PETA leader Ingrid Newkirk can still rattle cages


Ingrid Newkirk has spent half her life trying to get in your face. She'd like to keep that up after she's dead.

The PETA founder's last will and testament, posted on the group's website, reveals just how far Newkirk is willing to go in her mission to draw attention to the treatment of animals.

She wants her "meat" publicly barbecued, her skin made into leather products and put on display - and that's just for starters.

Wing nut? If so, she's our wing nut - a 63-year-old true believer who leads the world's largest animal rights group, headquartered in an office building that overlooks the Elizabeth River. And while Newkirk's final wishes may be just another over-the-top statement from an outfit that thrives on them, the woman herself is still a surprise.

In person, she comes across as reasonable and polite, a petite Brit with a classy accent who'll drop trou in a second for publicity. She doesn't own a car, never buys new clothes and earns just $38,000 a year - half that of her second in command. She's into sumo wrestling and Formula One auto racing and does not have a pet. She runs an organization that's obsessed with animals, yet kills almost all the ones in its care.

And whether you love them, hate them or are just plain tired of them, Newkirk's just glad that after 32 years of crusading, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals can still get a reaction.

After all, time can be hard on a radical. Screaming protests give way to online petitions. Board room strategy replaces stirring marches. Jailhouse cots hold ever-dwindling appeal.

It's not easy keeping a fire lit for so long.

"I always feel like a man when I'm standing next to her," says Newkirk, tilting her head toward a corner of her small office, where a photo sits of herself and Pamela Anderson, the blond bombshell who's one of PETA's many celebrity supporters.

Outside the windows of Newkirk's office, the sun glints off the river and geese paddle by in formation - a tranquil setting for a group bent on revolution.

PETA claims 3 million members - albeit with varying degrees of devotion - and has branches across the globe, in Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America.

The nerve center, however, is on Front Street, where roughly 100 staffers come to work every day with the single-minded goal of making the rest of us stop and think.

Fortified by a $30 million annual budget, they use an arsenal of weapons - shock, sex, nudity, hidden cameras, gruesome videos. No target is immune and no tactic - except violence - is off limits, says Newkirk.

They've been called a cult - and that's one of the kinder names - but "pressure group" is more accurate. Their strategy is to push for the extreme, hoping to move society's needle even the slightest.

Born in England and raised in India, Newkirk never considered animal rights until she moved to America, got married and one day found herself faced with a litter of abandoned kittens. She took them to a shelter near her home in suburban Maryland, where the kittens were promptly euthanized - an epiphany for Newkirk.

She went to work for the humane society, became a deputy sheriff investigating animal abuse, and eventually became the chief of animal disease control for the Commission on Public Health in D.C.

In 1980, she cashed in her pension for $7,000 to start PETA, an abolitionist organization with a militant mission statement: "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any way."

From a handful of crusaders operating out of Newkirk's house, PETA grew into real staff working in offices in Rockville, Md. In 1996, the organization moved its home base to Hampton Roads.

"We have a lot of young women who volunteer for us," Newkirk says. "We needed a place that felt safe that we could afford. We saw this building and instantly fell in love. It has such a soothing view."

The community hasn't always been friendly. Vandals have smeared raw hamburger on PETA's windows and used ketchup to scrawl rude messages. Dead fish, crabs and a deer head have been dumped on their doorstep. A radio station staged a fishing tournament right off their property. Tires have been slashed on cars in their parking lot. Security concerns prevent the elevator from reaching Newkirk's floor without a special key.

But overall, Newkirk says, the negative has been far outweighed: "We've had many more offers of help and lovely cards."

She takes none of it personally. PETA is a master of the publicity stunt, intentionally offending in order to collect as much priceless press as possible.

Campaigns have compared chickens to Holocaust victims, meat eaters to Jeffrey Dahmers, zoos to pimps, the American Kennel Club to the Ku Klux Klan. Disciples have done everything from dousing fashion models in fake blood to dumping a dead raccoon on a Vogue editor's dinner plate.

Not even mom is sacred. PETA has an online game for kids that depicts "Cooking Mama" as a murderer in the kitchen.

Women's groups criticize PETA's liberal use of nudity, saying it sacrifices the dignity of women for its cause. Newkirk makes no apologies for the barely dressed demonstrators who have become a PETA trademark, or for convincing dozens of celebrities to shed their clothes for its long-running "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign.

