Va. attorney general won't certify abortion clinic regs


Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli refused to certify new abortion clinic regulations Monday, saying the Virginia Board of Health unlawfully stripped a hotly contested provision requiring clinics to meet the same strict architectural standards as new hospital construction.  

Abortion rights supporters had vigorously opposed the provision, saying it would force most of the 20 clinics in the state that have applied for a license to close. The board’s 7-4 vote last month to exempt existing clinics from the requirement prompted a spontaneous celebration by critics of the regulations who had packed the meeting room after conducting a protest outside.  

Senior Assistant Attorney General Allyson K. Tysinger had told the board that it lacked authority to grandfather in existing clinics, saying the law passed by the General Assembly requiring the regulations specifically mandated the tougher building standards. She reiterated that advice in a memo to state Health Commissioner Karen Remley.  

“The Board does not have the statutory authority to adopt these Regulations,” she wrote. Because of the conflict between the amendment passed by the board and the state law, she said, “the Board has exceeded its authority.”  

Katherine Greenier of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia called the action by Cuccinelli’s office “gravely disappointing.”  

“The attorney general is wrong when asserting that the existing women’s health centers cannot be grandfathered in,” she said. “He’s using a forced interpretation of the law to advance an anti-choice political objective.”  

Victoria Cobb, president of the anti-abortion Family Foundation of Virginia, said the board had fair warning about the limits of its authority.  

“But there were some members of the board who decided to make a political statement rather than do their job,” she said. “The women of Virginia deserve safety in any medical situation, abortion included. The abortion industry should want to provide the best standards of care for their clients.”  

Critics claim the regulations have never been about women’s health.  

“These regulations are about playing politics with women’s health and shutting down access to reproductive health care,” Greenier said.  

The action by the Republican attorney general does not, by itself, derail the regulations, which were imposed on an emergency basis while the regulatory process continues. However, it serves as the state’s official legal position as the rules make their way through the executive branch review. Ultimately, they will go to Gov. Bob McDonnell, another anti-abortion Republican, who can either approve them or send them back to the board with recommended amendments.  

After the governor acts, the regulations go through another round of public comment, possible revisions by the Department of Health, another vote by the board and a second executive branch review before the regulations become final.  

The regulations deal with a range of issues, including the types of equipment a clinic must have, staffing levels and periodic inspections by state officials. But the architectural standards, dealing with issues such as hallway widths and the size of treatment rooms, were by far the most controversial aspect of the regulations.  

Molly Vick, who heads a group that was formed to fight the regulations, said existing medical facilities have always been grandfathered in when new regulations are adopted.  

“The attorney general and the governor are clearly acting in concert to continue their longtime crusade to end access to abortion in Virginia,” she said.  

Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein said in an email that the attorney general’s role is merely to advise whether the regulations comply with the law.  

“We make that determination solely on a legal basis, not on the basis of whether we agree with the policy or not,” he said.

Pilot writer Julian Walker contributed to this report.


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Why is Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spending way more time and effort on the business of vagina instead of the business of Virginia?

Mr. Cuccinelli has no other choice at all,

It is his job is to uphold the law.
He was wrong endeavoring to re-define “ambulatory,”
But this time is it a completely different story.

Ds & Rs do not concern themselves with principles,
They believe the theory of the mob is invincible.

T Kosciuszko

The “liberals” of our era do not actually think liberally,
They are fascist-socialists who hijacked liberal’s identity!


Sticks and stones may break my bones.... Give me a break ... the closest thing to a modern day american fascist movement is demonstrated by the rise of the Tea Party. Go buy a dictionary and a history book ... it is absolutely impossible, without defying Newtonian Physics, for any single person to exist as fascist and a socialist at the same time in the same space ... without something catastrophic happening ... or simply redefining the words.

Fascist-socialism is your ideology—not your name,

As I have demonstrated--FORCE—is your game,
The morality of Capitalism—permits a socialist to be free,
Fac-socialists FORCE--and sacrifice individuality.

You should try reading the Constitution,
Fed is not authorized for all solutions,
The Legislature is limited by Article I, § 8,
ALL other power—is for People or states,

T Kosciuszko

I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government—the direction of this improvement points toward anarchism: That government is best which governs not at all;' and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. ~ Mr. Thoreau

Perhaps what you are trying to say is

there are totalitarian socialists. Of course, there totalitarian capitalists as well. "Socialist-fascist" is rather sophomoric at best.

You can apply the term of your preference,

However, REAL Capitalists do not FORCE,
Thus, Capitalists are NOT totalitarians.
You confuse free markets with cronyism.

A Human’s rights are either inalienable, or they are not.
If you say—semi-inalienable—your brain has a blind spot.
That means you are either dishonest or insane;
It means unconditional—you can't see—it’s a damn shame!

T Kosciuszko

Like Lord Acton, Mr. Jefferson believed that power corrupts; however, he did not realize that the People become as corrupt as the governors. Thus, he did not anticipate that the People would vote their liberties away without regard in order to gain special “rights” and privileges—and willingly cast aside Honor to loot their fellow citizens.

I am quite certain that if there were contradictions,

You would point a finger—but I write nonfiction.
Dems emphasize irrelevancies with conviction,
For they are ill-equipped for theories and conceptions.

T Kosciuszko

Life is not fair:
The phenomenon of Human reality,
That is my being—governed by Reason,
Sees that truth—For Nature’s God,
Does not intercede in Human affairs,
Or suspend the Natural Laws of the Universe.


He didn't notice that the lights had changed


Becaure he is a repub/tpub who wants to control women and their rights. He wants big government while screaming for less.

When you

support taking care of americas living children, not some fetus, then maybe your question will be relevant. Where do you stand on healthcare for kids, food for kids? Do we let them die and starve? How is that part of your little "culture of life?"

Last year, he endeavored to side-step the legislature,

But on this one--Mr. Cuccinelli’s position is solid—I’m sure.
You may agree or not—but the Assembly enacted the rules.
Unelected boards cannot overrule—they must be fools.

T Kosciuszko

My partisan tendencies—strike at Dem skin emphasis,
But D & R Corp. is the enemy—IT is the TRUE evil axis.
Naïveté can’t see—Lord Acton’s truth embedded in Capital Hill,
But that is why the corridors of power are smoke-filled.

On This One--Mr. Cuccinelli’s Position is Solid?

Sounds to me that is a tacit omission Mr. Cuccinelli has staked out positions for which he was NOT on solid ground ... which are too numerous to list here, but if I did I would start with the Affordable Health Care Act. But to get to the point, Mr. Kook will be out of office before this issue with abortion clinic regs is finally resolved by the state courts in favor of the state board.

If you contend that an unelected board is a superpower,

Please cite VA code--that built that tower.

T Kosciuszko

If you understand the Constitution,
You are most likely Libertarian,
The commerce clause is to facilitate,
Not to prohibit, force, or discriminate!

How do stand on a women's right to choose?

Do you approve of legislature's machinations to limit that right?

I thank you for presenting a rational query..

I am troubled nonchalant disregard for Human life,
But morality cannot be navigated in the darkness of force.
That path must be illuminated by Honerable Human virtues,
It requires a principled and unwavering moral code of values.

T Kosciuszko

Individuals choose—slaves simply obey.

If we want the right to choose

we should be willing to pay for it and not ask the taxpayers to foot the bill. Your Choice you pay

That isn't the issue of the article.

