Logic equations produce no result either. Math is the best way to remove bias.

Go to meetup.com and look at

Go to meetup.com and look at business organizations in Hampton Roads, and you will find like 100 of them that exclude everyone except black people.

Kinda rude if you ask me.

Funny how stuff surfaces

right before an election. Since it was held so long by someone, this is dated and irrelavent material. The Pilot should have passed on it.

stuff surfacing

If there had been an email sent and forwarded by Democrats demeaning let's see, gun owners and religious fundalmentalists, would you be saying the Pilot should have passed on it?

Obama did it

It was all but passed by the media.

Yes, there is a double standard...

There is no double standard,

There is no double standard, the right wing milked that "story" for weeks and weeks. It's so hypocritical when some things offend you but others do not.

passed by the media?

and yet everyone who paid attention knows about Obama's controversial statements with respect ot guns and religious fundamentalists. You've got a weird idea of a double standard. Your barb is dull.

I missed Obama being...

...a man, an honorable one at that, and stepping aside because of his controversial statements.

Please point me to where that happened.

So now you don't think the

So now you don't think the President is an honorable man, or a man. The true feelings really come out. Tell me, what do you think he is. Do you have him in mind when you read that vile joke?

That's exactly what I was

That's exactly what I was thinking

I'll tell you what I didn't

I'll tell you what I didn't miss is the old GOP tactic of deflect, insult and shift ground. It's lame. Nothing Obama said rises to the level of broadcasting racist emails. Feel free to point out specific instances if you disagree. lol

Oh I get it, you mean like...

...the comment made by Brown, the governor candidate in CA called Meg Whitman a repulsive name and then was backed by NOW? And everyone is pointed fingers, no one taking reponsiblity and stepping down...? That's what you mean right? He should step down, him or someone in his employ called Meg Whitman a repulsive name and thus he is responsible. And that name alone proves he dislikes women and holds them below men, correct?

You guys are good, we're

You guys are good, we're talking about a local issue and you want to run to California to get an example to cite. Since we've gone national what about Paladino in New York telling a reporter "I'll take you out". What is he, Tony Soprano? He didn't step down, by the way the next day he appeared on Fox for a softball inteview with Bill O'Reilly.

Double Standard

It is a double standard. Both parties have plenty of examples that can be highlighted. I can be equally offended by either party's tasteless and crass commentary. Can you?

As an ebay user, her company

As an ebay user, her company continued to increase prices every profitable quarter. Now I do as much business as possible around ebay. I hope she looses.

and your point is?

So, because you happen to not like to do business with ebay, you think it is okay to refer to her as a whore?

To repeat a Republican line

we're talking about Virginia's 2nd CD, not California.

And for the record, Fiorina or Whitman would never be nominated in Virginia as a GOP candidate. They'd never pass the purity test.

Why should he resign?

Why should he resign? He's just representing the views of most Republicans.

Of Course You Do

Because it fits the preconceived notions you both have.


preconceived notions?

Do you agree with the contents of the emails? Where is your comdemnation of it? Or is it just another ploy by the "liberal media"?

I know this is a waste of time...

I thought the email was as tasteless as the recording of Jerry Brown and company referring to Meg Whitman as a whore. So, what is your stance on that or is race your only concern? We know the California chapter of the National Organization of Women had no problem with it. If you think only Republicans are guilty of bigotry and hate-speech then you must also believe only whites can be racists.

Do you think it's ok to send

Do you think it's ok to send and forward such material?

Do you think it is ok to

Do you think it is ok to bash ALL republicans yet become angered if someone else describes a trait(true or false) about a group that you are concerned with? Answer honestly there Mamba.

And just what trait are you

And just what trait are you referring too? I hope you know what you're talking about.

If you have to ask, just

If you have to ask, just review your own prejudiced writings today. Apparently it is ok to be prejudiced towards a group as long as it is not your group.