She says nothing tops sex for drawing attention and does not view its calculated use as exploitative: "I've never been afraid of nudity, perhaps because I'm European. I've done naked many times myself and I'd do it again - except I'm not sure anyone really wants to see that at my age."

Jeff Jones, a communications professor and pop culture expert at Old Dominion University, finds PETA's advertising fascinating - a game plan that shouldn't work, but somehow does.

"I can't get think of another example where the sole dedication to a cause overrides everything in its communicative message," he says.

By alienating so many, he says, "Catholics, Jews, women, fat people, Democrats, the anti-porn people," PETA has fostered a kamikaze-type image - "a name recognition that suggests they'll stop at nothing to get their point across. That's what makes people think they're crazy. And people don't want to trigger a response in the crazy. No one wants them on their trail."

It has also made them an icon of fanaticism, the punch line of countless jokes.

"I gave up worrying about that a long time ago," Newkirk says. "When I hear Jimmy Kimmel tell someone on TV 'Don't talk about that. Those PETA people will be after you' - I just nod to myself and say quietly, 'That's right.' "

PETA consumes Newkirk.

The long hours it demands helped end her marriage. Decades of protest and civil disobedience have led to her arrest "about 500 times," she says, "but it's been awhile now." She has no children and lives out of a suitcase, flying so often that she opts for the pat-down in airport security lines to avoid an overdose of X-rays.

But when asked if she has sacrificed her life for her cause, Newkirk responds, "Eh. Much has been made of that, but this is what fascinates and interests and drives me. I want to do this, and it's a godsend to have the opportunity."

As for money, Newkirk says she chooses a smaller salary because she doesn't require much. She isn't into furniture or fashion, preferring to find what she needs second-hand or in care packages from her mother. She has no appetite for cars or collectibles or consumerism in general.

"I just don't care," she says. "But I'm OK. I eat well, I live fine, I go on holiday, I look after myself. I just don't have a great desire to do certain things that most people do. I'm a workaholic, but I enjoy it. I'd feel very guilty taking a large salary."

She does like reading and British crossword puzzles. And then there's the sumo wrestling and auto racing.

"Don't look so surprised," she says. "I like to watch it, not do it."

Newkirk doesn't like everything her organization does. She has nixed campaign ideas she felt were "too crass" even for PETA and has been persuaded to allow others she later regretted, like Milk Gone Wild, a spoof on the bare-breasted video franchise.

"It was just too down-market," she says. "It made me cringe."

But Milk Gone Wild delivered online: "It got huge hits, and I can't argue if it brings people to our website and they wind up learning something."

PETA makes maximum use of the Internet, winning national awards for its website and social media savvy. Dan Mathews, a PETA senior vice president, says digital activism is dethroning the '60s-style mass protest.

"We convinced Forever 21 to stop selling fur by having a few hundred thousand of our members tweet the executives," Mathews says. "That's more effective these days than a few hundred people protesting outside a store in the mall."

As for Newkirk: "I don't text. I have no apps on my phone. I'm a total fogey when it comes to that stuff. It's a good thing we're constantly hiring young people. I can just hand it over to them and they make it happen."

She can offer advice on one tactical shift. Before becoming an activist, Newkirk was studying to be a stockbroker. Over the past decade, PETA has been building a portfolio, purchasing enough shares to legitimately infiltrate dozens of annual stockholder meetings, where its voice must now be heard.

If buying shares in companies they've boycotted - like Kentucky Fried Chicken - seems odd, PETA's euthanasia rate seems downright shocking. Last year, the organization put down nearly 2,000 cats and dogs, or 95 percent of the animals in its custody.

Newkirk says the rate is so high because most of those turned over to PETA are too ill, injured or old to be saved: "If people who won't even kill an animal for a sandwich are euthanizing, it's pretty clear we're being forced to do society's dirty work."

She can't imagine a time when she'll retire: "The problem is just too enormous. It's like world peace. You're never going to have it. There will never be an end to animal abuse. We're just trying to get the next generation to come along."

Her will makes it clear that she wants to keep shocking from the beyond.

Should PETA manage to carry out Newkirk's requests, her eyes will be removed, mounted and delivered to certain government agencies as a reminder that PETA is watching. Her feet will be made into umbrella stands, as elephant feet are in India. Canada will receive an ear to "hear" the screams of its fur-bearing animals.

Apparently, no one is getting rid of Ingrid Newkirk.

