Navy scraps plan for jet landing field until at least 2014

The Navy announced Thursday it will suspend plans to build a jet practice airfield in a rural area of Virginia or North Carolina for at least three years, and instead will concentrate on finding a home base for Joint Strike Fighter squadrons in California.

The news was hailed by residents who have fought the project, and it marks a dramatic shift for the service, which has maintained for years that the airfield is critical to the future viability of Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach.

It leaves open the question of whether Oceana, which was already threatened once with base closure, will be chosen to host the Navy's next generation of fighter aircraft.

The Navy has been trying to build an outlying landing field, or OLF, where jets could safely practice aircraft carrier landings, for more than a decade. In 2008, after a proposal in Washington County, N.C., failed, the Navy said it was considering five sites, in Southampton, Surry and Sussex counties in Virginia and Camden and Gates counties in North Carolina.

Opposition immediately turned active. Citizen groups created No OLF websites, and local governments passed resolutions against the plans, hired lobbyists to oppose them, and persuaded elected officials to pass bills that could stop or delay them.

In August 2009, the Navy announced it was delaying an environmental study for at least six more months so the Joint Strike Fighter could be taken into consideration.

Now, the study is being delayed again, until at least 2014, a spokesman for the Navy, Lt. Paul Macapagal, said Thursday. At that point, the Navy will re-evaluate whether it needs the landing field as well as possible East Coast locations for the new aircraft. In the meantime, the service will focus on West Coast locations for the jets.

Beginning in 2015, seven

F/A-18C Hornet squadrons and one fleet replacement squadron - totaling 100 aircraft - will be replaced by the F-35C, according to the Navy. After evaluating 134 Department of Defense installations, the Navy picked two as possible home bases in California: Lemoore Naval Air Station in Kings County and El Centro Naval Air Facility in Imperial County.

Thursday's announcement was welcome news to opponents of an OLF in North Carolina and Virginia.

"I think all of our persistence has paid off," said Camden County manager Randell Woodruff.

In Gates County, activists were glad but guarded. "We'd rather see it canceled," said Laura Dickerson, president of Citizens Against OLF.

U.S. Sen. Kay R. Hagan, D-N.C., said Thursday she was "thrilled" by the announcement. "The people I meet with are absolutely outraged at the prospect of an OLF in their backyards, and I have been working to prevent it," she wrote. "The Navy should thoroughly evaluate all existing OLFs and military airfields before even considering a new one.... I will continue to make the case in Congress that the Navy must not build an OLF in northeastern North Carolina."

In Virginia, Southampton County farmer and OLF opponent Lynda Updike was not surprised by the news. "The F-35 is the next generation of planes, and they're having problems with that," she said. Virginia Beach would not accept the louder F-35s, she said. "I don't imagine the people of Virginia Beach will tolerate it coming through their kitchens."

Surry County Board Chairman Reginald Harrison said the announcement could mean a real estate boom. Many properties across the county that have been for sale were held up because of the OLF possibilities, he said. "I think they' re going in the right direction," Harrison said. " I know the threat of an OLF tied up a lot of properties. "

Some Hampton Roads officials said Thursday they don't consider the Navy's announcement bad news for Oceana Naval Air Station.

"I've never felt more strongly about the future of Oceana, in that the Navy is extremely pleased with the way that we have addressed the encroachment problem," said Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms. "The Navy has told me directly that we have done a wonderful job."

Craig Quigley, director of the Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance, which lobbies to protect the region's military assets, said the announcement simply means the Navy will focus on the West Coast before planning for an Atlantic base. "To me, that's nothing more than common sense," he said. "I do not see anything that is threatening the future of Oceana."

Quigley said when the Navy decides where to base the Joint Strike Fighters on the East Coast, Oceana will be a strong candidate.

"I don't think you dare take it as a done deal," he said, "but by anyone's yardstick, Naval Air Station Oceana would be a solid, solid choice."

Pilot writers Bill Bartel, Lauren King and Linda McNatt contributed to this report.

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The next BRAC commission will close Oceana by or around that time.

This OLF is required, it is required I tell you, and you must

leave your land. A decision to condemn 30,000 acres. Surge, failing to do proper studies ordered by federal judges, deciding to impose restrictive use easements, failing to even discuss the JSF with NO OLF groups. Failing to discuss the viability of Oceana and Chambers Field to do the job, changing data to meet this requirement, fabricating this 63% summertime number. Willing to put our pilots in danger, still willing to put people around his home fields in danger if in 2014 he tries to put the JSF at Oceana. For about 11 years he has been pursuing this OLF, probably for the JSF. Can or should any rural community blindly work with the office of the Secretary of the Navy anymore regarding an OLF and supporting FCLP training?