No, I don't. But it doesn't make all Republicans racists either. You Liberals need to police yourselves. We'll take care of the extremists on our side.

VP editors

Chriss33, the VP deleted my first response. Apparently, you're allowed to call me a racist and I can't tell you my response to deny it. It is difficult to deny it civilly as that charge is such a nasty one, but for the record...NOT ALL [Republicans, white people, conservatives, southerners, (insert other group here)...people] are racist. Your untruthful, hateful, vitriolic comments should not be permitted, or I should be permitted to respond.

Not funny!

That's the first point...it was, among other things,a witless attempt at humor. Second, Mr. Bartholemew is either incompetent as a Republican Party chairman in not reading material before he disseminated it, or he is a disingenuous racist. Finally, I think of that old and true adage, "Birds of a feather flock together."

Lost me at "didn't read it"

I can't remember EVER forwarding an email I hadn't read, but I delete a lot of them.

You make the case that he did not originate but forwarded

I don't forward anything. I always origniate with my own comments and attach if it is important to start with. I would like to know where was the actual point of origin of this distasteful email and also why was it addressed to or forwarded to the Democratic Party. Perhaps just another email-released, political red herring. Let's face it, no one in their right mind holding a highly visible position on either side of the isle would want anything to do with this kind of political rubbish!


He failed to see an offensive email and mindlessly forwarded it. The first lesson of internet email is to know what you are forwarding because inappropriate emails will appear in ANY inbox! He is resigning which is taking responsibility for the mistake and not blaming it on some third party....there is a lesson for Democrats in this...take responsibility for what you do whether in error or not and do the right thing rather than seeking someone else to blame!!


would seem to me that this is more a lesson for republicans. Is this an attempt to obfuscate the issue and place blame on Dems?

Um, no I don't quite think so...

...an R forwarded an email and resigned, taking personal responsibility not pointing fingers.

...no D has ever taken personal responsiblity and almost always points his finger at someone else.

Of course their leader, Obama, has not yet been able to accept the responsiblity of the office in which he currently holds and instead continues to blame President Bush (who has been gone from the office for 22 months - so how could we expect those under him would understand taking personal responsibility? Kind of an unreasonable expectation in the case of Democrats I suppose.

However, R's and conservatives and most moderates require it of their leaders.

yeah sure

Like the guy in Ohio who enjoys as a hobby running around wearing a Waffen SS uniform?

That's funny, I still hear

That's funny, I still hear Republicans blaming Jimmy Carter and he left office almost 30 years ago. Now that's what I call personal responsiblity.


your attempt to deflect criticism by saying all Dems never take responsibility is laughable.

ANd history is history, if W's policies were responsible for the war or recession then yes blame should be placed on him. To say past actions don't impact us now is wrong.

Why this blind devotion to W?

So the "We're no racists!" protestations from the GOP/Teaple...

... is simply a matter of protesting too much. Gotta love all the posters defending and excusing this guy. And believing that he "did not read the email" that he forwarded. And the prattle about using this example as "a lesson for Dems". Good googly moogly.

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Certainly you're joking.....

Half the comments on here violate at least one of these tenets you list. Your enforcement is spotty and inconsistent. Either play by the rules or eliminate the comments section.....



"Obey the moderator" by Optimus Rhyme.

I hope this man knows that

I hope this man knows that many of us are not gullible and do not buy his protestations of ignorance. Give me a break, the very first people to figure out email were the politicians. They were just late to realize it was permanent.
Like George Allen, he has been hoisted on his own petard.
The phrase: "hasn't a racist bone in his (her) body" is getting trite. I guess a person's racism resides in their skin.

Racist? What?

I thought the joke was rather humorous. I saw it to be no different than any redneck or Polish joke. Just playing on stereotypes? I'm gonna vote GOP for this reason alone - someone using desperation as a means to sway a vote.

Chair of the Republican

Chair of the Republican Party is not the same as life of the party.

