SEAL training range won't show woman as target


The Navy will not use a target depicting a Muslim woman holding a gun at a new training range for SEALs in Virginia Beach. 

The announcement came hours after the Council on American-Islamic Relations asked the Pentagon to remove the target. A picture of the cardboard target, which shows a woman in a headscarf holding a pistol, was published in The Virginian-Pilot on Tuesday. The image shows verses of the Quran hanging on the wall behind the woman, which also generated criticism from the group.

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Washington-based council, said in the letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta dated Friday that the target "is offensive and sends a negative and counterproductive message to trainees and to the Muslim-majority nations to which they may be deployed."

Panetta's press office did not respond to a request for comment. Late Friday, Lt. David Lloyd, a spokesman for Naval Special Warfare Group 2, said the materials in question would not be used on the close quarters combat training range, which was dedicated Monday at Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story.

"We have removed this particular target and Arabic writing in question from the range in the near term, and will explore other options for future training," Lloyd said. 

Naval Special Warfare Group Two, which oversees SEAL teams 2, 4, 8 and 10 at Joint Expeditionary Base LIttle Creek, has not yet put the $11.5 million facility to use. 

The 26,500-square-foot building contains 52 interconnected spaces, including mock-ups of markets, a hospital, schools, a bank, a bus depot and two mosques. It will allow small groups of SEALs to practice enemy engagement at close range. 

Many of the details were taken from actual raids over the past decade, Capt. Tim Szymanski, the commodore of Naval Special Warfare Group 2, said during a tour of the facility Monday.

Szymanski said SEALs must differentiate in a split second between civilian bystanders and potential enemies, and noted other cardboard cut-outs on the range would show people holding animals, not weapons.

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Islamic group, said it's important that military units not be trained to see Muslims as enemies, even if they are fighting in Afghanistan or other Muslim-majority nations.

"There are all kinds of people all over the world trying to do us harm. Why would you use this particular image in training people how to kill?" Hooper asked. "It creates the impression, we believe, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, that you should view Muslim women in headscarves with hostility and suspicion."

The council also spoke out in recent months against an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk who taught a course on Islamic radicalism that referred to the war on terror as a war against Islam.

The course was halted after a military officer who was a student complained. The instructor, an Army officer, was relieved of his teaching duties. A broader review of training across the military related to Islam found no other problems.

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The seals know that a female terrorist will kill you just as fast as a man. Moreover, in his books, Richard Marcinko points out that terrorist groups have used women to great effect. They know that men in anti-terrorism squads and in law enforcement will hesitate slightly before pulling the trigger to shoot a woman, and that hesitation is enough for the woman to shoot first.

The target is there for a reason: to train our seals to do a dangerous job that only a few can do, a job that is incredibly dangerous and involves tremendous dedication. The target should, by all means, stay right where it is.


I find offensive that muslim people are killing are soldiers!!! After we are attempting to make your country better with our tax money and our people dying, you offensively state we are bad cuz we are attempting to train our soldiers to be better so they can be the best that they can be to help any country in need. How dare you think its reasonable to comment on such an innocent act. Btw I am not racist and I support all races, nationalities and religions, but people are always trying to hurt us and we need to be properly prepared!

I find it offensive that our

I find it offensive that our soldiers are killing innocent Muslim civilians. Did they ask for you to make their country better?

So you would be perfectly fine with Muslims soldiers coming on to our turf to "make our country better"?

so take this photo away so

so take this photo away so more innocent civilian muslims get slaughtered? great idea. this true to life non-offensive photo will help our soldiers come home since they are able to make a better life and death decision on who is good or bad.

By the Way

By the way, do you know of any war, ANY war, where innocent civilians were NOT killed? Unfortunately, they have not made a bullet or bomb yet that ONLY kills bad guys. Bombs sure as heck don't distinguish. War is hell.

bombs and bullets are an equal rights dream

NOO discrimination!! Gives 'Allah' work!!

bring it on

Bring it on, you will really offended at what happens next!

The only reason we are in

The only reason we are in their countries is because 1. They are actively attempting to murder thousands of Americans (Afghanistan) 2. Yes, they asked for our help or we have an agreement with them (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia) or 3. They were in breach of peace agreements from past wars where they were actively slaughtering innocents (Iraq.) Of course we were wrong on the Iraq deal. Its completely false to say the US is going around invading countries for no reason but to spread democracy or fight for oil. We use politics for oil, and frankly are better off without some of these nations having democracy, look at Egypt for instance. We fight to keep our freedoms and citizens alive from people who want to kill us just for not thinking like them.

Unfortunately there is no bubble over their head "Innocent" or

"Combatant". There are many safeguards to keep "innocents" out of the war zone, curfews, etc. When they disregard those, they place themselves in the position of being a combatant. If the heat of the kitchen is too hot, then get out of the kitchen, in other words, don't go out at night, don't continue in the face of being told to stop, and lose the arrogance that is so well exhibited there.