It's about requirements for clinics and who dictates those requirements.

Virginia attorney general

Could be our next Governor.

This is only the beginning of Cucci's war on you.

Wake up.

You might fool yourself--but you react emotionally,

An unelected board agrees with you--so it must be!

T Kosciuszko

Most Democrats are philosophically ill-equipped,
Their ideology—gimme-gimme—was founded by their lips.


It would be courteous to source all of the cute isms you espouse.

I’m not going to research VA code for you,

But grandfather is the route to purse.
That, however, requires a legal complaint,
For even ADA is limited by grandpa’s constraints.

T Kosciuszko

A Republic is representative government ruled by law (the Constitution);
A democracy is direct government ruled by the majority (mob rule);
A Republic recognizes the inalienable rights of individuals (Morality);
A democracy is only concerned with mob wants (the public good).
The Constitution guarantees us a republican government.

The Constitution

The Constitution of the USofA puts in place a form of government which is known as a federated republic, with the emphasis on "federal".

And each time you sing from Adolph’s sheets,

My unburned copy of the Constitution will repeat:

Article IV - The States

§ 4 - Republican government

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

T Kosciuszko

The actions of the fascist-socialist left—put a major dent,
In the Enlightenment of our republican experiment.

If you keep throwing your

If you keep throwing your editorial barbs in at the end of every post, most will never take the substance of your posts seriously.

My endeavor is not to gain approval of "most."

The expression of ideas are the purpose of MY posts.

T Kosciuszko

We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse. ~ Mr. Emerson

Crosshairs are also on no-nothing Harvard-Yale sophisticates,

Their self-elevated superior wisdom carries too much weight.
I do not compromise with the Devil,
My council is the spirit of one man from Charlottesville.

T Kosciuszko

Liberty, Imagination and Reason,
Are the foundation,
For Mr. Jefferson’s romantic ideal:
Ennobling Humanity.

Ideas to fulfill Humanity,
Free Imagination…will be—
Eternally unfulfilled;

When you wish upon a star

makes no difference who you are.

It's fairly obvious that

It's fairly obvious that inflencing others is not his objective.

So Mr T

what does this mean?

Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

What do we do when elected officials violate righhts retained by the people that weren't illegal at ratification, like abortion, like hunting, like smoking? Why would the framers put individual rights, as evidenced by the first nine amendments, before state rights are addressed? Please enlighten us

I did forget Amend. 9, which affirms the People’s rights,

For they were an aspect of our Independence fight.
However, this is an architectural matter of the state,
This board does not trump what an elected body legislates.

For you—it does not matter--the law cannot be objective,
If you are emotional—the law must be you they feel—subjective.

T Kosciuszko

The source of a Human Being’s individual rights is not divine law or congressional law, but the Law of Identity.

I did forget Amend. 9, which affirms the People’s rights,

For they were an aspect of our Independence fight.
However, this is an architectural matter of the state,
This board does not trump what an elected body legislates.

For you—it does not matter--the law cannot be objective,
If you are emotional—the law must be how you feel—subjective.

T Kosciuszko

The source of a Human Being’s individual rights is not divine law or congressional law, but the Law of Identity.

Actually democracies and oligarchies can be republics.

Which do you prefer? Your dictionary didn't really cover that.

The one that Mr. Tacitus' realized...evolved into Mr. Locke's...

And manifested in Mr. Jefferson's Imagination...
The Romantic Ideal of Ennobling Humanity.
It's an American thing--you wouldn't understand.

T Kosciuszko

Fascist-socialism has often been established by force,
As in some socialist “republics”—or by vote—of course;
German votes established National Socialist (Nazi) Germany,
Their degree of fascist-socialism was even beyond Dem insanity!

" National Socialist" was false advertising.

Much like your dogmatic repetition of "Socialist-fascist".
It is curious that you avoid the word totalitarian as if to promote another kind.

In the N Y Times—Mussolini praised FDR’s fascist state,

But the left created a false dichotomy to debate;
The ‘30s—gave fascist socialism a negative connotation,
Dems rejects it—but it is the correct description;
Your predecessors were unable to burn all information.

T Kosciuszko

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~ Dr. King

Thinking Outside the Box

Anyone who has a name that is either too hard to pronouce, or too hard to spell, should be required to show their papers.


Given the content of his post, Mr. Anonymous would require the papers of Mr. Smith.

My ideological tape measure is forever...

Left = absolute control over all facets of Human endeavor.
Right = no controlling authority whatsoever; i.e., anarchy.
Stalin/Hitler is not Left/Right; it is Left/Left.

T Kosciuszko

Be true to your wife, your word,
Your friend and your work.

<Edited> I value words--their meanings are to be respected.

My ideological tape measure is forever...
Left = absolute control over all facets of Human endeavor.
Right = no ruling authority whatsoever; i.e., anarchy.
Stalin/Hitler is not Left/Right; it is Left/Left.

T Kosciuszko

Be true to your wife, your word,
Your friend and your work.

Tape measure?

I think you need a compass.

My Imagination is my compass...

Imagination brought Humans through the dark ages,
To its present state—and is ready for the next stage.
Imagination led Mr. Columbus to discover the New World,
And Mr. Jefferson to bequeath the foundation of a nation—

Our Framers were a phenomenon unprecedented in history,
Unlike Harvard-Yale phonies—they were Men of philosophy!

T Kosciuszko

Long shots require a precise evaluation and adjustment to the factors of wind and elevation. But if you are a good shot—it will not seem like such a long shot.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Personal attack, name calling

AG and TK

Our AG, he knows those parts of the law were written to close down the health care facilities, would be like making every home owner update their built homes if a code changed after it was built. Grandfathering is a normal procedure.

T Kościuszko is a confused individual, believes he's a Pole who fought in the American Revolutionary War as a colonel in the Continental Army. Did a very DEMOCRATIC thing, collected his back pay and entrusted it to his friend Thomas Jefferson in his will, directing him to spend the American money on freeing and educating black slaves. A very noble thing in those days. But Thomas never got around to it. Right Mr Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko

Slippery slope...you are a Democrat...

There ain't no more slidin' left in that!

T Kosciuszko

Democrats will disseminate their hate through TVs,
Legerdemain and fallacious campaigns—is up their sleeves!

not the beginning, just another battle

Kook already lost the Battle of the Affordable Healthcare Act (!) but warriors against reason must soldier on.

Lest not forget the war on

Lest not forget the war on climatologists and climate change,, Not to say this summer is related to climate change, but it appears the almighty is giving him a taste this summer.

Continuing down memory lane,

Continuing down memory lane, don't forget his edict to Virginia's colleges and universities that they lacked authority to ban discrimination against gays and lesbians on their campuses.

Soldier on against humanity—

It is the tragedy—of our society.
What you cast aside for perceived HC rescue,
Is to Human civilization—a far greater value.

Fascist-socialism’s history is barbarism,
Why does the MOB—reign over Individualism?
In the past—to kill blacks, Jews and gays,
I lament—your naïveté—blocks your brain’s way.

Access to HC is not the purpose of O-care,
It is intended for Crony’s continuing welfare.
Blind Sheep—never learn from history,
And that is why history repeats its tragedies.

