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Rip Tide takes a nasty spill at Harbor Park

Surely you've thought it when you saw Rip Tide come flying around the warning track in a four-wheeler at Harbor Park: He's going too fast.

Well, the unthinkable happened to the Norfolk Tides mascot during Sunday's game against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, and Rip Tide took a spill. Fortunately, he popped back up and seemed to be not too much the worse for wear.

Video of the accident showed up on a number of national web sites Monday, including CBS and FOX news, and ESPN contacted the Tides to say the network planned to use it on its channels.

The YouTube video picked up more than 11,000 hits by mid-day Monday.

Rip Tide took his usual spin on his ATV, although much slower, during Monday night’s game against Rochester.

The Tides, by the way, scored an unearned run with two outs in the ninth to win the game 6-5.


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On another note...

"Dancing with the Stars" dancer Mark Ballas was hanging out on the party deck on the same night: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151124106183939&set=a.13335246...

I go to harbor park alot

and everytime I see Rip Tide ride that 4 wheeler it looks like he gets faster. I've said to myself on several ocassions that it was just a matter of time.

Slow it down Rip Tide
save it for a grudge match with the Taco Sauce, the Wine Bottles, Salt and Hat Trick

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