Yep, sure - I believe you...

NOT! And you've never spouted or forwarded a blonde joke either, right?

Please give me a break. I am a blonde and I forward blonde jokes. I forward Polish jokes (especially to my best friend who is Polish), jokes about Democrats (personal favorite is 'it is so cold... I saw a Democrat with their hands in their own pockets'), jokes about Republicans, jokes about any stereo-type. If one is not guilty of the stereotype they find them funny, not racist.

This racist thing has gone over the top, someone calls someone a racist and I now roll my eyes and take the side of the supposed 'racist'. I don't even have the time to listen to some trumped up claim of racism.

Who I feel most sorry for the one who really is a victim of racism one day. Unfortunately, no one will believe him/her because people were too quick to call anyone a racist in an effort to let a politician win an election. I can't figure out how people are letting these dirty politics dilute the real issue of racism. Seems counterproductive to the 'little guy' who may later have a real claim of racism. However, current climate, if a racism case is headed to the courts - I advise asking for a jury trial - most

A blonde walk into a bar and

A blonde walk into a bar and says...Ouch!

So am I now biased against my blonde children? Get real folks. Everyone tells jokes concerning stereotypes. I would like to see a better quality of white jokes though. Someone needs to work on that.

So no white jokes? You can

So no white jokes? You can tell them on here. No one cares about us.

I don't think jokes like

I don't think jokes like that are funny, obviously you do.

That's the thing about

That's the thing about print. You cannot hide the words you typed today. We all know EXACTLY how you feel about people who are not like you.

I can't believe what I am reading

Whether you believe me or not is sooooo irrelevant as with your fake outrage. Your whole argument is ridiculous, a blond joke? Give me a break. No, I have never told a blond joke, or a Polish joke, and any joke that demeans someone solely because of their skin color or nationality is something to be condemned and disavowed. Now if you think its funny well that's on you.

But that is no comparison to the leader of the local Republican party partaking in such things. Why is it, everytime these guys get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, we get all these people offering justifications, enablers, false comparisons, excuses, conspiracy theories, and flat out blame those who expose it. Why can it just stop? And say enough is enough.

I don't get your motivation

I don't get your motivation Black Mamba. You yourself have made statements on this very board against 'all' republicans. You specifically say that you question the views of people whom this man represented. You singled out an entire group of people. So if you can be prejudice against an entire group, what is the difference between you and any other prejudice group? You feel blacks are always targeted? How about we have a civil discussion using descriptive statistics to explain what makes the joke accurate. Call me what you want, but a lot of black people are sick of the joke being able to work. You need to examine your own racism before you start your rant from the pulpit.

The "T" Word

Yes, when that all encompassing “THEY” shows up, it can sure give some insight into the heart of the author.

I don't understand your

I don't understand your logic, and what do you mean "a lot of black people are sick of joke being able to work"? Do you personally know a lot of black people to make such a blanket statement?

First, let me say

Republican is a political party and a CHOICE! Being black, or Polish, or Blonde or handicapped, or a woman, are not. There is the difference. So you can say all you want to about Dems (you seem to regularly) as long as you don't equate it with a natural condition.

If this was intended for me,

If this was intended for me, I have never put down someone because they are a democrat. I challenge you to prove otherwise. There are times I have criticized those who may be an elected democrat, but also those that are republican. You're projecting.

Do you have access to

Do you have access to republicans email inboxes? Who knows what kind of stuff they say behind our backs.

In life, the nice guy finishes last. Unfortunately.

to mamba

what gets me is that black people vote democrat because the democrats have somehow convinced the majority that republicans are are racists, regardless. can you explain why 99.9 percent of blacks voted for obama? please don't say for his policies. to me, that is racism.

to flyby

Democrats don't have to do any convincing. Republicans do a great job of convincing African Americans all by themselves. You want examples, the latest is Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Paladino and Limbaugh of course and who could forget Joe Wilson, Michelle Bachmann, and golden oldies like Trent Lott, Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond.