Dodged the Bullet ....

.... For now, but agree with your comments that we can't let our NC guard down. Sad politics.

Dodged the Bullet ....

.... For now, but agree with your comments that we can't let our NC guard down. Sad politics.

See ya

Seems more and more military are looing to get out of the TIDEWATER area. Why?


While people are celebrating, this could be the end of Oceana if people keep complaining.

Ahhhh quiet skies.........

Ahhhh quiet skies......... be careful for what you wish for

Auxillary Landing Fields

If you don't want to help you Country and economy, just turn down a military request for basing. How dumb to let the West Coast steal our prospects for economic success. This loss isn't likely to be regained. Shame, shame, shame . . .



Neither the country, nor the Navy, are adversely effected by moving operations to the West Coast.

Besides, the West Coast may be stealing *your* prospects for economic success, but not *ours*. North Carolina had nothing to gain from more jets at Oceania; however, our economic assets would have been negatively impacted by *your* OLF on *our* land. If the state that got the OLF also got the jets, then things probably would have gone very differently.

So basically what your

So basically what your saying is if there was money involved you would have welcomed them with open arms but since it was just the fact that our military that protects the WHOLE country you decided it wasn't in your best interests. And people wonder why this country is disintegrating before our eyes. People forget its those jets that help defend this country, if you lived in many other countries you wouldn't even have a say.

that's not what I said

First off, having lived in countries where the government freely takes private property for sake of "the public good" (China and South Korea), I'm glad I live in a due process country. I've also served in the US Navy, so there's no need to question my patriotism, or blame me for the nation's "disintigration".

I'm not saying that NC shouldn't care about defense; I'm saying we don't care about Virginia Beach's economy. I suspect that, as long as the shipyards don't leave Newport News, most NE NC'ians will not notice Hampton Roads' decline. I'm not actually against the OLF anyway, I just think that it's pointless to expect that NC governments will support VA jobs, particularly after VA did so much to deserve losing them to begin with.

Not really

@ Anonymous . . . . you are off a little bit in thinking Oceana doesn't impact Northeast North Carolina and that there are economic considerations that will be felt. Also, Oceana is the master jet base . . . Oceania is a country thousands of miles away.

I've said it many times. .

Oceana is not going to be a MJB is 5 years. JSF comes on-line and Oceana is finished, which is really a good thing. The "leaders" need to start courting manufacturing and engineering companies; not jet noise in the most populous city in Hampton Roads.

so you really think your

so you really think your going to get a manufacturing company that will replace the BILLIONS of dollars the Navy contributes to this region every year?? If you haven't noticed all those jobs go to China. You will all be wishing for that jet noise to take your mind off the tent cities of homeless that will spring up once the military leaves the area.


Most sensible people will just relocate away from here negating the need for the "tent cities" you speak of. The Navy is owned by the federal government and funded by the taxpayers of America (all 50 states). You speak as if the Navy were some money making private venture. The Navy is part of the federal goverment. I don't think the people of this region should be living off of government handouts. We need private enterprise that creates real wealth.

what do you think attracts

what do you think attracts business? it would be customers, like the Navy, its not the Navy giving us handouts but how many business do you think would close if there wasn't such a high demand from the military in the area? And im not talking about sandwich ships, im talking about companies like, ESI, SAIC, Northrup, etc.you think they are going to stay? What percentage of the population of TCC do you think is military or ex military? how much funding does TCC get from that influx? How much funding do the public schools get from that influx? You have a major manufacturer in Stiel, how much do they contribute to the local economy? how many tax breaks did it cost them to come here? I'm the first one against govt handouts, this isn't a handout.

tax funded

If you don't have private enterprise paying taxes to the federal government, then you have no Navy. The Navy is 100% funded by federal tax revenues. If tax revenues go down, then the Navy will have to shrink. The USA is on the verge of bankrupcy and it is in part to all the defense speding at levels that all other nations don't have.

I suggest you do a little

I suggest you do a little research on where the govt gets its taxes from, it sure isn't business, last year business paid about 200 billion in taxes, compared to over 900 billion in income taxes. Military economic impact on Virginia beach alone is over ten billion dollars annually.

Interesting concept huh

"The Navy plans to locate new squadrons of the Joint Strike Fighter on the West Coast first and would not consider East Coast facilities until at least 2014"

So, by 2014 the Navy will have invested X amount of dollars in the JSF on the west coast. By 2014 Naval leadership will have changed and someone else has to worry about where to put them.

Or, could the be President Obama's secret agenda to bail out California by sending all this money there ?