That is the best way to avoid being harmed.

Nobody wants to shoot women or children, but if they are a danger, if they are armed or with an explosive, then they are no longer women and children, they are a threat to be dealt deadly force.


I find it offensive that you treat your women like trash, and hide behind them while shooting at our soldiers. Get stuffed.

One other thing

there is no freedom from offense, and I prefer our soldiers be prepared to fight all enemies, not just the males.

Sooo, what DO they look like?

So, what do the people killing our soldiers in Muslim countries actually look like? An African or African-American fe/male? An Anglo-Saxon/European fe/male? or a Muslim fe/male?

So, who should we train our soldiers to look for?(Rhetorical)

Haven't you heard? The only

Haven't you heard? The only bad people in the world any more are educated, working, successful, Christian, Anglo-Saxon males.


My new motto --'' BULLETS NOT BULLSHI-''

Man Woman Child pointing a weapon @ you is a threat.

Sweat more in realistic training bleed less on the battlefield & hopefully come home to your family. Any enemy that would send a civilian women or child to fight us is evil. Indiscriminant IEDs by taliban emplacers are killing 100's of innocent civilians just trying to earn a living, get an education or going about their daily lives.

Forest, trees?

Trees - our troops have to train and often use controversial training aids; Forest - the Va Pilot chose this controversial photo to publish in a story about training of our troops.

Our troops need to be able to quickly discern friend/foe. To do so, they must be exposed to every conceivable scenario. Are they saying that all females in Muslim countries carry weapons? No. Are they saying that it is possible to encounter a female with a weapon? Yes.

If CAIR is complaining about this "target", you know the NAACP is lining up behind them to complain about a "target" with the picture of the black wo/man on it.

Yeah and..

So whats wrong with that ?? Considering the several bombers in overseas countries such as Pakistan, Baghdad etc. have been women not just men...
looks like a good training prop to me .. am just sayin

Tell CAIR to kiss our grits.

Tell CAIR to kiss our grits. If you wanna make nice and suck up to every cause that is against us, do it at your own peril, not ours. Let the military prepare its own way to protect us. Keep out of their face. If you wanna kiss up, do it as civilians - then hang your head as a fool in shame.

I think everyone is missing

I think everyone is missing the challenge of the target, it's a woman, not a Muslim or maybe she is but irrelevant, it's a representative of the current theatre of operations. Nobody wants to shoot a woman, but she has a gun and that's a threat, the challenge is overcoming the ingrained prohibitions of shooting another person, especially a woman, in order to safely return home to your family. You think Bush or Obama cares about the guy kicking in that door to clear a house, thank God the military cares about its own and is making sure that they are prepared to handle whatever situation they get thrown into because I promise you that you, your politicians, and others aren’t willing to step up, train, deploy and do what needs to be done.

Believe it or not; some women Muslims are terrorists.

They train to fight terrorists. Some women Muslims are terrorists.
This is the real world.

We're all "terrorists"

if we get in the way of power.

Like or not...

If the shoe fits, wear it...stop worrying about "political correctness" and get on with the job...eradicate ALL terrorists and yes, the majority of them are Muslims!

knew that was coming..

Wasn't surprised the pilot ran it for that purpose.....another fail for the 'pilot' in the 'support our troops' thing.

yep. They chose the pic on

yep. They chose the pic on purpose. One controversy to order.

I say use whatever target of choice......

Make some targets of anyone, and I mean anyone......how about........well if I said that, I might get arrested.

nice ladies.

got a nice little crease in the side of my neck from a sweet lil lady hardpointed in a house...she was wearing a hijab, and (i guess) was a muslim...not sure because i didnt have a chance to talk to her.


I am VERY OFFENDED by the BLACK ink used on standard targets to indicate bullseye, and also VERY VERY OFFENDED by the WHITE background used on same targets. These racist target makers must be taught that the world is not black and white! In fact, according to the Department of Thinktank Consortium Bureaucracy (DTCB) and their cabinet level appointee, Dr U R Guilty, a highly touted study funded by printed monopoly money given to degreed state worshippers (scientific researchers) concluded that the optical effect presented by black on white targets amounts subliminally urges racist white Americans to shoot minorities!

Do Not Forget

The red bull's eye might make us want to shoot Native Americans (Indians for you not politically correct readers).

who gives

a rat's posterior???

Did the kill OBL when they needed to?

Apparently their training works. Leave it alone.

is CAIR saying women who wear hijabs are not part of society??

Wonder if CAIR realizes that if SEALS (or any group training in weapons and "urban" confrontations) are not aware and use to seeing women in hijabs that the trainee will probably shoot.