Come now, African Americans don't need convincing by Democrats, they just watch Republicans do it all by themselves and how disrespectful they treat the president. And they keep doing it over and over and over again.


Since you mention disrespect, may I ask what your reaction was to Meg Whitman being called a "whore" by the Jerry Brown camp? The NOW chapter in California didn't have a problem with it. Just wondering if you did.

i think it's a pretty funny

i think it's a pretty funny joke too ... there's way too many people who don't have a sense of humor in this world.
And what's up with Scott Rigell issuing a statement ... what a lame tool he is ...

You're joking, right? No

You're joking, right?

No voter would be dumb enough to vote for a party or person because that person told an arguably offensive joke, right?

I thought ALL voters voted according to an objective, fair, cautious, and thorough examination of the issues.

Just JOKING. :-)

Picture shown with the article

cropped to show only the former chair's head-the whole picture is of him shaking Rigell's hand

just another lame attempt

By the Demorats to get another Macacca monment. Not working.

Demorats? Very nice.

Demorats? Very nice. Original. And keeping with the level of nincomopoopery one finds around here.


I see the joke and I see who forwarded it. What I don't see is where it came from. Can we go back a few outboxes and find out how it came to be in Bartholomew's inbox?

VB-GOP chairman resigns

when this kind of thing happens it shows us just how far we have really progressed, both in the world and in maturity.How childish, grow up.

that's funny

I doubt if President Obama has ever heard of this guy Bart.

If this joke was told

at the Comedy Club by a Black comedian with a mostly Black audience, it would be ok...

more justification

When was the last time you've been to a black comedy club?

If that joke were ever told

If that joke were ever told at a black comedy club he would be booed off the stage or be escorted out the back door.

Representing His Party.

Even if he didn't intend to forward it, he still wrote it. Personally, I don't think he should resign, because he represents the thinking of Republicans and the tea party. All tea party members are Republicans. They don't care about big government, high taxes or the Constitution. Where were they during the Bush Administration? All they care about is a black man in the White House.

He's A Racist and A Loser

This guys is either a racist or a loser or both.

The "just figuring out how to use email" line is a lie. Either that or he's the most incompetent Republican Party Chair in history.

This is just the case of a racist who got caught being a racist.

Makes you wonder about the views of those he purports to represent...

views of those he purports to represent

It doesn’t make me wonder. What does his being a racist have to do with the many views I share with the Republican Party completely unrelated to race?

Do you think president Bush

Do you think president Bush logs into Hotmail, or has someone do it for him and read them to him?

I can believe Clinton used the computer, at least to get to the naughty sites. Obama is probably the first tech-savvy president? It looks like he would have been around 14 years old when Nolan Bushnell and Atari started dropping Pong machines. So he probably had video games in his youth.

Meanwhile, if you google it looks like our local politician used AOL when he sent that email out. That isn't the sign of a hardcore internet netizen.


First, it is a joke and a pretty funny one. The same thing can be said about any race...These types of jokes are all over. Second, dude is lying his arse off when saying he was just getting familiar with sending an e-mail. Who believes that???

re: idiot

I'm black, I am employed, I am not lazy and speak perfect English and know my father. Years ago my mother was on welfare for a short time and neither her nor I are dogs. It's not funny, the only people laughing are the racist who actually believe such filth!

p.s. there are thousands of white people who get welfare, in case you didn't know.

All you ladies,

are you offended at all the dumb female jokes? I thought not.

Farmers, are you offended at all the redneck jokes? I thought not.

Lawyers, are you offended at all the crooked lawyer jokes? I thought not.

He still shouldn't have sent it as a party chair.

I am offended you are not offendend.

I am offended you are not offendend. I find these "jokes" offensive.

Do you think you just taught us something???