Economics of Government Money

Whether Obama INTENDS to bail out California or not, the economics of the military base will benefit the sanctuary state of California, which really wants the DOD money more desperately than Virginia. That way, the DOD can indirectly fund the illegal immigration caused debt problem. Funny how federal money funds things we don't want.

What a wicked web that was spun

Oceana can't be used for a great international airport because the runways already are known for being over suburbs and schools and such.

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of civilian support will go away from here. The navy won't need the thousands of sailors/airmen to duplicate at different bases so besides them leaving the area they may also lose their jobs.

Will Langley air force base be able to take up an immediate need of over flights when the terrorists attack again on American soil?

And all of this because no one stopped the building around Oceana in a planned community and the NIMBY crowd says we want the military to protect us OVER THERE.

So sad of the tangled web that was spun. NO ONE wins and lots of people lose.

absolutley correct portworker

Statement #1: 100% correct. No Intl Airport.
Statement #2: Thousands of civilians will lose jobs and thousands of Sailors will be relocated.
Statement #3: If Langley has to pick up all CAP missions for the area, they will be stretched thin in other areas.
Statement #4: Navy said do not encroach the airfield, The Great Mayor Meyera said we will not, the City Council said build it anyway, and Meyera said ok. Every stinkin' one of you moved into the noise hazard area after it WAS a noise hazard area, and THEN want to complain about the jets. Some people have more nerve than they have brains.
Thumbs down if you cannot handle the truth....ready....GO!


For those that think shutting down Oceana will open up a TON more land, you couldnt be more WRONG. While all the jets and the money would leave VB, the base itself will NEVER close...That land will NEVER be turned over to the city....Soooo you lose the hundreds of millions of dollars and the closest you can build to that base is outside the gates...enjoy!


You are correct also. When they closed NAS Cecil Field in Jax, the city didn't get the land back, even though by square mile it's bigger than Norfolk and Oceana combined, Boeing bought it and now it's a cargo transpo center, nothing but Fedex and UPS.

Pleased, Thrilled, Happy

All the things one is told before the carpet is snatched out from under him. The Fed's are broke, land is expensive, and Miramar is about to reclaim TOP GUN. Through constructive abandonment and reductions in the need for fighter jets, Oceana belongs to the Navy and can be used for helicopters, cargo jets, supply/logistics or any other porpose they choose. Be prepared over the four years if your business relies on the current levels of personnel at Oceana.

This is sad that I have been asking for the secretary to

do this very thing since aug 2009. When he suspended the OLF NEPA then, I realized that this OLF hunt was now tied to the JSF and that no way could it move forward. The Secretary knew it as well, yet he continued this process until today. Just a few days over 3 years ago, many realized this OLF NEPA study would go this way because of the JSF. For 3 years, the Secretary has been threatening rural communities with condemnation of lands.

The rural community stood their ground again, and the Secretary backed off, again. Secretary of the Navy, when you start the OLF hunt next time, please have fixed your encroachment problems around your existing fields. That is the proper thing to do, if your serious about keeping Oceana as a MJB.

Say What?

I do not believe Will Sessoms when he says the Navy has told him about the great job they have done.No sooner had the Brac Commission left town that more development had begun on London Bridge Road,Potters Road,South Lynnhaven and Old Virginia Beach Blvd.Go take a ride around the perimeter of Oceana and you will see all the houses that have been built and still in the process of being built today.Some right next to a development that was to be condemmed on Potters Road.Oceana's days appear numbered thanks to the City Councils of the past and present that have catered to the developers for the last 20 years or more.

olf think outside the box

Build it 2.5 miles east of Atlantic Ave Va. Beach Va.
A new tourist attraction.
We could rent out binoculars along with the beach chairs & umbrellas.
Staff it with fire rescue & security.
A 2 or 3 mile bridge for touch and goes.
Could have probably already been done with money already spent

Greedy and self centered!

All you activist against the OLF issue should be very proud. You put your personal comfort and financial greed ahead of the safety and security of our Country. Not to mention the safety of the sailors and air crews that needed the training facility availability. Now with the very real possibility that a large number of military personnel will be shipped out, you also jeopardized the local economy! That sound that you didn't want to hear was the sound of peace and freedom. I hope you can sleep well at night.

"We" jeaprodized YOUR local economy?

Don't you mean the VB locals jeaprodized it when they started this ball rolling by trying to back the Navy into a corner? Since you are so eager to put the finger of blame on someone .... make sure you're pointing at the correct individuals. *IF* the local economy in VB (and surrounding areas) suffer from the changes that may occur on the base, well - that will be a bed that your Oh so righteous council helped make for you.