Joanne Kimberlin, 757-446-2338, joanne.kimberlin@pilotonline.com


Big fights against big companies

PETA has a long target list. A few of their most prominent campaigns:


McCruelty to go, protesting factory farm conditions


PETNO, protesting use of puppy mills

Calvin Klein

Calvin Kills, protesting use of fur

Burger King

Murder King, protesting factory farm conditions


Cruel Tea, protesting animal testing


SeaWorld of Hurt, protesting orcas in captivity

Ringling Bros./The Greatest Show on Earth

The Saddest Show on Earth, protesting treatment of circus animals


NASTY, protesting use of research monkeys


Kentucky Fried Cruelty, protesting chicken house conditions


Lowe'st of the Low, protesting sale of rodent glue traps

March of Dimes

March of Crimes, protesting animal testing


Other memorable campaigns:

I'd rather go naked than wear fur

Your Mommy Kills Animals

Meet your Meat

A fur on your back is blood on your hands

Buy a dog = killing one at the shelter

Meat is murder

Fur is dead

Make no mistake - this leather is fake


Stars align

Few groups can marshal star power like PETA. A sampling of its celebrity supporters:

Alec Baldwin, Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson, Jane Lynch, Bill Maher, Penelope Cruz, Dennis Rodman, Ellen Degeneres, Eva Mendes, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, Kelly Osbourne, Pink, Kate Winslet, Alicia Silverstone, Cloris Leachman, Bob Barker, Angelica Huston, Joaquin Phoenix, Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley


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The problem with PETA

The basic idea of PETA's mission - ethical treatment of animals - is entirely noble. The problem is that they do that mission more harm than good by acting in a completely irrational fashion, sometimes going so far as to place the welfare of animals above the welfare of humans.

Despite the fact that I am a huge fan of charities that promote compassion to animals, PETA doesn't get any support from me as a result of their approach. Rather, I have given financial support to groups like The Gentle Barn, which proactively goes out and saves animals that have been abused or neglected.

If PETA were to change their approach and parts of their message, I would probably change my mind.

Cases needs causists

Which is to say bomb-throwers are often the best messengers for getting issues introduced into everyday discussion.

Just like with tea partiers and occupiers, the political debate is broadened, if not always intellectually improved, by PETA activists.



Never said PETA was right, just instigatory

Same with the tea partiers and occupiers I mentioned in my earlier comment. No one gets credit for refuting a pro-PETA case I never made.

That sounds a lot like the

That sounds a lot like the NRA

Hey Ingrid

It's a shame you care more about animals than babies.

And shame on you for caring

And shame on you for caring more about fetuses than children.

Why should one living beings

Why should one living beings life be more important than another? The planet would be better off with less humans and more animals.


is entitled to their own opinion of PETA. I find them to be intolerant, hypocritical and more interested in sensationalism rather then truly helping animals. Money may be better spent with the local SPCA's and rescue organizations. These groups actually help animals rather then seeking publicity. I know of a few folks who worked for them and felt the environment to be repressive and very judge mental. Lab, beagle and greyhound rescue are very close to my heart. Please consider them.

The 'PETA' prinicple...get everyone's attention

Good story, Joanne.
Excellent research and well-written.
But I'm curious...
You mentioned a $30 million annual budget.
I know much is donated. But what is their
primary income, and is it taxed?
Like them or hate them, they know how to
get attention.

After 30 seconds of exhausting research,



is a non profit organization, does that answer your TAX question?

Even non-profits...

...can generate taxable income. It has to do with the difference in income generated through "related" and "unrelated" activities. Simply being a non-profit doesn't answer the question.

I wish the NFL wasn't a non

I wish the NFL wasn't a non profit.

mytwocents: ...I disagree...

...just another lazy Virginian-Pilot "puff" piece on this organization. There's no news peg, no investigative reporting, it's just another way to get this group more attention, which is part of a long-standing deliberate cheerleading effort on the part of the Virginian-Pilot and many of its reports and staff. These articles are like gum (or something else) on the sole of your shoe. Yawn.


And as such, the orginization itself does not pay Income Tax...as with all nonprofit orginizations they of course pay some type of taxes, as would be normal...Their employees are paid a taxed income as would also be the case with any paid legal advisors or other individuals hired by the orgizination.


While their mission seems laudable when it comes to 'rescuing' dogs and cats their best solution appears to be kill them. 1911 of the 1992 dogs and cats they 'rescued', they killed in 2011. That is 96% killed. These stats are registered with the State Vet. http://nokillhr.org/local-statistics

This calls into question their stance when they weigh in on Local Shelters and finding a solution to the abysmal results in some shelters.