We're not as dumb as you think we are. Of course there are hundreds of thousands of white people on welfare; it's fairly common knowledge outside the insular realm you live in. I bet you'd have no problem with a similar joke told at the expense of "rednecks". The only group left that it is okay to joke about are white men and everybody is just fine with that.
It is VERY obvious that you have been taught to believe we (Conservatives) all pray at the alter of Rush Limbaugh (or whomever the current Conservative boogeyman is today) and need him to tell us how to think. To believe that is to believe a lie. We don't all fit into one neat, stereotypical box.
Pry yourself away from the Liberal propaganda, there is a whole world beyond all that garbage. Racism will persist as long we keep focusing on our differences and not our similarities. Unfortunately, too many parties have a vested interest in keeping the races at each others throats. Think about it.

Actually Ptown

I can introduce you to several people who believe all black people are lazy and on the dole, who believe that when you see a black man walking on the street during the day he is unemployed, those who automatically lock their doors when a black man walks by, and so forth. Many don't believe that any whites are on welfare, believe that they were let go because they were white, and so forth.

I was raised in a racist family and credit the military for helping me see that racism is wrong, that we take the individual at face value. This attempt at humor made no dileniation between individual and race and essentially called all blacks on welfare animals. This is an old standby, the dehumanization of a group through humor. It's unacceptable and reprehensible.

This would be a non story if it hadn't been a party leader who forwarded it. Rigell did the right thing, as did Nye. Byler, on the other hand, has chosen to circle the wagons, yet he is 2nd CD GOP Chair. He should also resign now.

I Agree

I wasn't raised in a racist family but I am not ignorant of actual, bona fide racism. Just last night I gave a ride home to a young black man (a friend of my daughter) because the last time he walked home after dark the police stopped him. I have lived in the west, north, and (now) south and I have seen pretty much every variant of American racism in my 43 years. My point to the previous poster is that most everybody is aware of the fact that whites are also on the dole. It isn't the sole province of minorities.
My point about white males still being considered fair game is borne out by every comedian who chooses them as the 'safe' target (that sometimes includes themselves).
I agree that this party leader engaged in unprofessional behavior that was racist. If he had not resigned he should have been fired. However he does not exemplify, as many on the far left assert, the greater majority of his party.

Believe the truth! Wrong spin on the facts at the wrong time.

"P.s. BET is owned by Viacom a white owned corporation. In case you didn't know." Your own words.

Your post has no credence of truth. Previously on this blog you posted that Viacom was owned by white people. Not true. Viacom is a publicly traded company. Wrong spin on the facts at the wrong time.

Throughout history, it has

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

We are going down as a

We are going down as a country, and it simply amazes me that in the end we will be holding on to the very things that provided the weight that to bring us down. The very best of America is what is needed right now. Yet, we solicit to evil ways that are most comfortable. Understanding is the foundation for humility and humility gives way to peace which allows growth. We as a people are divided but we will go down as one unless we change, not the Obama change but the change that starts with all of us deciding we want to be a strong country and in order to do that we have to accept that we are a country of different cultures and beliefs. Growth is uncomfortable but, its rewards are greater than the comforts of staying the same.

he is an idiot

He is an idiot for forwarding this out but someone also held this since 15 MARCH and timed when they sent it out to a few weeks before election day.


The timing is suspect, but it has nothing to do (for me) with the real issue - his incredibly poor choice in forwarding an email.

Bluntly put, this man does not represent what I believe are the ideals and principles of the Republican Party. I'm all for a good chuckle, but this "joke" is simply not funny, is blatantly racist, and patently offensive. The GOP should have fired him before he resigned, and I hope he is barred from GOP events for a period of time to send a message: the party won't tolerate racist "jokes".

Good riddance.

Well said

and anybody, regardless of race, religion or party affiliation, who does such in the future should also be removed from leadership in any organization professing equality and inclusiveness.

Where does this guy work?