Get ready to do the laundry, City Council

When Oceana closes, Will Sessoms, City Council, and the citizens will have to launder their pants. Oh well, they asked for it. Buying land at the end of the runway and then building next door will not cut it.

west coast

Navy is going back to Cali....!!! Its about damn time!!! Hampton Roads does not appreciate the Navy and what it brings to the local economy. Cant wait to be back on west coast!!

Pacific v. Atlantic

My retired Navy step father used to tell me when I was a child that the Pacific fleet was much better managed than the Atlantic Fleet. On the west coast the Navy has its assets spread out all over California, Washington state, and Hawaii. Here on the east coast the Navy has 90% of its operations in one place (Hampton Roads). This is the problem.

Then go already...

Don't let that door hit you on the behind.

If you want to know how the

If you want to know how the Navy reacts to negative public opinion, just ask the Governor of Puerto Rico about Vieques and Roosevelt Roads (EX-Naval Station).

The Truth

So much time, emotion and money wasted on OLF since 2000.
The only way the Navy can regain some respect is to tell the truth.
The statement about "capacity shortfalls" at Fentress is false and misleading.
Ocean AND Fentress have excess capacity and underused runways.
It's time to tell the truth, end the OLF pursuit and free the people - held hostage since 2007.
Come on Navy, it's the only decent thing to do.
And when you really, really need something - ask first, then make a list of sites.

Should scrap the whole OLF/EIS mission...

as any information and data collected over the last 3 years by either side is already outdated and will be no good in 3 more years! Tax Payer dollars wasted for more studies for these 5 sites, money wasted for Washington County site...how much more can the Navy expect people to foot? An OLF should compliment a military base and installations, not rural agricultural communities. My community was told last January by the Navy that the JSF would not be included in our EIS, now it is the reason they say it has been postponed.......suspended people.... not stopped...we are now being told how long we will be held hostage.

yes, the Secretary needs to release the communities

and local governments that he is holding hostage. These 5 sites will gain nothing by being held in this fashion. The Secretary will gain nothing by holding them. This is a lose lose for both sides. There is not even the remotest of win associated with keeping these 5 sites on any kind of list.

This is not even helping Virginia Beach or Chambers Field. In fact, it is hurting them as each time they do something inappropriate regarding the mission, folks at these sites are calling them on it. Release them, and there is no watch dogs hounding every inappropriate move the Secretary and local governments make regarding the FCLP mission. Mr. Secretary, ur tired of hearing from us, and we are tired of watching your moves.

Let them go! PLEASE!

Oceana is Dead

All of you out there who were bothered by the sound of freedom, you have killed the goose that layed the golden egg. Oceana is dead if the SF-35s go to California. The sound you here will be the sound of business in Hampton Roads shrivelling up and dying. Thank you.

Carrier Defense

The Navy now has to defend against the so-called Chinese carrier killer and that will probably be in space.


Yeah, another boogeyman to scare the dim witted taxpayers into funneling more money into the coffers of defense contractors.

just because the boogiema isnt under your bed

doesn't mean the boogieman doesn't exist. ask nick berg, oh wait you can't he's dead.

Defense Contractors

So Blueneck, without those evil Defense Contractors, where is our military going to get the equipment, support, and training they need to defend us, from the Chinese?

Same Old Story..

Jets, noise, encroachment, jobs..blah..blah..

Lynhaven Mall was built-directly in the flight path! Development kept encroaching upon the base, yet Myera and others, past and present kept building!

Virginia Beach is going to wake up one morning and Oceana will be gone-just like Ford! The people have been "had" with all your "big shot developers"! No one entity-public, private or federal, or state government had the guts to follow the "developer money" into the "back room" deals!
Who knows, maybe after everyone leaves, Virginia Beach might become livable again! One can only hope!

If the Navy ever leave, expect taxes to go sky high in VB

I would love to see the Navy leave Va. Beach, not becaue I'm against the Navy; I'm against the way they air base is treated. The community and the local government love the Navy for their money they to the city. It's time for them to go to a city that want not only their money but what the community can offer them. Va.Beach has visions of tall hotels and high raises at the ocean front for the tourist and those on conventions and the navy is just in their way of their greedy progress. In the city of Va. Beach the city will not be happy untill every tree is cut down for new constructions, they may have to find other buyers if the navy ever leaves. If the navy ever left town, so will the millions and millions of tax dollars.

Tasteless and offensive Town Center Vision?

Yikes. I'm fairly new to Hampton Roads, a refugee from the bankrupt through corruption city of Chicago-IL, but I have to say, if Virginia Beach's Vision for high rises and tourism is anything like the tasteless and offensive cement landing strip called Town Center, VB is in Big trouble. As far as the economics of the military base, the sanctuary state of California really wants the DOD money more desperately than Virginia. That way, the DOD can indirectly fund the illegal immigration problem. Funny how federal money funds things we don't want.