Soldiers in the field (strangers in a strange land)should become aware of people popping up frightened from behind a door. The mind may see the hijab as a mask (you know, the way we are raised to bad guys hide their faces when robbing or killing)(and yes, the hijab doesn't cover the face). The soldier has a split of a split second to decide friendly and not shoot or friendly and get shot or bad guy and shoot.

CAIR should be thankful that the military is sensitizing the soldiers to the locals.

IF ALL the people are in typical muslim dress then that is bad.

they wanted 'equal rights',they got the right to die like

ANY Combatant!! "Make YOUR Enemy DIE for THEIR country(belief), NOT YOU!"

CAIR, I think you've worn out your welcome if there ever was one

I don't like the way you're trying to degrade the training of our soldiers. You keep pushing, keep shoving and you'll find out how we react when we're finished with the bs.... There's not many of us that "care" what CAIR thinks or wants. And, like the man says, bring it on.

Make me Puke

Heaven forbid that our SEALS traing in a realistic environment. They sure as heck won't be confronted in Afghanistan by a woman wearing a cowboy hat of Sally FIelds FLying Nun headgarb. Thanks to the spineless bureaucrats in the Pentagon for rushing to change this in the name of political correctness. Thankfully the media didn;t publish photos of any of the other targets used in the facility. Other wise we'd have 20-30 year old white males, French speaking skinny black males who favor west African garb and others complaining that they were offended too. Let's give the SEALS bowling pins to shoot in their tactical scenarios..yea, that'd be realistic. SIckening.

A Modest Proposal

I humbly submit my modest proposal: replace the offensive cardboard woman and wall hanging with the following:

(1) A Nun holding a gun in one hand and Rosary Beads in the other and with the 10 Suggestions (aka Commandments) in the background. (2) A Jewess with the Torah in the background.

Since neither Christians (1) nor Jews (2) are Politically Correct, then it shouldn't offend offend anyone who matters.

3. A white man with a beer gut wearing a NRA t-shirt and a "Don't tread on me" flag in the background. He is obviously a homegrown terrorist and represents a better "clear and present" danger and a tax payer. Of course that wouldn't offend anyone that matters since he obviously won't support the current administration.

You seem to be confused as to who are the terrorists.

When was the last time a Nun pointed a gun at you?

How about a Muslim woman terrorist?

Probably neither as I doubt you have been anywhere that you had to worry about being killed by a terrorist, let alone a woman terrorist.

If you had you wouldn't make up such silly stuff.

It DOES happen to people who are in Theater, quite frequently.

You really have no idea what our people over there are faced with.

Why are we there? Who cares

Why are we there? Who cares about those countries?

People brainwashed with religion on all sides.

Why are we there?

Oil. Rare Earth minerals. Arrogance.

Yep, oil. But you will not

Yep, oil. But you will not be able to post on this site without it. We are not smart enough to start on a plan B. We just keep plugging away and telling soldiers to be nice when in front of us. We are complete idiots.

What's Blocking Plan B?

Oh yeah, the oil industry via the influence they buy . . .

Comment deleted

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Comment deleted

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Council on American-Islamic Relations (cair)...

is a very dangerous organization.
CAIR was labeled as an “unindicted co-conspirator” by the federal government in the 2007 trial of the Holy Land Foundation, a charity shut down for financing Hamas.
In 1993, the FBI wiretapped a Palestine Committee meeting in Philadelphia that included two future founders of CAIR, Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad. The participants in the 1993 meeting discussed how to “support jihad in Palestine.”
Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in the Greater Los Angeles area, was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

They are strongly tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood which has now taken over Egypt. Don't look for Democracy there anytime soon.
Look at I

"Islam is peace." ... GW Bush

"Islam is peace." ... GW Bush



Under President George W. Bush, the Justice Department considered and rejected criminal charges against the Council on American-Islamic Relations for alleged support of Hamas, a knowledgeable source told POLITICO Monday.



Political correctness, and cowardice of pentagon senior leadership dooms us. Who is our enemy? Fluffy teddy bears? Baptists? Blonde haired Scandinavians? No, radical islam is our enemy, and she is exactly what they look like.

Who is our enemy?

War profiteers, the private interests we are enforcing the will of and sacrificing lives to defend? Te owned politicians who promote wars based on lies? Those that worship militarism confusing blind nationalism with patriotism who gladly sacrifice themselves and their children without question? Eat another hot dog. Buy a bigger made in China flag. Wear a silly hat and shout down all who object.

You speak of china

The way things are going in this United States of America, we may as well all learn Mandrin early on in life since one day soon, it may be the language necessary to buy a home, lease a property, or request papers to visit a neighboring state in what might be left of our nation.