T Kosciuszko

It stands to reason that if there is sacrifice,
Someone or something is collecting sacrifices;
Talkin’ sacrifices—is talkin’ slaves and masters,
Those doin’ the talkin’—are plannin' to be masters!


Madison and Jefferson are smiling down from above... Way to slap an unelected board in the face and smack down their ideology AG!

"an unelected board"

Bob McD wanted an unelected board to have the power to raise taxes back in the roads bill fiasco.

Conservatives also like unelected boards.

basis for decisions

Despite the claim in the last sentence of the article, I can't think of a decision Cuccinelli has made that was not in favor of his political position. "The law be damned" would be an appropriate slogan for his campaign to be our next governor. Scary.

The stupid, it burns

I don't like his politics, but he understands his powers, and his job. Otherwise, he wouldn't have schooled Bill O'Reilly on Virginia law, and why he wasn't intervening in the Pilot reporters' case in Norfolk. I'm sure he could have snagged a few votes from Virginia Beach had he done so.

Metamorphosis or strategic move?

Ken knows that if he continues down the tea party, Fox News regressive road to the mid 20th century his career is toast....Alas for him, I think he is way, way too late.

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”
― Charles Bukowski


I like the quote....

You folks have a good day and take care....

Why a Democrat needs to be governor come 2013

From the article: "The regulations deal with a range of issues, including the types of equipment a clinic must have, staffing levels and periodic inspections by state officials. But the architectural standards, dealing with issues such as hallway widths and the size of treatment rooms, were by far the most controversial aspect of the regulations."

Either Cuccinelli or Bolling will force the shutdown of outpatient clinics that offer abortion services even if those services account for a very small percentage of care provide. That is an evil that cannot be allowed to perpetuate.

If the subject were different most would say the board was wrong

If the General Assembly, our elected representatives, voted for strict clean standards for vegetables and the Va. agricultural board stepped in and on their own lowered the standards, changing what the General Assembly did, most everyone would say an un-elected board has NO right to undo what the elected leaders did. ONLY because it is abortion do people suddenly think an un-elected board takes precedence over the elected legislature. We the people elected them in Richmond and they passed this law so if we don't like it, it us up to us to un-elect them next time.

No one has shown any safety issues

that need to be addressed with current outpatient clinics offering abortion services. If, and only if, anyone had any evidence that the clinics were threatening women's lives because the hallways weren't wide enough, would changing the standards make sense.

Your bias is showing

The Pilot exposes it's political bias and fuels it's "us vs. them" mentality with the statement describing the Governor as "another anti-abortion Rebublican". Why not simply state that the Governor opposes abortion, period? Could you imaging this paper describing a liberal politician as "another tax and spend Democrat"? Nope! Please stop trying to further your agenda and just report the news!

AP wire stories are not

AP wire stories are not written by the pilot.

whether you agree with the ag or not...

Agendas aside, the AG did his job on this one. Don't like it? Novemeber is coming.

But of course all you partisan-types see is either friend or foe, then react like the robocall told you to.

fire the board

If you don't comply w/the law, either be fired or better yet, PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law. When unelected boards overstep their authority that clearly shows contempt. Can't have your cake & eat it too. We have laws & they are to be followed. Don't like them, change them. But until then, you're breaking the law & we know what happens when you get caught. & you've been caught. Fire them.

As long as all surgical centers dont have to meet

As long as ALL surgical centers dont have to meet the new regulations it is all about anti abortion. The republican war on women and the constitution continues.


The way I understand it, most progressives/liberals are upset because they feel it necessary to provide 20+ "Health Care Centers" for under privileged women/children etc... I look at it from a financial aspect. Maybe now the GA will use the money saved to repair roads and infrastructure I hear the same liberals/progressives screaming they want.

You guys can't have it both ways. It might feel good to provide for these people, fix all the roads in VA, give teachers raises, create wind energy, stop charcoal from burning, harness solar energy, keep the spotted brown smelt alive, the list keeps going...

However, someone has to pay for it!

Nor can you have it both ways ...

... if you don't want to pay taxes to pay for infrastructure for the common good.

Try running your business with no roads to get goods to market, no schools to educate your workers, no cheap power to run your plant, the list keeps going ....



I never said I don't want roads, power, or education.... I said I don't want GOVERNMENT providing roads, power, education...

You have to completely unplug the matrix cable from your head and re-learn everything you were taught in school.

There are many private businesses that can perform all of the above functions. Then we take out the middle man... Guberment

Roads, healthcare, school, energy, you name it. The problem is all of these private corporations are too big because Government has their hands in the businesses pockets & vice versa. The rules are then written to benefit the Guberment not the individual. If you think the AHCA was about everyone having health care... you are wrong. It was about Health Care having everyone.

Speaking of the MAtrix ...

Assume you are not naive enought believe that and are just over stating your point for effect ... I can't decide if your proposal would lead to complete anarchy or we would all just be serfs with corporate fiefdoms ... probably a little of both.

PS: I only used liberal_patriot because you used redskin_patriot ....have to keep reminding your guys that conservatives are no more patriotic than liberals ...


That is exactly what you just said... Believing in a mythical almighty savior is going to leave us all without any liberties.

Think of the Matrix like this:

Small limited governments that provide the neccessary services for the people based on each cities constitution. IE VA Beach, has their city government w/ a representative from each district/neighborhood/parish. Portsmouth, SmithField, Chesapeake, all of them govern themselves. We have a state government which provides neccesary services laid out in Virginia's Constitution.

Virginia has decided for now to enter into this Union of States AS LONG AS... the Leviathan does not over reach/usurp its power.

I believe in the individual not the whole. 309,000,000 represented by 435 = today

The Big Lie

It is a huge lie perpetuated by Republicans and the Taa Party that private business does everything better than the government. Using just one example, roads. If they were built and managed solely by private business, we would have roads only serving areas where they could make a profit. Rural areas, tough luck. Low income areas, tough luck. Food prices would go through the roof because farmers would have to pay so much to use the roads. And the truth is, mine operators, manufacturers trucking companies, etc. don't wan't to pay the true cost for the roads they use. If you think privatization is the cure all, you haven't been paying attention and need to go back and study some history.


I can provide hundreds and even thousands of successful private businesses.... I can also give you an example of a government that is failing so much you claim to believe in.

Take the motion out of your argument and provide facts.


Look at the failings of Blackwater and other "private defense units." If the US Government turned over use of the Army, Navy(with Marines), and Air Force to private industry, they would be nothing but hired mercenaries. Who is to say a Saudi billionaire couldn't buy a contract with a US owned private defense unit and attack the US from within?

And back to the road infrastructure being private. You honestly think a private company would keep up with road maintenance in Park Place and Pungo like they would in Downtown Norfolk or the Lynnhaven Mall area?


What people that believe in un-fettered capitalism seem to forget is that for every government regulation there was a need to to create that legislation caused by private business. That's why I said read some history - private businesses poisoned our food, they polluted the environment, they abused workers, hell, in many cases they flat out stole from consumers, their workers and other business owners.

No, I don't claim to believe in government and I don't blindly believe that private business is the solution either. Actually, both are needed to balance the other. In my experience, I would say 90% of private business owners are thieves and a near equal number do the same in government.