Just A Thought

With the continuing threat from North Korea and uneasy [at worst]relations with China, it would be prudent for the Navy to move resources to the west coast. Don't be surprised if a couple of carriers leave to go to the west coast as well. Oceana can still be a support base, just in case the 'enemy' decides to come in the back door.

So goes the Navy, so goes

So goes the Navy, so goes the tidewater area.
Sailors and Dogs KEEP OUT



All you haters are gonna be really angry when the DoD finally says enough is enough and packs up and leaves. Then your taxes will go up and your business's will close down (but not before the owners raise the price of everything trying to make up the differance first). But the traffic will be better. On that subject all you shady car lots will need to find a whole new bunch of people to screw out of their money. At least it will be quiet enough at the beach to hear the place implode though.

Blind mayor

Anazing how easily swayed sessoms must be. Pay no attention to what I am doing in this hand there willy-boy, your doing a great job. Don't look while I nibble away at Oceana, jet by jet, moved to another location. I don't need an OLF here since I will be moving the jets somewhere else.

Your doing great there willy-boy, don't look while we shutter hanger after hanger.

Suffolk never thought JFCOM would leave....POOF! Couple of years ole "good job" willy will sit back wondering what happened. HUH he says, They told me I was doing a good job.

the navy has airwings on both coasts to include

the F/A-18C models. He has enough squadrons to make 5 airwings on the east and west coast. Each airwing typically has 2 F/A-18C squadrons. Those 10 total squadrons are divided east and west coast. The Secretary is going to work the easier of the two coasts, Lamoore. He will be able to "decide" Lamoore is the best place for the JSF. Then he will try to figure out this hornets nest called Oceana. Planes are not going west, Oceana has about 16 or so squadrons, and those squadrons will stay somewhere on the east coast. Unless Lamoore makes one heck of a plug to get a part of Oceana's birds as well.

So the east coast will have CAP aircraft to protect us, they might not be from Oceana is all.

Some of VB see it coming, REAP what we SOW.


Hey, you can send the Navy up here to NYS. They can dock on the Hudson River here in Albany and can use the ghost towns of Rome and Plattsburgh where we have 2 HUGE, abandoned Air Force Bases. Then you can go back to makin' moonshine and having kids with your cousins! You don't know when you have a good thing until....it moves to CALIFORNIA!!!

To all those who say w/out Oceana VB will dry up

If the jet base is so needed for the health of a city, why then did Jacksonville, which lost their jets, turn down the offer to get them back. Jacksonville, as near as I can tell, is not much different than this area in terms of naval assets but they didnt dry up and blow away. They seem to be doing just fine, Hampton roads should be able to do the same.


Because they are getting one of our Carrier Strike Groups instead?

happens repeatedly

I agree - bases are closed often and the cities seem to do just fine after they leave. I am not opposed to the military presence in Hampton Roads, but I also disagree with the whole "you'll be sorry when they leave" threats. Perhaps the final tally of the economic benefits of a base are not so clear. For example, military personnel are driving on the local roads yet their cars can be registered in another state. They can buy from local stores but they can also use the BX or commissary which would not help the local tax base. Probably the presence of say 5000 soldiers in a city does break even in the end, but maybe not to the extent that 5000 private sector jobs would?


You can't compare our area to any other area when speaking military presence. There is no other area in the country that relies on the military like Hampton Roads. Don't say San Diego either....San diego is HUMONGOUS compared to our area and has an enormous corporate environment within. NAS Oceana leaving would crush this area.


Sure I can, uh, dude. The main factor is the PROPORTION of military to the total economy and there have been plenty of smaller towns with almost nothing besides the base. After the base closes, they find other ways to sustain themselves. Hampton Roads could survive Oceana closing. I'm not advocating that, by any means, but with some recruitment of other industries to take the military's place, sure we can do fine.

Unfortunately, I can also see where given our local "leadership," it might take a decade of "Watersiding" before things finally perk up too.

at the time rome, ny lost its SAC wing it was the largest

steady employer. The various wire mills were already dying. Revere Ware copper and brass was soon to be relocated. Rome relied upon the AF in a similar way that VB relies on the Navy. Rome did not dry up and die, but it did not grow either. The town is recovering, but this action happened a long time ago. Think Rome was hit by one of the earliest BRAC process.

People moved with the jobs. Consolidation happened. The city lost their gravy train. They had to sink or swim on their own devices. They survived. Virginia Beach will also. The People, regardless of the LG actions, will persevere.

Our pilots will get a home field that meets their training requirements. As the Secretary is found of saying, a win for the country.