The Chinese know

that business is more powerful than military might. That said, their kleptocracy is on shaky ground and their steep rise may be followed by a precipitous collapse do to corruption, short-sightedness, and the same changing climate realities that threaten the rest of us.

Reminds Me of a Book

I recommend a book I read a few decades ago; not sure if it is still in print:

"White Lotus" by John Hersey

It was published in 1965.

And just who is running the

And just who is running the Pentagon??? I believe he resides in that big White House in DC. Time for his lease to be up come November.


We're wittnesing a sad period in our nation's history. A period when ''political correctness'' trumps common sense. Common sense isn't very common anymore. The sad part is our military , once the strongest in the world , caves into the pressure exerted by some off the wall do good outfit. If women ,muslin or otherwise , are shooting at our seals , by all means train them to shoot back. Just my opinion.

You don't think that was done on purpose do you?

That target was obviously pasted to stir the pot. It's a fact that this has happened and women with guns are just as deadly as men.
And oh God forbid you offend the people who would like nothing more than to see us all dead. The same people whose very religion (read cult) demands that they try to kill us.
Blowing up innocent people also "sends a negative and counterproductive message" not to mention cowardly, but that doesn't stop them from doing it.
Any one in authority who bows to this is not fit to command and they need to stand up to this stupidity. If the teams are working in muslim countries this is what they may be up against. I'm sure they have targets of unarmed people also to train the men to look before they shoot.

This is coming straight from

This is coming straight from the enforcer-in-chief. He and his liberal democrats have been bowing down to these wackos since elected. If you want the pc to stop, vote out the liberals.

Here's a deal for CAIR...

When you stop using women as combatants we'll stop using them as targets.

"Many of the details (of the facility) were taken from actual raids over the past decade..." I suspect the female with the handgun was one of those details from an actual raid. Our warriors need to be trained and prepared to deal with the threats they are likely to face in theater.

The picture may be gone

but the training will continue. One is trained to immediately identify the target and women/children with weapons is a fact of war. Use whatever picture they want, the training classes, the spoken word will be more than adequate. The end result will be the same and that is what counts. As long as our men/women hit the target, whatever they visualize in their own mind as the target is fine with me. Let those who complain have their voices quelled with a PR move. Does not change the situation.

Let's review the list of probable assailants .....

While serving at the pleasure of the USCG, did the shoot-no-shoot with video/.45/wax projectiles. Went through many times w/ different scenarios, but in comfort knowing that the screen does not shoot back. As with martial arts, you must train like you will perform/fight. It is just great that training for our most valued is local and has expanded to the level that it has, in the facility designed to stress the most skilled, to perfect their trade. Should we use cut outs of Elmo-no. Homer Simpson-no. Big bunny rabbits-no. 3-headed beasts-no. The threats in the mock-ups must reflect actual expectations in the field. If a scarfed woman was involved, then the cut out shall remain. The Command should have never allowed that picture to be taken.


The only thing that should determine what is and isn't used in training is whether or not it is realistic. IF the scene is realistic, it should be used. It should NEVER matter if someone is 'offended' by something if it is a possible scenario our war fighters could encounter.


Ah, did the picture offend someone. Get over it, be real, it is a valuable training aid. See the real world as it is. Face the enemy as it is and blow their brains out.


When are we going to learn these people will kill us without a second thought? These so called "leaders" must be thrown out. Wake up America, there is a real world out there! Can't wait for the election!!!

America's founding fathers

Would be so proud to have groups with leaders names we can't pronounce, directing the future of the country they fought so hard to establish. It's a sad day trend for the Nation. Americans are becoming the minority in their own country and our govt is allowing it to happen.

I am a police fireams

I am a police fireams instructor. We use various targets showing all types of people who might kill you, including women and other minorities, same as the SEALS.
I have been shot by a woman before. I take them as seriously as any man when they have a gun. Screw CARE. They are a dangerous radical group.

Check her….

….grip. That’s a dilly right there. I don’t instruct these days. I do work with new shooters in a couple steel-shooting games.

On the target situation, be polite. Tell the terrorist auxiliary group their input is greatly appreciated then go about the business of training for the expected encounters.


...and by cow-towing to Islamic fundamentalists and/or those that support their general likenesses, our edge will be lost because of this fear of violating the world's latest and greatest and most sanctimonious "fad" of destruction and evil that has ever perpetrated itself upon our great country -- the laws of PC-dom.

By all means, bow down and yield to these extremists who cry foul at the way we do our defense business (kind of like the way our current Commander in Chief bows to other world leaders). What next? I'll tell you: The next step for these fundamentalist-minded terrorists to hurdle is to insist on being a part of our military's training program. They already have felt around for this one weakness and have succeeded. Why not?

Rush... is that you? Or is it Shawn?