While their mission seems laudable when it comes to 'rescuing' dogs and cats their best solution appears to be kill them. 1911 of the 1992 dogs and cats they 'rescued', they killed in 2011. That is 96% killed. These stats are registered with the State Vet. http://nokillhr.org/local-statistics

This calls into question their stance when they weigh in on Local Shelters and finding a solution to the abysmal results in some shelters.

"By alienating so many"

One group you did not mention are the AIDS sufferers.
"Even if animal tests produced a cure [for AIDS], we'd be against it."
-- Ingrid Newkirk, national director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA)

Consistency to a flaw, I would say.

I wonder how many of her supporters, especially high dollar, support both AIDS research and PETA.

For the above statement alone, all though there are others, I would not support them.
I value human life more than lab rats. That is not her choice. She values the rats more.

Interesting read

I was drawn to the story and actually learned something about PETA. Extreme seems to be an understatement, but they are certainly entitled to their beliefs.

Just like I'm entitled to my beliefs that meat is VERY tasty, and being at the top of the food chain is a beautiful thing.

To me, PETA will always be People Who Euthanize Tame Animals

Newkirk says people only want to adopt kittens or puppies. That 95% of relinquished animals are "too ill, injured or old to be saved". Like the kittens PETA routinely killed and then disposed of in dumpsters? They're not even counted. Have any animals made it out alive?

Newkirk's sole mission is media attention, not animals.

Luckily, my dog was turned over to the SPCA, which provided medical care and surgery. PETA would have killed him for not being in the top 4%. With "friends" like that, who needs enemies? Thanks for the reminder to donate to the SPCA.

I completely agree with you,

I completely agree with you, but would also add rescue groups in with the SPCA. We take dogs of all ages (and there are rescues for animals other than dogs) and health conditions. If we do not find homes for them, they stay in foster care permanently.

I appreciate some of what

I appreciate some of what PETA does, but they are much too extreme for me. While the SPCA acts as a saner alternative for safeguarding pets, there needs to be an organization that advocates for animals bound for our dinner tables. Even they deserved to treated decently in life, and to be dispatched quickly and humanely.

Check out the Work of Temple Grandin


What would you suggest?

There are 2 ways to kill an animal for slaughter, the "Bolt Gun" which PETA opposes, evidently it kills them too fast, because it turns them off like a light switch, or a sledge hammer, which may take 3 to 5 hits to bring it down.

PETA mocks and blasphemes

PETA mocks and blasphemes Jesus Christ and this does go to far. This is hate against someone's religion. PETA has a billboard with a pig saying it died for your sins. They have another billboard with a chicken dying on a cross. If there is any doubt in your mind this is true, here is a link with the picture of the billboards.

Don, Don, Don

as much as I detest PETA I detest self-righteous Christians just as much. What do you both have in common? YOu try to make Americans live to your strictures, use the law to shield yourselves and then cry hate and discrimination when called on your antics. Blasphemous? Both groups are traitors to the Constitution and blaspheme what the COTUS stands for

Don, Don, Don......

I would hazard a guess that this is your website. Yes, your site where you praise people who bomb abortion clinics and murder doctors. Terrific. A true Christian. A god-fearing man. Oh, well.


PRTA's cause is a just one. Some of their tactics are not and only draw attention for a quick second , which are then ignored by the public.

God Bless You, Ingrid

God bless you, Ingrid, as well as your organization and its important work. One way or another, you will live forever.

Hey Pam,

Where'd you get that cool leather friendship bracelet?

From Ingrid.

The followup to this fluff piece should be an investigation into why PETA is still allowed to take in animals and a move to stop them.

Had wings at BWW's last

Had wings at BWW's last night. Going out today to buy a beef tenderloin and some goose liver pate for my beef wellington New Year's dinner. Might stop by the seafood store and check the prices for live lobster too. Will wear my leather coat and my leather gloves to keep warm. It is great to be an omnivore. Happy New Year.

If you want to eat dead

If you want to eat dead animals, then do it. Please don't brag. Bob Dylan said, "Don't criticize what you don't understand." Almost all vegetarians and vegans do not brag about what they wear either.

Bob Dylan ...

... would not want to be dragged into this discussion as a poster boy for PETA.

And, to be precise, the lyric is "... don't criticize what you *can't* understand." And he wasn't referring to a debate over the moral rectitude of hamburgers.