Now they're going to shut down Oceana. All the NIMBYs will probably want it converted to a golf course or another mountain of garbage. You won't miss the jobs......till they're gone. I applaud the Navy. hopefully they will relocate to a town where their economic benefits are appreciated.

Another question

Is the purpose of the Navy (and the entire armed forces) to protect this country from invasion and defend its interests abroad, or to provide "economic benefits" to various corporations and localities at home by way of a bloated Defense budget that is the size of all the rest of the world's military spending combined?

Answer your question

The answer to you question.....They are supposed to do both. Defend the country from foreign and domestic enemies. Stimulate the economy in the area of the base by providing jobs and personnel to stimulate the economy. BOTH!!

"What if"

Military and civilian sectors have bantered back and forth for how many years now on the use of military assets in/around Oceana/Fentress. The Navy wants to expand its training capabilities and keep the forces close to the center of operations. The civilian sector wants more houses and quiet nights without the noise of jets. City government wants the tax base the military offers so lets make a "what if" situation.

What if the military put their foot down and stated flat out that the jets are needed 24/7 for operation necessity. If you don't like the noise, don't buy/build around Oceana. Why should VAB city planners dictate the degree of operation training the military does ?

Looks like a lot of political pandering going on in VAB.

Very twisted logic....

So many of you are screaming about the fact that NE NC didn't welcome to OLF but none of you are taking responsibility for why that OLF was even being considered. The Navy had to do risk assessment and somewhere along the lines, someone decided it was cheaper to build the OLF than to fix all the flaults that now surround Oceana. Who's to blame for the enchroachment? Who's to blame for the lawsuits you are bringing against the Navy? North Eastern NC residents had nothing to do with this....we just didn't roll over and play opposum while you bent the Navy over a barrel. Assuming that the Navy had pushed & went ahead with the OLF anyways....would you whiny VB residents now be dancing and cheering because you fought the Navy & won?


nice posting, I agree with your comments.

Big loss...

If Oceana goes the loss will be larger than just $$. Our schools will suffer dramatically and our homes value will noticeably depreciate. And it's not just the vacancy of those people with a higher than average income employed at Oceana. There are literally thousands of accomplished and educated Oceana based spouses that work in our schools as teachers, PTA associations and are very active in neighborhood civic leagues. A tremendous amount of the folks employed at Oceana also retire here or obtain post-service jobs in the area.

Appreciate the Cooperation

The City and the Navy have entered a period of jopint understanding and discussion leading to less surprises and more cooperation. Components include AICUZ, the revised comprehensive plan, the construction of four lane highways surrounding NAS Oceans (just completed), and recently the JLUS, compromise on redevelopment in the resort, the purchase of easements and property in the accident potential zones and the inter facility zone, and the anticipated compromise on the radar issue and the height issue. These represent an era of cooperation and intelligent discussion helped by better understanding at the state level, and concerted action locally. We, the citizens of the Beach, should herald this new era and strive to appreciate it.

Then why isn't the Secretary of the navy allowed to fly

FCLP operations at Oceana after 11pm?

Regarding the JLUS, it has provisions in it that hamper flight times, ruin fidelity of training, force our pilots to train else where, and effectively abandon critical training missions at home fields.

This JLUS is forcing another VA city to fight the Secretary to stop from being impacted by the flight ops no longer being flown.

The JLUS has a key component of having an OLF built. Did any of the 5 sites have a say in that component? Should they? Because of this, the JLUS is worthless. The Secretary made an agreement with one community to condemn property of another community for the benefit of the first, while harming the second. That is abuse of authority. Is that a norm for the VB LG?

If NAS Oceana stays then the

If NAS Oceana stays then the economic benefit to the entire area, not just VB, also stays.
If NAS Oceana closes there will be a lot of belt tightening for a few years and VB becomes more of what it has always been, a backwater resort area. Summer tourism can not and will not sustain the grandious pipe dreams of city council.


To oppose a landing field for "our" military in my opinion is unamerican.These brave men and women protect and defend our country.Show some gratitude.

OLF Issue

Personally, I have mixed feelings on the issue. I understand that our brave men and women need to have a place to train before we sent them into battle to protect our freedom. However, I believe that the military should not be able to waste taxpayer money by building OLF in an area where it will disrupt people while they have numerous military bases here in the US that has since been closed down with a empty landing strip/runway already there that could be used.

A question

Does this country belong to its military, or vice versa?

So logoless....

You would rather blame those who didn't willingly jump in to help fix this problem than to blame those who created the problem?


1. The Navy has no say about the Radar. It belongs to and maintained by the FAA.

2. They are already rebuilding homes in the same place where the city bought and demolished other ones.

3. I know "Navy" and the JSF is much louder than the Hornet or Rhino. You haven't heard nothing yet when it comes to noise.