Jeeze, take it easy. You're gunna blow a gasket. So a group wants to have the target changed to a non-stereotyped image. And replacing that target represents bowing "down and yielding to extremists"??? Someone needs to detox from FoxNoise and AM radio for a while.


OK. So one day when your head has been lopped off by terrorist islamic fundamentalists, let the last thing that goes thru your mind be (as they place your severed head on your chest for a photo op): "Jeez, isn't this terrorism stuff getting a little out of hand? How come I wasn't warned??"

Just because i suggested that you take it easy, doesnt mean...

... that i thought you would. You guys kill me with your over-the-top (to put it mildly) reactions to a simple request to remove the stereotype image. Its fascinating. A request to remove the stereotype as a target, and Johnny Dee's islamophobia fevered attitude has him rambling about beheadings of those who are not like-mindedly fevered. Priceless.

Possible epitaph for TR:

Possible epitaph for TR:


Your unwitting mindset is what they adore and thrive on.

Shorter Johnny Dee

Remove stereotype picture = dead Mercans. The hyperbole is in hyper drive.

put it back!

Put that target back, the he-- with the pc garbage!! We're getting what we voted for I guess...sad IMHO.

the pc garbage crosses party lines and administrations

You forget white grandmothers being frisked in airports during the Bush administration so we don't offend foreigners? The PC garbage is nothing new we voted for in the past 4 years.

What a load of cr*p. This

What a load of cr*p. This is what you get when you put liberal democrats in charge of the military. Vote them all out of office!!!!!!!

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Off topic

other cutouts?

The Pilot should have shown ALL the cutouts rather than trying to incite controversy with the female display. Again we see that the media controls what the public sees and the content in which its displayed. Male or female, anyone displaying a pointed weapon at a SEAL is a target. Somebody leaked news of the image to the press or they wouldn't have been there in the first place.

just another story to try to show the military doing

something inappropriate by the left leaning pilot. It seems the political agenda of the pilot is to protect the left by showing how insensitive and pointless these wars are. It seems like groups like the pilot and the left/libs/-Ds want us to forget about 9/11 and those people who jumped out of windows on the 85th floor because of the actions of terrorists.

If it was up to them, I bet they would wish they could rewrite history and claim 9/11 never happened. That way they could really press their agenda about these two wars.

Left and libs, when someone kills OUR people on OUR shores we go after them. We dont forget about them for any reason, especially for misguided political reasons. Stop trying to be a jane fonda.


The world is doomed because of "FLAGS" AND "RELIGIONS".


but the root of both is the illusion of power and the worship of Mammon.


If the "student" is offended by a cardboard cutout of a potential threat, he or she probably she not be in the military. I am pretty sure they will encounter things that are far more offensive in combat. Anyone is capable of holding a gun and killing someone, whether they are male, female, white, black, Asian, Muslim, etc. This was nothing more than a training tool and the fact that the government caved is sickening.


That should read: "he or she probably SHOULD not be in the military."

Replace people cut outs

Pentagon needs to replace "offensive" cut-outs w/ big purple Barney dinosaurs.

Also, instruct SOs to use "please" and "thank you" before engaging hostiles.

The NAACP and every other organization should also jump on the PC band wagon and demand law enforcement training facilities remove people cut-outs as not to offend a particular color or genre of person.

This is ridiculous. Panetta has no backbone!


"Amen on that", "right on, right on", "your got that right", "word"" I second that"

Here is the whole storty


Thanks for the resource links on that site OVmama

Interesting comment on one that women terrorists will kill children easier than men terrorists.

Muslim Women of Terror: Dying to Kill – Jihad!

Hamas Women Vow to Blow Themselves Up among Apes and Pigs

Islamic Jihad Females Say They Will Proudly Become Martyrs O

Hamas Indoctrinating Toddlers

Kids shown video of their mother’s suicide bombing death on Hamas TV


Maybe they could use the REAL photos of women "Suicide bombers" who have killed hundreds?

Facts ae facts!

Also it is still OK to Strip Search American Grandmothers!

This country is going down the PC tube!

PC my tush

So basically, there is no such thing as a female Islamic terrorist. No female as ever pulled a gun in the name of Allah. Please. Our people need to be prepared for anything that these nut cases might come after them with.

All their targets should be white American males...

...white American males have been the targets of Democrats and the "progressives" for 50 years now. It's no surprise that the Democrats who run DoD and the military have signed onto the program. The top generals and admirals will do whatever they have to in order to get their special extra-high retirement pay that was approved in secret recently.

Maybe they should be

Wall St. raiders and crooked financiers in 3-piece suites. Afganies didn't destroy our economy. Iraq didn't bundle bad debt and knowingly sell it at inflated prices or blow your 401K. Iranians didn't buy up businesses and destroy the,, Islamists didn't export our jobs to the Marshal islands, the Mexican maquiladoras or China. No one can blame foreign dictators for lowering the buying power of American wages while creating ridiculous fortunes and golden parachutes for CEOs and top executives. The real enemy is not halfway around the world.