I hope the organization he works with takes a hard look at what this guy represents. Shun him. He is the embodiment of all that is wrong in this day and time and why our country cannot move forward in a more caring and equitable manner.

Shun him.

If you are one of his friends and pony up to the bar and smoke big cigars with this guy, then YOU may be the next to get rebuked.

How can this guy be the solution?

When has a politician ever

When has a politician ever been a solution?

Well, there's

FDR. You can't deny that one.

I am pressed real hard though on any more. JFK?

follow up to FDR

Check out this speech he gave in 1944.

This is the type of leader we need today. I am only 49 and the more i learn about this guy the more impressed i am. He's got to be one of the greatest hero's of the middle class ever.


If the URL doesn't show up, google youtube, FDR Second Bill of Rights speech. Incredibly prescient for today's world.

Best Part Of The Article

"Georgia Allen, the head of the city's NAACP, said the e-mail reflects the climate this election cycle when several politicians have made inflammatory statements."

"This is disappointing that you've got to continue to deal with foolishness like this," Allen said.


That joke has been circulating the internet for over a year, along with many, many others that have some sort of a racist tone...Jew, redneck, Chinese, geezzz, the list could go on for days.

While I don't believe this guy "was getting familiar with the internet" as he has stated, someone held on to this email from back in March and decided that two weeks before election would be a good time to tattle? Shocking. And this is the first political person to ever forward an email similar to this? Right. (insert sarcasm here).

Let the resignations begin.

Good one

Good one David! Send me another.

take it for what it is...

Ok, we are overlooking one very important fact here. Just like any joke told by a number of very talented black men or ladies that portray a certain stigma attached to white people, the joke in question was just plain FUNNY!!! It's funny because it's ridiculous. Just like many cracker jokes, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. I'm a redneck, but I don't get all butt-hurt every time I hear a stereotypical redneck joke.

I Love Redneck Jokes

Anyone who meets me knows I’m one, or at least meet many of their stereotype traits from the way I talk and sing country music to the .45 on my hip. But why the thinnest of skin may seem to be based on its color may have a lot to what blacks had to endure in the 50’s and 60’s that I didn’t, whether they were there or heard these true stories from their parents. Getting too long. Will make a separate post (which I don’t think is legal).

This Redneck Didn't Have To ...

Sit in a separate, inferior seat at a theater; be refused service in a restaurant; go to a school that was funded by what was left over after the white school got its money; be embarrassed because my entire college band walked out of a McDonalds because some hick manager wouldn’t serve you (the only black member) – gave up more money than he would have made in a month, get beaten up because someone thought (or pretended) you looked the wrong way at a white woman. I can go on. I hope no one else does. If I were them (ARGG – the “T” word), I would be very sensitive to anything that might move back in that direction.

I'd rather progress than

I'd rather progress than regress, thank you very much. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. With that being said, those who obsess and dwell about the past leave little room to plan for tomorrow.

What's black and white, black and white black and white, back and white?

Give up? You think you know the answer?

A nun falling down the stairs *rimshot*

A one way street

If he were the chairman of the Democratic party, it would not have been an issue, because Democrats cannot be racist.

So that justifies the

forwarding of the joke, because the perception is that it is okay for Dems to be racist? Come on, think man.


You really think this would be a story if a democrat did it? Be honest with yourself.

There is such a thing as "selective fury"...be careful of it.


like the fury of Rigell as he condemns the stimulus package while accepting cas for clunkers, or the Tea Party furor over the stimulus while seemingly giving a pass to GW Bush for TARP? Is that what you mean by selective fury?

ANd it was when Reid said what he did, and he's a democrat, isn't he?


...and to quote Cindi Laper: "Your true colors keep shining through..."

Your politics seem to be filtering your common sense, watch out for that too...

Just because I stand in a garage, doesn't make me a car.

stereotypes are founded in what?