No matter the opinion I have, I will be wrong on either side, so here goes. If a woman chooses to go to a facility that is subpar in cleanliness or chooses to go to a facility that is not as stearle as a hospital, then that is her choice, what do I care? She is choosing to go their to get rid of an unwanted child and of course that is her choice, so if she goes to that facility and it is not as santitary as a hospital and she gets some sort of virus or worse, again why should I care? Makes me feel good that I choose not to agree with abortions in the first place, but that is my choice isn't it? I say open up those back alley places clean or not, and make it more affordable and more accessable to those who choose to do so!

The new standards have nothing to do with sterility

The standards, which apply only to outpatient clinics offering abortion services, specify things like the width of hallways and the space between doorways. To the extent those specs are safety issues, they have already been met because outpatient clinics where abortions are performed in Virginia do not have higher rates of errors or injuries than clinics that don't perform abortions.

Here's the rundown: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/virginia-politics/post/virginia-gov-mcdonnell-signs-stricter-abortion-clinic-rules/2011/12/29/gIQAn1BDPP_blog.html

Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Washington Post????!!!!" Just do your research.

AG Cucinnelli may be right on the law here. I don't know.

But the action of the Board of Health re-confirms the obvious. These new regulations have NOTHING to do with health and EVERYTHING to do with denying women their constitutionally protected right to have dominion over their own lives and bodies and personal reproductive decisions.

The GOP were elected on the basis of promises to make meaningful economic and fiscal changes. Instead, they have worked non-stop to advance their sexual agenda.

Pay attention women voters. Pay attention.

"The women of Virginia deserve safety in any medical situation"

... says Victoria Cobb.

Because the new regs do not pertain to ALL surgical centers, this statement above is correct if women are precluded from using other surgical centers.

Given the GOPT's transvag ultrasound bill, their birth control prescription tirade led by GOP titular head El Rushbo, their personhood bills, and the hundreds of abortion-related bills introduced just this year alone.... i'm guessing that the GOPT agenda prolly precludes women from using OTHER surgical centers. Bills coming next week i bet.

Cuccinelli is a paragon

of why people need to vote out extreme-right Republicans.

No, I am conservative,

No, I am conservative, people who back this type of legislation are in fact "right wing nuts." You cannot be conservative and vote to tell a women via the government how she should handle her own reproductive system and future. In addition, one cannot be honest when you represent an anti-abortion group and claim to be concerned with women's health as it is affected by a wider hallway and the such. It's a lie.

This will hand Kaine the governorship and likely will have a ripple effect in the national elections. it is quite obvious that certain politicians have gotten a bit too bold.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Personal attack, name calling


I'm voting to say Government should be meddling into this w/ my tax dollars. If you are a Conservative what are you trying to conserve?

I'm trying to conserve liberties and private property. Just because you like what the board voted on this time, maybe next time you won't like how they vote. The AG is trying to say they are over reaching their authority. What is they voted 7-4 the other way? You would be very glad if AG Cucci said "Uh how about NO".

It is unbelievable that you are conservative but yet you are ok w/ government intervening into the affairs of private citizens. I say you are a Decepticon! Someone who claims to be Conservative, but in reality you transform into a progressive.

"It is unbelievable that you

"It is unbelievable that you are conservative but yet you are ok w/ government intervening into the affairs of private citizens."

I understand your earlier premise that 'if' the LT. Gov is correct the rule of law was not followed. However, this is such an egregious instance of women's rights being violated the board at this time has acted to counter the damage that has been done. If you actually champion the exclusion of government involvement in our daily lives you should be standing behind this action shouting them down. It is you my friend who is the charlatan.

Aside from that, you can be a progressive and conservative, in fact, you should be. If you support the Lt. Gov. in this I have to wonder what it is you are trying to "preserve

Thanks Bill. I may not

Thanks Bill. I may not agree with you very often but I certainly do on this one.

Get it straight...... (?)

What is that supposed to mean??? Get what straight? Are you "conservatives" afraid of being labeled "right-winged?". If so, maybe you should revisit the extreme views of the people you are putting into office. And, beware just in case you don't adhere to their agenda they will work against you!

Cuccinelli is a paragon

of why people need to vote in conservatives. For when we have a conservative in office, the lib agenda is stymied. An agenda of destroying moral turpitude concerns for the sake of winning votes.

Tell me why libs enjoy pumping up women and telling them it is OK to kill their babies if they so desire. Its only because they can make pointless statements like "war on women" for votes.

All the things libs champion are about the vote. Yet what has the lib allay agenda gotten folks? Many now live with no fathers, people race to being poor, no hope of a better future. Many of the issues found in the lib/progressive movement have been there for years and still have not been fixed. Its because libs need that item active as a rallying cry for votes.


Required reading: Chris Mooney, "The Republican War on Science" and "The Republican Brain". The scariest part of these two books is the author's conclusion that facts and logic will never change the already-made-up mind of an Authoritarian personality. These folks stick to "truthiness" over reality. Cantor, Cuccinelli, Bush, Cheney, Bob Marshall - there's no end to list of politicians who dispassionately ignore proven facts to pursue their cuckoo right wing fantasy of "returning" America to 1853 and a Past that never was...

These pro-abortion fanatics

These pro-abortion fanatics are too much. They want women committing abortion in unsafe, unsanitary abortion mills; then they pretend they care about women. Women die all the time in these abortion mills,they should be shut down.

Help the commonwealth

What is with these Right Wing Nuts? They believe laws are for others but not them. The A.G. does not feel he must follow the law because of his personal views on abortion. It is time to take back the commonwealth. Democrats come on down. Find an electable person for Governor - not an extreme left wing but a middle of the road moderate and he/she will win. Same group that does not believe they have to follow the Supreme Court with the Affordable Health Care Act. Same Wingnuts.

abortion clinic regs

This brings back stories of the old days. Back in the 1940s, one of my in-laws took a co-worker to the doctor. The in-law was paid extra to wait. When the patient came out, she had had an abortion and the doctor had messed her up. My in-law had to take her to the emergency room. The moral of the story is that even if it's illegal, some women will still be getting abortions. It was certainly illegal back then. Did it stop it? It may have slowed it down.
The only way that a woman could get a legal abortion in Virginia prior to the passage of Roe V. Wade was in the case of rape, incest, gross fetal abnormality or to save the life of the mother. The woman used that & said that her husband had threatened to kill her if she got pregnant again.

not even close

to the same. Good Grief.


Our land is soaked with the blood of the innocent. America is not guiltless before God.


The American Taliban!

Yes I agree....

Especially the blood of the Native American women and children, and the captured blacks from the Ivory Coast. And government sponsored drugs on our streets and the self imposed drug wars...and on and on it goes. If a women chooses to terminate a fetus (not a viable life) it is her right. The blood on our hands is not enough Americans doing the right thing and educating our young in the ways of protection and abstinence...in that order! All religion is not guiltless before God!

"Pants on fire!"

Victoria Cobb, president of the anti-abortion Family Foundation of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, and all those others who spout off on the "women's health and safety" canard would gain at least some respect if they told the truth: They couldn't care less about women's health! They have one and only one aim: to circumvent RvW in any and every way possible. If they were so concerned about women's health, they wouldn't be trying to do away with PP, among other things. I rank them just below those who blow up clinics and murder doctors. At least THOSE people are honest about their intentions.

I see a law passed in VA that requires a proper building to

function as a health care building. Standards have been upgraded and those who wish to provide services need to adhere to the standards.