Those are some good points,

Those are some good points, but none of what you mentioned are violent actions worthy of a military response. And also, unions (over the last 25 years) and minimum wage increases are mostly responsible for the decreased buy power of american wages. In a global economy our wages are too high comparitively to compete, and since we are in a capitalist system, prices have risen to what the market will bear. Thats why a person in another country making $25,000 can have the same standard of living as an American making $50,000.

our guys are not in a scenario where they are

going through buildings etc on wall street, thus your scenario is pointless and meaningless. They will come across men, women, and children in headscarfs or not. Our guys need to be thinking about that. The probability of coming across anyone in a suit is fairly slim.

There is enough people hating for the sake of forwarding a political agenda against people who are successful. The military is not in the business of going after those people. We will leave the power of the pen along with the hatred of the libs to poison the American Dream. In the mean time, our guys will continue to try to protect us in spite of the political agenda of the left.

Anyone with a gun.....

With a head scarf on and the fraction of a second our soldier has to make the decision to shoot or not to shoot, they need to be prepared. The exercise is DO THEY HAVE A GUN, OR NOT HAVE A GUN? That is what you are training. Color, sex, age, religion, DOESN'T MATTER! You point a gun at our soldier, you will be dead. That is the message.

No surprise here..

We've become a culture where certain demographic groups have willingly bought into to the 'terminal victimhood' mindset. You don't dare have any fun involving any aspect of them, and literally EVERYTHING is a basis for filing some sort of grievance. It must be hard to wander thru this life with such fragile feelings. Of course, this PARTICULAR group WILL cut your head off if you dare impart some perceived slight about who they pray to! And we have an ideology (the left) and their abettors (the media, like our own Democrat Party owned and operated Huffington Pilot) which feeds on all that, and gladly does their part to perpetuate the status quo! The dumbing down of America continues unabated. 'Fundamentally altering' this country indeed!


Because no terrorist would hide behind a women's clothing in order to accomplish the terror.
No! Wait! They already have!
"During a security sweep of the building, Coalition forces found the terrorist, dressed in women’s clothing and hiding under a bed with a rifle and military-style assault vest. Perceiving hostile intent, Coalition forces engaged and killed the armed terrorist, who was later determined to be the weapons facilitator.".
"Politically correct" needs to go out the window when terrorists observe no rules.

Politically correct should

Politically correct should go out the window period!!!!!

all these pictures are to teach our guys to evaluate

threats and to determine if a shoot/no shoot situation is present. The fact that woman do make up 52% of the population should require that OUR guys be presented women holding things, from guns to Korans, for OUR guys to assess.

Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is for an outside group to tell the military how to train. Now if this group can guarantee that no women will ever meet this scenario anywhere in the world, I would tend to lean the groups way. Since this story came out, what is to say the badguys wont now dress up like this picture?

A terrorist is no longer the purview of men. Women can hold a gun, can pull the trigger and that bullet does not care if a woman fired it. It will kill OUR guys. Practice what we might fight.


Oh My GOD!! Since when does ANYONE outside the US Military / Spec Ops community, have a say as to how these warriors are supposed to train?! As citizens of this great nation, our only job with regards to this matters is to just shut up and let them train they way they need to, in order to preserve our way of life. We get WAY TOO MUCH info on their status and what they're doing...All we need to know is that they exist and they're on our side...THAT'S IT!!! The more that is put out on their functions and/or status, the more "certain people" will fight to do away with these special men. I can almost see it now, one day they probably won't be able to carry guns into war...?

PC is a death sentence

This PC BS will kill us, look what is happening in Dearborne Michigan with these mooselums. Google it they stoned a christian protest group, they are a plague and we do NOTHING!!!

The story you're trying to

The story you're trying to rile people up over involved a christian-extremist group who went to an Arab festival with no other intention than to harrass & provoke those in attendance.

If you're going to distort the facts, don't tell people to Google it.


You sir as usual are sticking up for anyone other than America!! I come and read your posts and by far your the most liberal hater of this country i've ever known. It wasn't a christian extremist group. They were there protesting for Christianity and against sharia law. Thats what the muslims want there. Regardless, even if they were there protesting that is their right isn't it? They were doing it peacefully unlike your brothers that were throwing rocks and everything else back at them. I bet if people were doing that to the OWS types you'd be up in arms over it. You'd be defending the OWS protesters even though they've raped, destroyed property and much more. I know i'm not distorting facts I'm from Michigan get a clue!


bwaaahahahahahahahaha....I love hyperbole, especially from the clueless sheep of the nation.