4. The Navy is leaving Oceana as it should have never closed Cecil (30K acres of ex-Navy owned property) ....the worst and most expensive BRAC decision to date and still growing.

5. This is a done deal.


Let Oceana go, I don't want the chinese pointing that missile at us.


If we close our key airbases, The Chinese won't be pointing their missiles at us. They will be pointing their rifles at us.

nope, not gonna happen

It's not like there aint a whole host of cities and counties from Maryland down to South Carolina that would love to have the honor of hosting the east coast MJB. They would take care of encroachment from the onset of the partnership. There will not be any Lynhaven malls, or 35th ST gateways, or houses built on the fence line. I bet there are some in VB LG that are trying to figure out how to tear down some of Oceana's northern fence line so they can build houses there.

A new Oceana with OLF, will be built, and when it is complete, the planes will leave Oceana for their new home. WE will never lose protection. Our pilots and crews wont let that happen. Sleep well tonight. I will, because I know our pilots are always protecting us.

If Oceana closes

I believe you would see some impact if Oceana closes but not as much as people think. Va Beach wants to be a tourist destination and in order to do that, they need to make it a family friendly beach without the noise of jets flying around throughout the day and in the early morning hours. Va Beach would just buy the land and either build houses there or a theme park and raise the tourism tax to offset the loss of Oceana. The main thing people would see would be property values going down because the government is the main reason why the cost of living is so high in the Tidewater area.

Real Reason Fentress/Oceana Not Acceptable for Practice

It has little to do with capacity at the fields.

The pilots need a dark environment to simulate what they see in the middle of the ocean at night to do really meaningful practice and they need the long land based runway for a margin of error until they get it right, not an off ashore platform.

So it's more about the light from development around the fields that is the problem.

BTW I'm not arguing for/against when/where an OLF should/should not be built. Just pointing out that light around the present fields from development is the biggest reason for the need.

And there's an abundance of

And there's an abundance of dark desert in SOCAL...where no one wants to live.

True Enough re SOCAL

But if the jets were to remain based here without a nearby viable dark OLF, it would mean the pilots would have to spend more time away from home to practice in SOCAL.

Not a good situation for them and not likely one the Navy would want to live with. My guess is the Navy would put the planes where they can have a good close OLF and not separate them by 3000 miles.

Don't Lose Site of the Bigger Issue Here Folks

Please don't lose site of the bigger issue here folks. OLF is KEY to oceana's training function. Although VB finaly addressed enchrochment near the base, issues between the base and fentress OLF still jeapordizes Oceana, which is why DOD is considering a new OLF in the 1st place. Mayor Sessoms needs to be honest here. If the navy cant get viable OLF, Oceanna aint staying open PERIOD! If pilots cant train, they will be based where they can!

Wake up people! The military is this region's industry (like it or not)!
Consistent flow of those federal dollars keeps us from falling off cliff during economic downturns or when plants up and leave. Military $$ enhance quality of life for entire region. Wake up!!


It's time for our lawmakers to get off their dead rear ends and start securing Oceana's future here. Get busy...it's one reason we voted for all of you. Start doing something for the taxpayers.

Yes, to the secretary of the Navy, they also want an OLF

because the local government failed to protect the mission. The Secretary also failed to force the LG long time ago to think about the mission and safety of the local people around Oceana. The Secretary HAS the capacity to train our pilots. That is a given. Without a 2nd OLF, Oceana is doomed. A problem for pro OLFers, the OLF is a want.

The problem for HR is the solution is in the Secretary's hands now. He must either fix Oceana by removing the things impacting his mission, or abandon the field. Which does VB wish to lose? 33,000+ people and have restrictive use easements on the lights for the Strip, or lose the planes at Oceana? That is the choice. An OLF, unless put in southern VB, is not an option. GREED got VB to this point.

if you are wondering how this will affect you

Sell your house now--if the Navy closes Oceana housing prices will fall, jobs will disappear, both directly and indirectly. No way tourism can keep up with that. At least city council will have a new site for Mount Trashmore III

Dwight Eisenhower was right

When an urban region holding millions of people quakes and quavers because a Navy airfield might become less busy, or even shut down, it is a sign that our national military budget has become too large a slice of the national economy.

My Guess

My guess is it will mean the loss of Oceana, along with that all the revenue created by the people working there, with that then there will likely not be a need to base some many Carriers in one location any longer, so that will mean a loss of revenue, and a decline in tax base. This may completely change the landscape of the Norfolk/Va Beach region for years.

Well, that's one way to cure

Well, that's one way to cure the traffic problem. No need for expanding light rail, either. WIN-WIN!