O, and there is the opportunity to save some babies from being destroyed, a bonus! That is a good thing.

Question: Why is it women want prenatal care for their baby but wont agree that its a baby when they want to kill it? For women, is it a baby that requires prenatal care or is it a pile of puss worthy of being removed as such on a whim?

I say its a baby, I make a stand. I protect a new person. I am NOT "allowed" to have an opinion because of my gender. So women, is it puss, or a baby? If puss, why do we have all the care for it? If baby, why, as a group, do you accept murdering babies?

read the entire law!

That law is only for women's health clinics. They all pass the regulations for regular health clinics, now they have to update their buildings to look like new, while an orthopedic surgeon does not have to update theirs.

So you want to save babies? Say these babies are born, then the mother has to get on welfare to support them. Now you will complain the mom is lazy and needs to stop having babies that you pay for!

I do not make that statement about mothers being lazy

women have one of the toughest jobs in the world, having and raising babies. I want them to have every opportunity to succeed in that role. Lazy, hardly. That sounds like the stereotypical boogieman argument.

I cannot have a baby, I'm a guy. Do I need to be a woman to realize how tough it is to have a new life grow inside to appreciate that miracle? Do I like that a woman is forced into living in community where the choice is killing her baby as a means of it having a better life? That's part of the pro abortion argument suggests.

Spin it how you wish, for the first 9 months of most people, the responsibility for the care and growth of that person is held by the mother. In this argument, Libs LOVE to ignore the baby to make their point.

That's the issue

For the record, I am not pro abortion, I am pro choice.

No one is forcing a woman to have this procedure, it is called a choice.

In 1996, the Brind

In 1996, the Brind quantitative meta-analysis of the extant induced abortion and breast cancer studies showed that there were 23 studies, 10 of which were statistically significant. Since then, there has been no tabulation to include the studies after 1997. An unpublished review in 2003 showed that there were 40 studies which showed a positive association between induced abortion and breast cancer.


I thought Ken and his Republican friends ran on the basis they wanted to get gov't OUT of people's lives. Looks like they are doing the opposite of that.

murder should be

murder should be unlawful--America will reap what it sews

When it comes to murder,

conservatives believe the government does have a hand in that.

If you can manufacture an argument that convinces that abortion is not murder then conservatives will listen. Good luck, cause when you kill intact human features, it is murder in my book.

"deserve safety in any medical situation"

“The women of Virginia deserve safety in any medical situation, abortion included. The abortion industry should want to provide the best standards of care for their clients.”

A little girl died in the dentist's chair last year but the speaker and Cucc do not feel that her fellow women deserve such standards of "safety".

Let us continue to protect

Let us continue to protect wildlife, endangered species, and have laws to protect animals from being hunted--but a human life?? we are STILL not coming to grips that a baby is a life? in or out of the womb? Just because a pregnancy isn't "convenient" doesn't give the right for murder...the only ones that need to worry about having their "pants on fire" are the habitual offenders of abortion


Oh my all of the fuss going on. I propose that we should just not have any standard then. Let the facilities open up and have no standards at all and lets just throw in the hospitals and clinics. That would take care of this situation all together. How does this decision take away a women's right to have an abortion? How does this lead down the road to overturn RvW? I would hope that any woman choosing to go into anyone of these places would want them to be of the same caliber of going into a hospital. Regardless of my view these place should be the same as going into a hospital and having a biopsy done, torn rotator cuff repaired, tec. What am I missing here? How does it take away the woman's right to choose??

I think

It looks like the clinic regulation law in the article above is only applies to women's health clinics. An Orthopedic office or a ENT office does not need to be up to the "new codes" of the new building, etc.

this is only a ploy from the left to scare women into believing

conservatives do not care about women or issues. Libs have screamed that so often now its beyond old. If people were to understand what conservatives stood for, they would embrace us. We believe in God, self-reliance, taking care of each other, family, providing hand ups, supporting babies or anyone in need, responsibility to name a few qualities. Libs hate these qualities in conservatives, dont know why.

Libs have to lead by fear of what conservatives will do. They have to have an antagonist available to be a boogieman. They will create the antagonist to press their fears. They will provide a means to not take responsibility for actions. Abortion is one, ignore the baby so she can "take control of her body."

Conservatives only care about God when it works for them!

If what you said was true, Conservatives would be the ones fighting for the SNAP program, Head Start, and taxing the heck out of companies that outsource US jobs.

Conservatives only use the word of God when it helps them politically.

Within reason, I would support these programs

until the programs became a crutch that dissuaded families to excel in life. Right now, to many of these progressive/lib/-D plans are in place to keep people poor. Poor people are quickly told that if they start to succeed in life these programs will be stripped. Yet the jump from being involved in these programs and being fully self-sufficient is to great a gap to make for folks who find themselves in poverty and needing these services.

That is what I despise about progressives, they also know this but do nothing for poor people to get over this gap. They dont want to because they know they can spew "war on xxxx" and scare folks into voting for their agenda. Conservatives cannot break through that fear playbook libs abuse.


I am only 32, but the first "war" I remember is the war on drugs. That was created by the chief of Conservatives, Ronald Reagan. And as we have seen from the almost 30 years it has been around, it has failed miserably.

I will agree, yes, some people do take advantage of SNAP, etc. And now they label Obama as the "food stamp president." This is just my opinion, but the reason food stamp use has gone up is now the people who actually need it are starting to use it. The ones who abuse it now are the same ones who did when Bush and Clinton were in office, too. A huge majority of people on them would love to be off of it, but can't because the businesses we give so many tax cuts to will not bring jobs back to the US.

the businesses move away because congress

has failed to protect our workers with their tariff powers. They created laws that enabled free trade to happen.

Many folks love their free ipads/phones and cheap products that are made by people who are making less than minimal wage. Instead of Congress equaling the playing field, they ignore this problem. They have enabled $40 - 60 billion a MONTH of our savings to leave the country. This is not a -R problem but a Congress failing us problem.

These "evil" outsourcing companies are doing what we have enabled them to do. Not defending it! I want folks working here, in the USA! Congress is responsible for making that happen under their tariff powers.

libs use invoke their understanding of god when it is

convenient to prove their political agenda. God is a believe for me and many conservatives. We are not afraid to speak about our God and what we know is coming. We are comfortable with that believe.

Many libs don't embrace a god when they make their god-based arguments. They don't understand the believe system.

I could use the same argument libs use against me about abortion and being a guy. I am told I have no say in this because I am NOT a woman, but I wont. Instead, I will use the constitution to say libs empower women to kill babies. I don't need God to make that statement or to realize killing babies is bad.

Libs/Progressive have a war waging on babies. They gleefully kill babies. To be a lib, no responsibilities for their actions.

Not your average lib

Yes, I will use the bible to make a point, Leviticus being a major book of the bible I use.
Conservatives say it is the "teachings" of God that tell them homosexuality is wrong. I simply point out in that same book, the "teachings" also say other things are wrong that we do everyday, like eat pork and shellfish.

And for the other paragraph, Libs don't empower women to "kill babies," nature does. And you should read stats on abortions. A Vast majority of them are from upper-class females, whose ultra-conservative parents want to cover up a pregnancy, because God said kids should not b born out of wedlock.

conseratives believe ion blah, blah, blah!!

The sad part is you are serious about that comment, but to me it's the biggest joke I've heard all day.