If you're gonna drag Dylan into the conversation -- against his wishes -- then at least get the lyric right.

P.S. ...

Re your childish and sanctimonious comment about "dead animals," do you suppose that vegetables do not die? Do you brag about eating "dead vegetables"?

How many of your vegan/vegetarian recipes begin with:

"Take 4 rotten tomatoes, mix with 1 cup of rotted lettuce, and one brown, moldy onion, diced ..." ??

Not to mention the confiscation

and ingestion of the future generations of those plants. What will PETAns do when they discover a rudimentary nervous system in plants? Under their extreme philosophy all human, animal and insect life, as well as mold mildew and bacteria and viruses would have to be eliminated.

I do love

me some tasty dead animals. Lots of times with gravy. And I love my leather upholstry. Who am I to argue with about a million years of natural selection? Vegans are an artificial construct of a well-fed technological society. They could not have evolved naturally. Vegans are mutants.

If you want to eat dead

If you want to eat dead animals, then do it. Please don't brag. Bob Dylan said, "Don't criticize what you don't understand." Almost all vegetarians and vegans do not brag about what they wear either.


I have never heard an omnivore brag about their lifestyle. However almost every vegan I have met LOVES to talk down their nose about their [absurd] lifestyle.

Give us a number. How many

Give us a number. How many have you met? Two, perhaps. All people talk about food, vegans included.

It is imposable

to be a "Vegan" in these days, a Vegan does NOT USE any animal byproducts, that means that unless they don't use soap, shampoo, or toothpaste, all of which contain ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS!

Have you met any PETAns?

I'd say soap, shampoo and toothpaste aren't a priority for them!

Thank you very much, no applause, just money!

You are as mad as a hatter.

You are as mad as a hatter. There is plenty of vegan soaps at Harris Teeter. Please read the ingredients next time you buy. You might be using a vegan product and don't know it. Shampoo is often vegan. It is not made from real soap which has tallow in it. Your are implying that vegans don't wash seems to be a bit of passive aggression. The Dylan quote applies.

God Bless'm

They just need a little more nudity :).

One has….

….to hand it to ‘em. They’ve managed to pull off a heck of a scam.

No violence?

"No target is immune and no tactic - except violence - is off limits, says Newkirk."

Their close ties to ALF and ELF say differently...

Things have changed because of PETA

But we still aren't that far from "The Jungle" - and if you haven't read this novel by Upton Sinclair, you should.

The politicians and the fat cats hated him too.

You do realize that The

You do realize that The Jungle was written in 1906 right? That was long before the creation of the USDA. Although the USDA and meat industry are from perfect today, any comparison to The Jungle is a long stretch and seriously out of date.

I do know..

All I said was that it's worth rereading - there are STILL lessons to be learned...the part that got everyone excited enough to establish the FDA is only a couple of chapters of the book.

Does she realize 400 lb sump

Does she realize 400 lb sump wrestlers probably eat slot of meat?

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Post continued, repeated

What a Scam

There is a difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare. PETA and their ilk take money donated to help animals and use it to further a political agenda. Left to their own devices, they would end pet ownership and the rights of others to eat what they wish. If their motive was to actually help animals, why do they KILL over 70% of the pets left at their shelters. Why do they spend their donations on an expensive waterfront location. They are truly People Embarrassing the Tidewater Area.


open question to Ms. Newkirk:

Why does PETA continue to ignore certain local animal treatment issues? And you know which ones I am refering to.


Because it will give them zero national spotlight.

As has been stated here, Peta is more a media grabbing organization and less than an animal rights organization...

NC shelter

Wonder if the animals that PETA took from the NC shelter then Killed and put in the dumpster knew they were beyond help??

NC Shelter Staff Said Adoptable

kittens with no health problems were killed. The shelter would have turned down PETA's "help" if they'd known it meant unqualified people killing animals in a van. The NC dumpster dumpings were so frequent and regular, the PETA killers were caught in a police sting operation. Other mass dumpings of dead animals in Hampton Roads were suspected to be the work of PETA, but not proven.

[strong]PETA's "rescue" business should be shut down. Immediately[/strong]. Then PETA can focus on what it does best -- media campaigns and cultivating celebrities.

[strong]Keep PETA away from animals[/strong]. After that, I don't care what Newkirk and PETA do.