Last I checked, christians want this country to be run according to their dogma, so let's drop the muslim v. christian facade. No religion = no problem.

Do you have a problem with

Do you have a problem with spelling "muslims" correctly? Why should we take you seriously?


"Do you have a problem with spelling "muslims" correctly? Why should we take you seriously?"

I will agree they are not "proper" but it is a proper noun.

You had better post an apology or CAIR will think you are not a supporter by not giving them credit for being a real religion.

Perhaps you should be

Perhaps you should be concerned with your own spelling & grammar, before thowing stones at another! [No pun intended]

You still didn't apologize.

Regardless, you still owe them an apology for slighting the worldwide community.

Nice try at deflection.

typical liberal reply

You are a sheep bro. I seen the videos from that protest. I don't care what religion it was one group was protesting the other was violent end of story. I know your probably fine with sharia law in America as most libs are all over the Muslim sack for some reason, but sorry your post was wrong!! Again, I know your type man!! I bet you were all up in arms when the police beat the snot out of a pathetic, violent, wants free hand-outs his whole life OWS protester, but your ok with Muslims harming people protesting peacefully simply because they are Christians. Religion isn't the problem smart guy! If we didn't have religion you believe the world would live in peace? You really are clueless lol

All I did was tell the

All I did was tell the poster I responded to to post the facts. What he wrote made it sound like Muslims are going around stoning people. & that's not the case. But why should that stop those who will do all they can to villify Islam, all the while ignoring Christianity's own parallels?

Perhaps you should realize you know nothing about me because, well, you don't. Your post is hysterical, with all the "I knows..." and "I bets...". This is how you were taught to prosecute an argument??

All I did was tell the

All I did was tell the poster I responded to to post the facts. What he wrote made it sound like Muslims are going around stoning people. & that's not the case. But why should that stop those who will do all they can to villify Islam, all the while ignoring Christianity's own parallels?

Perhaps you should realize you know nothing about me because, well, you don't. Your post is hysterical, with all the "I knows..." and "I bets...". This is how you were taught to prosecute an argument??


He pretty much did post facts. A christian group protesting in dearborne Michigan was getting stoned, milkcrated, chaired etc etc. Only one group was violent so the facts were posted. Of course you come on runnning to the aid of the ones you love to try and make it look like Christians,(those you hate) were the ones doing wrong. Islam does enough to villify themselves noone needs to help them i assure you. Look award the world in the name of what causes the most problems? Wake up!!! Your right I don't know you personally, but I know your type!!

Emplosion from within

will continue. I agree, this PC BS must stop now. The Michigan incident is just one one of many. Police stood up FOR the Muslims Not the Christains. So with that acknowledge the police know who not to piss off. Women and children disguse has been used for years. I see no problem with seeing the realistic enemy. Our "fighters" have to see the real threat, not some PC picture with no face. Take America back.


fingers and brain not together...

Happy Last Independence Day

So now the terrorists get to start dictating United States military policies and procedures and U.S. laws...

Here's an idea, if you don't like our country or ways then get out and take barak HUSSEIN OSAMA with you.

The Zetas are teddy bears compared to CAIR and other muslim extremists.

Censor and ban me, I wouldn't be suprised.

We mustn't upset the muslims...pfffffft


Who is Barak Hussein Osama?

lets just have it approved

Lets just submit our training plans and guides to the muslim brotherhood and pc crowd for there approval. That way they wont be offended .For a religion that treats there woman like garbage , they sure get there undies in a bunch over nothing.

No need to go to all that

No need to go to all that trouble. Obama has taken care of all the approvals. I suspect he has a hotline to the Muslim Brotherhood already set up in Egypt.


were ALL Males now?

That's not what I saw & heard when I was overseas............I guess the world is getting safer?

Standard shoot/don't shoot target.

In one picture someone has a gun in another it's a book or loaf of bread.

Let's just use stick figures. We wouldn't want to offend the people who want us dead.

Female Jihadists

In Islamic society, women are ONLY respected as equals when they are fighting and dying in jihad. That is enticing for some women who have been treated like worthless animals all their lives. One way jihadists recruit female suicide bombers is to gang rape them and give them the choice: 1) Get their faces marked by slicing from ear to mouth (called a "moonie") and to be abused by every man who sees it and die as a fornicator (for being raped), or 2) Become a suicide bomber. Ironically, women are also used in victim propaganda, with jihadists claiming (and screaming) that our soldiers are killing innocent women even when those women were in fact engaged in jihad.

giving in

It's hard to believe how the government and military is giving in to bleeding hearts who don;t have an idea what our military is doing. The services over there don't even know who the enemy is over there. Back in the days the military would stick to their guns and how they do things, no matter what who it offended. That was their JOB.