BTW, how mnay of these babies forced to being carried full term are you willing to adopt?

"We beleivein"? Good grief!! Get real.

I am single.....I tried to adopt in VA, I was not allowed to

Thus this arguement is meaningless. Also, more disturbingly you ignore the health of the baby. You make it sound like the baby would be better off if it was not born? That is one heck of a choice for a baby, to be told it would be better for you NOT to be born.

Talk about NOT working for families. I bet libs supported eugenics as well? That was part of the argument, that the individual would be better off than to being born and society then having to deal with it. Paraphrase Holmes.

The only difference between eugenics and abortion is libs kill the baby after it is conceived while eugenics stopped the child/mother from being put into this position. I despise eugenics but Progressives embraced it. Pro-abortion is found in progressives.

you're lost

I have been reading your comments and I am continued to be flabbergasted at your hyperbole.. I don't know any progressives that are "pro-abortion" as you state.. You make such stupid generalizations that it is incredible. Pro-Choice is not Pro-Abortion, never was. Allowing somebody to make a choice on their own body is what is at stake here. Most Progressives don't like abortion per-se and don't choose it for themselves, but believe in liberty and freedom and the RIGHT to make your own decisions. Abortion should be RARE, safe, and yes, legal. You small government (think small minded as well) tea-baggers need to unify your message. You are losing the support of rationale people. I have been watching this issue for years and have seen it swing


Gertz - I don't think I've ever seen a reasonable answer or comment from you on ANYTHING! It's alway personal attack or sarcasm. Cutting people down or slicing them up or calling them stupid convinces no one that your comments are correct. I would even expect that it really turns someone totally AGAINST what you're trying to say. Maybe if you were a little less rough...???

Someone got owned

I second this comment!


Conservatives believe in the action of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILIY! Liberals believe in the actionis of EVERYONE ELSE RESPONSIBLE FOR ME-ME-ME! That is what it comes down to. A womens reproductivy is her choice and it begins with the choice to have the sex or not (now I am not talking about the women who had that choice taken away from them(rape/insest/forced agains their will). RvW I beleive is here to stay, and since it is, there needs to be tough standards in place for any facility that will do that invasive procedure, and I say that purley for the health of the woman, no other hidden adgenda. Again all of these palces should be like going into a hospital. Why is that so wrong????

Conservitives believe in

Conservitives believe in personal responsibility until it comes to people being required to pay for their own healthcare.

no that would be an obama

no that would be an obama demo thing

"How does it take away the woman's right to choose??"

Because it will force most clinics to close their doors because of the financial expense in changing their clinic into a hospital.

You act like there are NO standards in these clinics and that is simply not true. Did you know this law would even require clinics to do stupid but expensive things like widen their doors. I mean Really???

Why can't our AG and the rest of the repub and tpubs who against abortion start adopting some of these kids that would have to be carried full term? I'm sure you would be willing to. Right???


If a business does not wont to meet code, then there are others out there who are willing to come in and make that money. Come on, there is money to be made and I just don't buy what you are saying that these women just want have anywhere to go to.

Yes, I know that there are standards and thankfully so. If an ambulance needs to come to one of these facilities and a stretcher needs to get in FAST a door's width comes into play--REALLY

I did adpot 2 of those that came to full term. I wish I could adopt more, but because I choose to make responsible decisions I can not afford to, so make fun of me about that.

I am not out to take a away a women's right to choose, but I have no problem with the facility having to be like a hospital!!!!!

terry have you ever

Have you ever been to an abortion clinic to check out their standard of care? I think the answer would be a big NO.

You really should do your homework before speaking about a place you know nothing about.

BTW a ambulance would not carry a woman to an abortion clinic.

I'll ask again.....how many full term babies are you willing to adopt?

what does the number of adoptions have to do with

killing babies?

Is this how libs are going to justify killing babies? No one wanted them, so lets just kill the most innocent amongst us? Why do libs advocate it is OK for a woman to destroy a person? Why do libs advocate that a woman and her doc can act as judge, juror and executioner? What was the crime this baby did that warrants killing it without a trial or even having council to protect it?

Where is the babies habious corpus rights? Did anyone read it its maranda rights? We kill in this society ONLY after being heard by a judge and it takes years after judgement.

I fear when folks use "it would be better for xxx if they were not even born".

Why should society have to adopt these babies in the first place to satisfy this argument?

we live in a culture of

we live in a culture of death , anything goes, do whatever feels good, without any moral responsibility whatsoever, it's your "right" blah blah blah--hope they can pronounce their "rights" at the Pearly Gates!!

You really enjoy this name

You really enjoy this name calling. How is it you "neo-cons" abandon the most innocent among us as soon as they pop out of their mother's womb? We constantly hear you theocrats wash your hands of any financial conscience or responsibility on the rationale that their mothers need to learn responsibility for their actions. Where is the societal concern for the most innocent among us then?


I invite you to now pay for my choosing of not taking care of myself, I would invite you to pay for all of my food, give me medical care, clothe me, provide me with transportation. Oh wait--you already do--THANK YOU! Of course we need to help provide for those who through no fault of their own, have lost everything. But to those who made foolish decisions, practiced behaviors that have caused them medical harm, then I say , you reap what you sow. I know you don't like that because you don't beleive in personal responsibility. My taxes should not have to pay for your inability to be rsponsible, but that is not my choice now is it? So forgive me for wanting abotion clinics to have the same standards of a hospital. JESUS COME BACK SOON!!

Forgive me, but is the focus

Forgive me, but is the focus of concern here the mother (i.e., "myself") or is it the potential fetus? To whose "choice" do you refer?

I don't speak for Terry

but the way I read the comments were that the care was not the issue, but in the event an ambulance had to come take someone FROM the clinic to a regular hospital their ability to get into and out of the clinic with a stretcher would be paramount.

To me a clinic like this is nothing more than the Patient First kind of option, the person knows the service they need and chooses the option they want for care, but the standard of the building design should be consistent, based on the services provided, to ensure safety, etc.

Imagine the liability if that incident occurred. No one would expect a medical establishment to have those types of troubles. And I am sure that it is possible for emergencies to occur at any of these facilities.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Personal attack, name calling


Terry - you're right on. Having them all have equal responsibilities for clean, well prepared clinics (just like Patient First) is what SHOULD be done. For all. One Standard, with few exceptions.

Of course you've had all the liberals jump on what you say! (Does the word "Persecution" mean anything to you?) When I see the contention and angry responses, I realize that no one in his right mind can fight against that. And all I've been doing is casting pearls before, well, swine is what the Bible says. But a better word might be those who won't listen, or have totally made up their mind and are not up to agreeing with anything that goes against what THEY believe is true. Jesus never argued. If people won't listen then why waste the breath?


I know there are LOTS of people that would LOVE to adopt those unwanted children that people abort, carried to full term. Unfortunetly, those people would rather abort the children than society or family find out that they screwed up! And I know a bunch of Dems that don't like abortion either, so don't bring politics into an already political article.


There are many many children waiting for adoption right now - if people really want a child they can get one. What if the fetus being aborted is damaged? Is there someone out there standing in line to adopt a severely damaged newborn? I think not. So quick to judge, so slow to gain real knowledge about what you're talking about.


This regulation should be for any place that practices invasive medicial procedures...No one type of facility should be targeted, they all should be. We all need to push for this type of decision for all places.