I sat in front of the PETA office

and ate a cheeseburger, one of them came up and started complaining about me eating the beef, and I said to him "Why is it bad for a cow to be killed for my food, but okay to kill it for your shoes?" He was waring LEATHER SHOES, hypocrite!!!!!

Veganism and Vegetarianism are too extreme for me . . .

. . . but I am sympathetic to PETA's cause. We don't need to cruelly trap and kill animals for fur. We can make perfectly convincing fur synthetically. We can raise and euthanize beef and pork more humanely than is being done now. Pigs give birth and nurse their young in spaces so small they can't even turn around for months on end. That's not how nature made them. Nor is there is a need to stomp live turkeys and chickens being herded to their deaths by the thousands. These animals sense pain as well as we do.

Watch some of the videos on PETA's Web site. You'll see what the problem is, at least for me. PETA's position is more extreme and advocates veganism, which I admire but don't care to emulate. Man is by nature an omnivore.

I do not trust those

I do not trust those eyes.

Why doesn't PETA consider people animals?

No earthly value, no eternal value

just cage rattlers, like clanging cymbals.

Terrorist Group

Animal Rights Groups has been linked to many bombings throughout the country at Laboratories and stock yards so the last thing I would like to see is this leader applauded as doing good things for animal rights. I felt the article should have dug into the terrorist acts that have been committed. We seem to ignore terrorist groups operating in our own country because they "have a cause". The FBI declared animal rights extremism its top domestic terrorism priority with over 150 cases of arson, bombings and other violent crimes all in the name of animal rights. I think a follow up story about the bombings and arson attacks by Animal Rights Groups would be a better story than this one.


Another legend in her own mind. This group specializes in leading the easily led. And, yes, people are animals but they have little regard for the rights of unborn people. Just try and ask one of these zealots about abortion. Are all animals worth protecting? According to these "people", yes they are. I have heard her go so far as to say filthy rats and snakes have rights. I wonder how she would feel about the Honey Badger, the most ferocious animal on the planet which exists for killing. What a joke peta is.

Running out of things to

Running out of things to write about? Another article on her?? That's old news...


the largest animal killing organization in the country and our paper has nothing but praise.....I'm sure no one is surprised

I love animals

-roaste, broiled, fried, you name it!!


Front page? Seriously?

Why would any paper waste the front page above the fold on this (or any other) organization? What's the news here?

This is why I cancelled 2 years ago and just recently renewed. Guess I was wrong.

Pure drivel.


the main purpose of a paper is to drive advertising, and advertising rates are based on numbers of hits or subscribers. I'd say the hits here are pretty good, based on the number of comments.

Reminds me of the coverage of

Pat Robertson. Periodically they trot him out, as he's a "celebrity" of sorts, on par with Ingrid. Kind of crazy, you can't really take either of them seriously and really, anyone outside this area would say "who?" and wonder why they're being spotlighted. The moral being: we need better celebrities in the Tidewater area.

poor sick woman

Giving away parts of her body that will most likely be tossed in the dumpster, much like she does with amimals.

Why not consider donating your organs to science, or to save a life?

You Can't Sell Organs in the U.S.

Newkirk's will shows her total commitment to media attention and fund-raising.

Why donate organs or tissue to people who need them to live if you can create trinkets to sell to the highest bidder? It sure will be one interesting celebrity auction.

people embarrassing the tidewater area

PETA is the largest PHONEY organization in the world. Why is it okay in their mind to lie to veterinarians by claiming they will rescue puppies and kittens then murder those helpless creatures behind a store and throw their dead little bodies in a dumpster? These are not good people and VAP should not attempt to glorify Newkirk as she is in it for the money. PETA is nothing less than a domestic terrorist organization and should be outlawed.

random observations

1) Where is the local animal shelter that is directly ran and staffed by Peta?
2) Where is the refuge/sanctuary that is directly ran and staffed by Peta? (Don't you need to protect animals from poachers and land encroachment.)
3) Are there any minority (other than women) employees at Peta?
4) Why doesn't Peta publish in "Animal Times" their annual Virginia state veterinarian reports that says how many dogs and cats they receive, adopt, and euthanized?
5) Animal shelters, rescue groups, pounds, and zoos exist because people want the companionship of animals, and senseless breeding; and zoos as a refuge from poachers and encroachment. What certifications has Peta developed for the workers to give BETTER care?