"Not near my house"

It really does not matter if it's a prison, a landfill, an airfield, or a powerplant, everyone cries that they do not want it near their house. But then when it leaves those same people complain to high heaven that their property values went down because all the jobs went away. Ask the residents of upsate New York when their local prisons closed because crime is down. They all now see that those jobs were funding the local economy.
We need to stop being so worried about our little piece of the world and start sucking it up a little for the greater good. There are some cases were these things should not be built, but overall the effect on property values is grossly overstated. The neighborhoods near Oceana have increased in value every year in p

NAS Oceana will cease to exist as we know it

Virginia Beach has not sufficiently addressed the BRAC requirements and will not. I see new homes going up in the fly zones. This area can NOT meet the requirements to safely sustain a Master Jet Base. The tower issue is only a "small" issue. Folks, the handwriting has been on the wall for years and you have not been reading it. Time to lobby for high tech companies, etc. Get your head out of the sand and use logic.


I guess the award the City just received from the DoD for the City that has most aggressively pursued joint planning and coordination with the Military was just a mistake. They must have actually meant to give it to some other city.

If VB was doing so well in supporting the mission why

isn't our pilots training at Oceana tonight? Why is the Secretary trying to force Franklin City into a partnership to perform FCLP at their civilian runway instead of performing this FCLP training at Oceana, like he used to do?

Would like to see a link to that award. How many cities were involved? What was the criteria for being in the running for the award? Any city can aggressively PLAN anything, but executing, now that is a different story. See what words mean? BTW, congrats on the award.

The simply fact is Oceana FAILS our pilots and is not a place to train young pilots, especially for the FCLP mission. That mission is probably the most import mission for a pilot to know. VB LG Fails our pilots, no matter how many awards received.

creative thinking

The federal government should sell the land of Oceana DIRECTLY to developers for a huge profit--it is after all only two miles from the ocean. They must ensure that the corrupt VB "good ole boy" city council will be left out of the loop. With the money earned they can build a brand new master jet base in a more sparsely populated part of the east coast (e.g. the Easter Shore). They could use eminent domain to buy up all farms, houses, businesses, etc. within a 5 mile perimeter of the new base. A federal law can be introduced that will prohibit any shopping mall, school, residental developement, etc. within this safety and noise perimeter. The federal government has more power than local governments. They should exercise that power.

Would never happen...

Try doing a little research on bases that have closed down ....and whats being done with them now.

in the 2005 brac process the supporters for keeping

Oceana mentioned some secret military mission the field is required to perform. Even if all the carrier based planes leave the area, will that secret mission still be a requirement? Bet it will be. Oceana cannot be sold to developers. It will be a daily reminder to VB local government of what happens when you let greed be the deciding factor in a vote. It will always be a reminder of how the developers, city, and Secretary allowed encroachment to impact a military mission, which was one of the major revenue generators for the city. That revenue will soon be gone.

In 20 years, VB will look like Elizabeth City.

The taxes will go up, a housing glut will happen, but hey, you will have a choo choo to nowhere still! Great decision making.


We will close Oceana soon...We just can't afford it right now. Say goodbye to oceana NAS. VB, you better watch what you wish for....The Navy is your livelihood.

I dont see closing Oceana

The Navy is not going to base east coast fighter wings on the west coast. There will be a MJB on the east coast somewhere. The federal government is not exactly awash in surplus funds right now so if not Oceana or Cecil then where? It would require building an entire new base somewhere. I guess an argument could be made for Cherry Point.

As for the F 35 and the JSF program if the Navy has an operational wing of them by 2014 it will be a miracle. I have a feeling the Hornet will be around for a long time to come.

This article is from Feb 2010 but pretty much describes the JSF program. Just Google JSF and read the issues for yourself.


They are going to move...

I say fire the NC federal employees, for an OLF. They (NC) want the federal pay and money but don't want to support our Navy. Put up pricey tolls on the border. They expect Hampton Roads to absorb all the mess, and they (NC) should reap the benefits with no sacrifice to keep NAS Oceana here. Close Cherry Point and move them up here.

too funny, NENC had

nothing to do with the fiasco found around Oceana. Remove the encroachment that is causing the Secretary of the Navy to be looking ANYWHERE else to perform training for our pilots. The country gave our pilots a place to train. It was VIRGINIA BEACH that coined the phrase NIMBY for the entire area. Right now, the Secretary is requiring a VA town to allow him to perform FCLP from his planes at NS Norfolk. The Secretary feels training at a civilian field is better than training at his two home fields. How is that NC fault or problem to fix? VA has the problem, based on this logic, everything should leave Hampton Roads. Guess what, Oceana is doomed as a home field.

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