I agree with that. This should be an all or none law, not just for certain places one political party does not like.

Shoulder to Shoulder Women!

All of nothing! Women didn't have the right to vote, illegal to smoke, were arrested although a victim of abuse....and of all speaking out for rights, ...."back in the early 1900's"...what has changed? This is about women's rights the momma's boys make the subject of negotiation instead of growing up and being real men.

Can't be done

You can't get rid of abortion any more than you can get rid of prostitution.
Like it or not there's a demand for it and where there is a demand, there will be a supply, legally or illegally.
If people want drive through abortion clinics, I would not use one, but I would not stop those who wanted to.
Sorry, but not everyone hold human life to be sacred.
That's a morality call that you can not force onto anyone else.
I can not put my money where my mouth is, I can not raise every fertilized ovum, I can't afford to and I don't want to.
This is between a person and their God, and it's best to let the deity do the judging come that person's judgement day.
Besides, God gets rather irked when people usurp that prerogative.

well said

I hate it when people think they can speak for God.

Since God has never actually

Since God has never actually spoken, someone has to speak jibberish to back the fairy tales.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation.

"God is Prolife" goes the empty claim

"God is Prolife" goes the empty claim

2 Kings 15:16 God allows the pregnant women of Tappuah (aka Tiphsah) to be “ripped open”. And the Christians have the audacity to say god is pro-life. How is it that Christians can read passages where God allows pregnant women to be murdered, yet still claim abortion is wrong?

2 Kings 15:16 KJV
Then Menahem smote Tiphsah, and all that were therein, and the coasts thereof from Tirzah: because they opened not to him, therefore he smote it; and all the women therein that were with child he ripped up.

God creates life --plain and

God creates life --plain and simple /Death equals Satan duhhhhhhh

yet every society has a definition of what murder is.

As a society, we make laws that regulate and protect the whole. From the littlest to the oldest, we strive to protect. We agree to this thinking by being part of the society. By how we agreed in our methodology to create laws.

With that, even though I do love God, I understand that their must be laws or chaos rules. Part of our society is the believe life IS sacred. For those who don't and take it upon them self to take a live, we call it murder.

We do have a morality judgement within our society. All have the right to life as one of our basic rights. If folks do not wish that, they are outside society. Abortion is outside society because it impacts a baby's right to life. Cannot make it any clearer than that.

that's not the issue

Human's have been having abortions since they discovered farming and settled into societies. No one disagrees with you that abortion is too be taken lightly. My issue with abortion is that I would rather have a licensed doctor do the procedure than a back alley anybody. Women are going to have abortions whether it it legal or not.

You can say baby, baby, baby all day, but the issue of illegality and legality has nothing to do with the baby, it has to do with the proper surgical and medical care of the mother.


"Part of our society is the believe life IS sacred"

What life? Plant life, animal life, human life? Try to explain to the folks in Darfur, China, Iraq, Syria and almost the rest of the whole world how sacred we think 'life' is.

Abortion isn't about babies - no matter how many times you use the word Baby - it isn't about a baby.

And what you and your god believe has nothing to do with the rights of women to choose to have an abortion or not.

To the God you love

To the God you love (assuming it is the god of the Bible), life is clearly NOT sacred.

God kills off thousands of unborn humans every day. Good people who never harmed anyone. Good people who would never consider killing a fellow human being.

God kills thousands of children every day. Some children suffer horribly through diseases God gave them.

God does care about them.

A so-called omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent being does not do what God does.

The God of the Bible is immoral.

Sorry, God does NOT care

Sorry, God does NOT care about them.

God does not care about you either. Remember that on your deathbed, as the God who supposedly values life takes yours away.

Explained so well

I am in shock at what you said. Never thought we would agree so much.

Just don't.....

Just don't force me (the tax payer) to pay for it!!!

Someone doesn't keep up with the news

Your tax dollars have never paid for abortions. Please show evidence of your ill advised assumption.

Next argument please.


Aren't government funds used to partially fund Planned Parenthood, the Mother of All Abortion Clinics? Or was all the hullabaloo about cutting those funds recently just an error?


Yes, some government funds are given to Planned Parenthood, but none of it is allowed to be used for abortions. The funds are used for education and woman-care.

Hyde Amendment has

Hyde Amendment has restricted all HHS appropriations since 1976 so that no federal funds can be used directly or indirectly for abortions.

Birds of a Feather

You're in good company. Remember, Komen, also had a Planned Parenthood problem. A public one. Maybe they still have a problem but they aren't dancing around with it all over the place. No Siree!


You have no problem paying for the escalating crime rate that results from the unloved, unwanted, battered and beaten child growing into a rageful adult and deciding everyone must pay for his misery and mistakes? Or for the defective whose medical need is so pernicious that he/she is living in constant agony and pain 24/7 simply because an organized religion has taken control of our legal system? Or paying for the maintenance of mental incompetents, some of whom are dumped into our school system and who are barely viable and have no cognitive awareness?

I hear the voice....

Nothing speaks any louder than the feeling of a cold, sharp, steel blade pressed against one's throat....nor is any person any more helpless in such a face of defeat with the approach of sudden death. But, remember, those who have convinced you that they are holy simply don't care. Hey, it's all YOUR fault. Isn't that what they tell you? If you were alive to listen.

Learning From Obama

It appears the Virginia Board of health has learned from Obama. If one does not agree with a law then just ignore it or take it upon yourself to rewrite it to suit your wants. It does not matter if you have the authority to do so because the end justifies the means. The next step is to demonize those who will not sanction your actions. This is not about abortion it is really about the rule of law and whether it applies to all or just a few. Yes, they have learned from Obama.

If it's about the rule of

If it's about the rule of law you should read the amendments to our constitution. These efforts clearly are in conflict with them. I rarely see these outlandish law arguments unless they support these types of agendas that are touted by people who do not know what they are talking about.


There are those of us who want a country that believes the Constitution and its amendments mean just what they say. Liberals want the Constitution and its amendments to mean what they want it to say to fit their agenda.


I didn't realize the consitution was against my Vagina.... That's interesting since the consitution doesn't say anything about health care.

Are you sure we're reading the same consitution? Or did you switch yours out for the hacked teabagger version?

Exactly. It is very, very

Exactly. It is very, very clear about forced servitude in the 14th. Heck, that could be vague but I have others.

Simply put, the law per our constitution has no place in abortion. We all know it is not the law these people respect but rather a book of their choosing.

Please explain to me how the

Please explain to me how the constitution backs your opinion.

He couldn't on his own

First, he'd have to check with Rush and company to learn how to answer that question, since it is highly unlikely he ever actually read more than part of the Second Amendment.

Spewing out ideological platitudes is all his post does.

Constitutional Interpretation

It used to be a good lawyer was capable of interpreting the Constitution and had an IQ over and above a strict literal dead-end meaning. That is, the Constitution was meant to be a living document that would serve the people and serve them well as well as protecting them from any emergence of another Hitler pandering to the masses. Right, Justice Scalia?

Your Liberty Tree...

...has shallow roots and bears bitter fruit.


What is YOUR solution in allowing organized christian religion to comandeer one of two major political parties in the US and still (wink, wink) get to keep their TAX EXEMPTION? And to use this Tax Exemption for empire building to acquire more properties while each and everyone of us pays their way. They are using our own government, our own system against us. "We will destroy you from within" without the dumb, gullible, bleary-eyed followers having a clue as they help the matter along.