Answer: The truth!! & the truth only hurtswhen? Answer: if it is the truth. & so it all begins w/truth. & Addie, I've been using the term demorats a long time. I'm even using Demopilot to describe Pilotonline. Nothing new there, except maybe to you. We're cool though. I don't mind hearing what others think or say, even about what I say.

So dogpen

tell us what truth the joke exposes, please. Is it the one that only blacks are on welfare, or that blacks are dogs, or that blacks are lazy? You get my point, what truth?

No big deal if he was a dem

We've heard Senator Harry Reid's comments about Obama's dialect and skin tone. We've also heard Biden's slurs about East Indians and 7-11's and remarks about Obama being the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean; Bill Clinton justifying Seantor Robert Byrd's KKK membership; and the Colorado Democratic Part referring to blacks and hispanics as idiots; and on and on with Truman, LBJ, Geraldine Ferraro....but let a Repub like George Allen using a word no one even knew the meaning of.... or Trent Lott for intoning it at a toast, and they got excoriated from Spike Lee to Rev. Sharpton on down the line. So the level of tolerance on this only extends to Democrats. The Democrat merely has to apologize and go on his way, but we are outraged at the Republican who must be chastised and removed from office....so in my view this is hypocritically ingenuous.

And all of those you mention

were held accountable and forced to apologize for their ignorance. Let us not forget the Republican calls for their resignations. Bartholomew chose to resign after his candidate and potential leader for his district said he should.

Equivocating one wrong with a list of others is reprehensible itself. Lest we forget, Lott, Dukes, Thurmond, Angle, Bachmann, Iott, Paladino, Brewer have also said reprehensible, racist things, yet the GOP still venerates Thurmond, and spports the candidacy of Angle and Paladino, so where is your rightious outrage now?

I'm pointing out hypocrisy - not justification

An apology at the political level doesn't mean anything other than they were sorry they were caught. They thought it, then said it/wrote it/sent it....therefore they must believe it to some extent.

Party affiliation should be irrelevant. If someone issues a slur or malicious sentiment about a race , gender.. etc, we don't stop and ask "Are you a democrat or a republican," on whether we're outraged or not. But that's essentially the practice right now. Harry Reid issues apology- he keeps his position as Senate Majority Leader and no calls for his job. Trent Lott issues apology - protests and calls for his job as Senate Majority Leader from every civil rights corner. So if we're really serious, we should call for the next party or political leader to step down from their position - No Exceptions. The way it is now.... it just depends on whether its a D or R after their name.

He hasn't apologized.

Bartholomew has not apologized at all. Only offered the completely lame and unbelievable excuse that he is still learning the internet. Really...REALLY! I am quite sure he has been emailing for at least the last 10 years!

Hypocrisy in the GOP (remember "retarded")

Didn't the Tea Party's little Darling Sarah Palin demand that Obama's Chief of Staff resign for using calling fellow democrats "retarded"?

So, if a GOPer is a racists it's okay, right?

Face it, the GOP and tea party were quiet when George W. Bush did the first bailout. Then a democrat president does a second bailout and suddenly it's "Socialism" and "Take back our country"

Former Nixon speech writer Ben Stein is man enough to admit that many in the tea party can't accept a black president.

I Sure Can

I’m proud to be called Tea Party and the ONLY thing I was happy about when Obama got elected was the he was black. Some much for the race baiters telling minority kids that there is no purpose in trying because the WASPs will just grind you back into the dirt anyway.

I will vote for the most capable man (or woman)

everytime. Regardless of party, race, politics. And so far, none is a democrat. As for jokes, please, let's move on. I've heard racists jokes from both the blacks and whites and while they are crass, I don't judge a person's lifetime work and character based upon them. If you do, then you are very insecure, oversensitive and narrowminded.


...good joke has some truth to it. Whether you think it's funny depends on which side of the service window you're on.

If you're offended, too bad. Don't have selective morality when it comes to politics, race and OTHER peoples money. Both sides.

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