The Queen of PETA

Wow she euthanized het own kittens, caues she was to lazy, or to busy to take care of them, and to find them to a good loving home....That should tell you what kind of Leader she really is.....wouldn't even let her look at my animals, much let get close to them

Sumo Wrestler's Diet

Newkirk apparently doesn't seem to realize that sumo wrestlers consume very large quantities of meat and fish, because if she did I couldn't imagine her being a fan of the sport.


Newkirk's thug organization was busted...

For killing the same animals they supposedly 'loved' and dropping the carcasses off in dumpsters....

Don't believe for a second that money is not the #1 motivation behind these people....however, if you do believe that Newkirk 'only' makes 38,000 a year then you are a bigger fool than those that work for her....

Newkirk is the Jesse Jackson of the animal world and sensationalism for profit will always be the goal....

Slaughter House Norfolk

in 2009 PETA euthanised more than 94% of all "shelter" animals taken in. their kill rate is so high, they utilize a cold storage room for the overload of corpses their crematory is unable to burn. ref: www.petakillsanimals.com
if Fluffy gets lost today and is turned in to them, don't come in tomorrow and expect to find Fluffy alive. PETA is a not what you think they are.

PILOT weekend wacko hacks

forgot: it's the usual nut-case reporting from the pilot. oh well.

Thank you

Thank you so much Ingrid for following your heart and making a real difference in this world for the lives of so many animals. I can't imagine what horrors you have witnessed via videos and undercover investigations, nor do I want to. You are far more stronger than I ever could be. Thank God there are organizations like PETA that have the strength and courage to do what you do and the power to affect real change!! I will continue to support and praise your efforts.

Newkirk has a higher 'kill rate'...

Than most of the organizations she boycotts....

Don't lose your cat or dog in Norfolk without a name tag....it'll end up in a dumpster....

I Agree!

Someone's got to do it! We don't need the violent part, the sexy commercials will do!

Local animal abuse, never get Peta's attention Why?

Why is this article on the first page? and a list of companies they protest? Really? was it needed that these companiesbe called out like this Ms.Kimberlin. I'm sure you're a life time Peta member or a hugh fan of the Peta organization,but this article should have been in the Hampton Roads section. Instead of her having a public BBQ,she should be dispose in the same matter as the animals they dispose at Pets HHQ,that would be more fitting ending for her last chapter of her life. Like so many people has said, Peta is on the right track,but they need to fire the marketing manager & protest manager. Peta being media hounds,only goes after the big stuff, When the Va. Beach SPCA needed a new A/C for the animals,where was Peta to help out?

Support PETA

Not being a vegetarian, I still support PETA. How can you be against an organization whose sole purpose is to protect animals against suffering? I've read all the negative comments on this board and realize there are some really disturbed people.

You are glimmered to the truth....

PETA kills animals for profit.....

Search google for PETA and dumpster and you'll learn the real truth....

Peta will never have my support.

Their tactics show that they are the westboro baptist church of animal rights groups. More interested in sensation for it's own sake than in the animals they purport to represent. Deeds speak louder than words.

slow news day?

It must really be a slow news day to run a feature article on this total loon.


Or not. Your choice, lower animals don't consider things as we do, they experience them, with or without our help. Our Pigs, Cows and Chickens are food for most of us, they serve our needs, providing the needed food. I am a meat eater, pondering the little lives of my food source and it helps my view of myself as I shop within some supermarket. I don't see their faces, I don't hear their cries, I don't see their death, all I see is a package of food, for me and my family, most of you are just like me, their little lives as a passing thought as we buy our chops and steaks, wings and bacon. Our children ask us about our food animals as they see them on the TV or computer, asking why we do this thing to them, than we tell them why.


The only thing she loves is her self. How many cars does peta own you think maybe she has trouble getting around or does she take the bus back and forth to work. Give me a break.


Need a large number of autos...this is a fact of life within a mobile society...A statement like "She only loves herself" demands personal knowledge of the person, please describe such personal knowledge.


Now that PETA has received some free publicity from their friends at VP, what next? The article depicts your leader as someone who would rather contemplate the symbolic dismantling of her dead body than leading a passionate staff and legion of contributors. The article also sheds a little light on the conflict between ethical and necessary. If your leader would open her eyes and actually “lead”, your organization could generate 10X your operating budget. If you continue on your tactical path, your mission will be too skewed to make sense. Present something we can get behind. Terrorism in the name of animals, is still terrorism.