Yes it is!

It is totally about abortion and if you think it isn't you are Wrong!

My, how far the great State of Virginia has fallen

Mother of presidents now mother of knuckle-dragging ideologues from a political party that has no new ideas but lots of vinegar and whining about Obama's failure to clean up the mess they left, and focus like a laser on reducing or eliminating certain rights based upon their belief in someone's interpretation of the supernatural.

Pretty soon, Virginia will be more of a subject of ridicule than Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama combined.

Women's Health???

Now would you not think Women would get health care from their OB/GYN or Primary Physicians??? Who are these people in these clinics???? Doctors??? Free Service???


Most OBGYN's / Primary care physicians do not perform abortions in their offices bc you have to carry a higher malpractice insurance or "moral" beliefs. In fact they'll refer you to a clinic that will perform them. These "people" in the clinics are OBGYN's that perform abortions. They're licensed by the state and usually work on a rotating schedule in the clinic. Abortions are not preformed every day since these clinics double as regular women's health care providers for the uninsured & poor.


Hopefully one day we can quit blaming everything on the President or the Gov. or a specific Sen. Its always a group effort or decision.Yep one day maybe.....


...that they will start shutting down the anti-abortion anti-woman churches? Or require a Plan for Doing Business and cause people to want to monitor their organized religions? That we will stop turning against each other and go directly to the source? Mirabile dictu! The day of awakening is not yet here. Now, something really needs to be done about that bunch in Richmond who called out the huge State Police batallion in riot gear, as the gestapo, when a few women decided to assert their rights and demonstrate peacefully against state forced vagina probes. Vote them Out! One that delivers the message loud and clear....that Hitler is not welcome in Virginia--whether its the old dog-eared cross or the straight and narrow one.

have any of you

Have any of you been to an abortopn clini to check out their standard of care? I'm willing to bet the answere is a big NO.

BTW, these clinics are run by licensed doctors and nurses, although there are hacks out there who will always be there regardless of the law. That's what scares me. Not the abortion clinics as they currently stand.


am so proud that as a father he is sticking his neck out there to PROTECT
women, and there are PLENTY of physicians and staff out there that are hacks. Kudos to him for sticking to the medical standards for those that he may disagree with. Some people posting here would be the first to whine and be "shocked" when one of these subpar clinics botches a procedure.

Someone didn't read the news

Restricting a womens acess to safe abortions is not protecting them. It's pushing us back to the days of back alley coat hanger abortions. If he really gave a crap about women he'd stop trying to push his religious views on us, lobby for safe sex education, and stop fighting the freaking government on Health Care. The millions he's spending in tax payer dollars could be better served in road improvments and balancing the state budget.

Alas, his religious mumbo jumbo is just making out this state to be fodder for the rest of the country to laugh at us

Totally Correct

I had an abortion & I can personally attest to the fact that one I went to was much cleaner than most Doctors offices.

Protecting against hacks is one thing. However pushing your religious beliefs through as law ia another and should be a federal offense.

its also a common moral and

its also a common moral and religious belief (which the law has dropped the ball on) that murder should be unacceptable in any state, shape or form. Enjoy the memories of your abortion. I am sure they have already began to haunt you though....

To all the prochoice

To all the prochoice people--aren't you glad your mother didn't abort you? If she did, you wouldn't be up here spouting off freedom of murdering unborn babies

kenny cetainly wont let it get to the Supreme Court

Kenny is what, at least 0-3 in constitutional challenges.


wasn't AG challenging the law on the mandate/commerce clause effect? If so, he was in agreement with the Supereme Court, a victory for him actually.

Cuccinelli is smarter than

Cuccinelli is smarter than climatologists, professors, Doctors, lawyers, Supreme Court Justices, the Governor, the President, constituents, patients, public health physicians, businessmen and women, and just about everybody else, at least in his own mind. What I would give for a regular, competent, non headline seeking attorney to actually perform the job of Attorney General. Right now, Cuccinelli is the ringmaster of a three ring circus of his own making, and no one is attending the show except for Delegate Marshall and the extreme right wing of the republican party. Please, some relief. Mr. Romney, please select this headline grabber to be your selection for Vice President. Anything to get him out of Virginia.


Well said, Mike. Our AG is cuckoo....cuckoo....cuckoo For all of us the clock has struck 12 as we hope for a new day and a new AG.

Men's Health Safety Is Important Too!

I assume that buried somewhere in the depths of these regulations there is a provision forcing all the urologists performing vasectomies in their offices to have to meet the same architectural standards..... or would that be too fair minded?

Good point, and one I think

Good point, and one I think needs to be carried out farther. All medical procedures that would be considered surgery should be performed in facilities that must meet the same requirements as women's clinics that perform abortions. The list would include, but not be limited to: root canals, ingrown tail surgery, cataract surgery.
Just think of the jobs making those alterations to buildings, but it would increase the cost of medical care in VA. And to think, these new regulations are coming from the political party that has traditionally been against regulations. Ironic, isn't it!

Ever Notice

Ever notice that when a liberal cannot win a debate based on facts they always resort to personal attacks. They are learning that from Obama as well.

Where are your facts? Who

Where are your facts? Who are you calling a liberal?

"In 1773, the Rev. Isaac Backus , the most prominent Baptist minister in New England, observed that when "church and state are separate, the effects are happy, and they do not at all interfere with each other: but where they have been confounded together, no tongue nor pen can fully describe the mischiefs that have ensued."


Oh yeah?

The Lord Jesus Christ is going to be the state one day. He's going to be KING. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6 KJV How's that for separation?

Have you considered the possibility . . .

. . . that you've just disgorged a big pile of hooey all over this discussion board? Who you believe is god and what you believe about god has nothing to with god and everything to who you are and where you grew up. If you had grown up in India, you'd be talking about Shiva. And if you'd been born in Iraq, you'd be a rock-carrying member of the Taliban screaming in a fever-pitched outrage over a caricatured image of Allah. You and your predecessors and cohorts have made god in your own image, and you'd have done the same with a different god if you' been born in a different place. Get a grip.

God is merciful.

God offers you the same gift of eternal life as He does anyone. It's through His only Son, Jesus Christ. I hope you will find God and find life through Him. Peace.

Ever notice how some posters

use a slight variation of the same worn out slogan, which avoids any substance but instead spews out the same ideological insult? Now that is understandable given the clear lack of knowledge demonstrated by the simplistic, one-note whining and sniveling.

Ever notice

Ever notice that when a conservative cannot win a debate and doesn't like a point of view he resorts to calling the person a liberal, as if it's a substantive response? And did you ever notice that people who do that tend to think Fox News is a actually a news site?

Well Done

I love it when law enforcement prevents murder from happening. It means they are doing their job.


Most of the Jew-baiters think Law Enforcement did their job quite well under Adolf Hitler.

we live in a culture of

we live in a culture of death , anything goes, do whatever feels good, without any moral responsibility whatsoever, it's your "right" blah blah blah--hope they can pronounce their "rights" at the Pearly Gates!!

Best Ever!

This article has possibly produced the 'best ever' comment stream for the VP online paper EVER! It seems every nut-case on the right has had to throw in their 2 cents worth ... I love it!

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