Oops, wrong article

For a second I thought this was a follow-up picture to the article of the four missing Afghani women from UVA.


this kind of c***

This is what happens when non-military people, and military people with a separate agenda, are allowed to have any kind of control. Put the military in charge of itself and keep everybody else's opinions out of the discussion. This is completely BS.

rules of engagement

My son is in Afghanistan...look up the rules of engagement supported by Obama and this story won't horrify you as much.

woman target with head garb on.

Does she have a copy of the Quran in her hand? NO!!! Is she holding a sign that says, "Allah be praised"? NO. Just because she has her head wrapped up, the Muslims assume her to be one of them. We could tell them she is not actually a Muslim, but she happens to have her head wrapped up. Truth be told, I am sick of political correctness in this country, and trying not to offend a culture that wants to kill all "non-believers". If someone in the middle east claims to be trying to kill Americans that ISN'T muslim, then I might show a little political. I understand that not all muslims are our enemies, but all our enemies in the middle east ARE muslim.


Please hold your fire if a muslim female attempts to kill you . thank you - your gutless commanders


Who says she's a Muslim woman? Chances are she's an actress/model of unknown religion dressed up in a hijab.

The lesson it would seem to be teaching is a valuable one - focus on the presence of the weapon, not the assumption that non combat dressed female means no threat.

Does anyone know why a

Does anyone know why a Muslim woman would be pointing a gun at a US soldier?

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Racial, ethnic, group attack

This is absurd. The reason

This is absurd. The reason for the training is to prepare our servicemembers to discern between an innocent and a threat. This group is actually putting the people that they are attempting to protect in more danger. Of course, we can expect them to raise hell when an unarmed muslim woman is accidentally killed because our SEAL's are being forced to train in a "politically correct" environment.


I don't care what religion someone claims to be or what race they may be, just don't point a weapon at me or my loved ones or another innocent person. I will take that as a deadly threat and will act accordingly, with deadly force if necessary. The use of force and deescalation of force will be applied properly. That is what we're taught in the police academy. If people would just worry about their own lives and leave other people alone this world would be a better place. Until then we need to have our police and military trained to recognize and neutralize threats no matter what disguise they wear or race or sex they may be.

This Sort of PC Madness is Coming to Your Health Care!

Gen. Eisenhower was intense re war plans,
But Mr. Eisenhower never could understand,
A conference table muddled with irrelevancies,
But that was before PC’s special interest insanities.

Another reason why Health Care was not right to do,
PC madness affects everything fed’s into,
There will be so many PC HC regulations and rules,
It will astound you—and they are very costly too!

And do not forget about Dem’s special cronies,
That’s right—PC is another path for tort attorneys!
Health Care, will be like everything fed touches,
Corrupt—and it will cost quadrillions as much!

Health Care is gonna change quite a bit,
And Lord Acton's cronies are lovin' it!

T Kosciuszko

What the hell are principles? ~ Mr. Democra

history repeating itself

Just like Johnson's administration - when the politicians micromanage the military expect to loose a lot of American lives. The demoncrats don't care how many of service members are maimed of killed as long as they get to keep raking in dirty money from their terrorist friends.

Political Correctness

There is a time and place for political correctness. It is not military training exercises. To assume that a woman would not dress in Muslim attire and take up arms against American military is naive at best and ignorant at worst. The training by the SEALs was not meant to disparage the Muslim population, it was meant to be realistic. All targets in the war on terrorism and in the Middle East are not male; to assume so is to doom our troops to failure in their missions. Does anyone forget that in Vietnam that children and women were used to place bombs where American soldiers gathered? The same is being done in the Middle East, they use schools and hospitals to hide arms, soldiers, etc. Wake up and get a clue about the reality of war

BIG Mistake!

Insurgents dress in Burqas & mingle w/ children to avoid detection http://mnstr.me/LZIHHA

1919 Diary tells of Afghan militia dressing as women in burkas to approach a British camp http://bit.ly/LZINiu

Of course

We can't have the truth about Islam, now can we...lol

Shame on the Navy Public Affairs

First, how did the command's PA and leadership let the picture slip out to allow the newspaper to print it? What happened to secrecy and "What happens here, stays here". It is nobody's darn business what the military does to train its people against any and all threats. I fault the Navy for bragging about its training modes. Shame on them.

This is SICK!

As a Muslim American woman who resides in Virginia Beach, VA and who wears hijab, I personally do not want my fellow Americans and local military to be trained to aim and shoot at any woman who fits this description. Some of you said just because the woman has a headscarf on doesn't make her a Muslim. Well that's just plain ignorant. We all know only Muslims adhere to this dress code. The picture is clearly depicting a Muslim woman with Qur'an verses in the background. I am disturbed at the comments defending the US NAVY in its choice of such a photo for a target. Thankfully, it has been pulled. Can any of you imagine a photo of you as a target for military training?

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