The term "TERRORIST" is only associated with acts of violence, by an individual or a group, social terms are best used correctly, the actions of a group or individual holding or doing the ideals of of what PETA is doing is know as a "PROTEST" their are those of course that view any type of protest as Terrorist actions, PETA seems to have plenty of money, without your help to guide them, the statement "Present something we can get behind" leads one to believe you support their cause...What would you have them do? If their were no protests, we would still have racist thugs running Local, State and the Federal Government, many still desire this, of course. The needs of the few should be heard, non-violent methods seem better than violent ones.

So Joanne Kimberlin

it seems to me if you wish retain any credibility as a reporter that you investigate and report on some of the issues brought up by the commentators here. For instance, how many cars does PETA own? Does Newkirk use public transportation exclusively or does she expect employees and friends to get her around? There's a start for you....

and Explain Why PETA Can Kill So Many Animals

Please report on the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services investigation that showed PETA has no shelter per se and kills more than 80% of animals within 24 hours of their arrival. Some years PETA kills more than 97% of animals ... and those are the official numbers.

Inquiring minds want to know why PETA is allowed to operate a "shelter" that falls far short of its own guidelines. And why any organization that kills almost all animals that enter is still allowed to operate a shelter.

The state needs to shut this "shelter" down

PETA has no "shelter"

At first, the State said PETA does not operate a shelter; later the State reversed that opinion and said they DO qualify as a sheltering organization. It is only because of that qualification - that they are a "sheltering organization" - that PETA can legally euthanize animals. We locals know PETA has no "shelter". Their facility is not even ZONED for an animal shelter. There is so much wrong here it makes one's head spin!!! I agree - the state should shut this "shelter" down!

How Can We Get the State

to revoke PETA's status as a "sheltering" organization? Who are the best people to call and email about this travesty? Is there a petition online anywhere?

Virginia Deparment of Agriculture Contact Info

Dr Dan Kovich 804.786.2483 dan.kovich@vdacs.virginia.gov


for the contact info.

Don't believe in pet "ownership"

Anyone who thinks PETA is pro-pet needs to wake up. They believe having the companionship of a dog or cat (or other animal) is wrong. Why do you think Newkirk does not have a pet? Why do you think they euthanize pets before someone can adopt them? Of course this also means they are vehemently opposed to service dogs like guide dogs (heck, the sniffer dogs at the airport look like the happiest government employees I've ever seen!) They are not just about opposing animals used in invasive research -- they are opposed to animals being anything but "free". I know my three dogs would vehemently disagree if they were forced out of their comfy home and had to find their own food! I will repeat what others have said - support your local shelters.

This woman and her entire organization..

defines the term 'nutbags'. In fact, she's so extreme, she'd be a perfect fit in the Obama admin! there's no 'high road' with the likes of her, and whatever good works and deeds they do are more than taken away by the bad!


more in line with other nut bag joints, like that Fox in the Morning show or Maury

or the entire..

MSDNC lineup, or the Huffington Post, or our local Huffington pilot...etc..

They care more for flies than they do for humans with AIDS.

They criticized the President for swatting a fly and sent him a "Humane Fly Catcher" so he could catch flies and release them outside.

When it comes to AIDS sufferers, she is not so humane.

"Even if animal tests produced a cure [for AIDS], we'd be against it."
-- Ingrid Newkirk, national director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA)

For the above statement alone, all though there are others, I would not support them.
I value human life more than lab rats. That is not her choice. She values the rats more.

Peta has friends at the Pilot

"I've read all the negative comments on this board and realize there are some really disturbed people"

How rude you are to say that about people giving their opinion (positive or not). You have no clue as to what you're even talking about. We respect all opinions here,even if a reporter friend or peta member is trying to give Peta a free plug on their cause in the newspaper or online.

What gets my goat,is this reporter gives the names of all the companies that Peta goes after,but since the her boss who gave her the go ahead to submit the names. Va Pilot/Pilot on line has gone down, I found the Daily Press to be a much better news source,at least they allow their reporters to investigate instead of copy stories from AP.


You're right, I should have left that sentence off - I apologize.

So, you support

people dying of AIDS just as PETA does?
Or at the very least, you just don't care if they do.
That is what their leader states.

"Even if animal tests produced a cure [for AIDS], we'd be against it."
-- Ingrid Newkirk, national director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA)


I find PETA disgusting. How anyone could give a penny to this organization is beyond me. Any “animal lover” that supports PETA truly doesn’t understand what they are all about. PETA KILLS HEALTH DOGS AND CATS. THIS IS A KNOW FACT. While it is TRUE that PETA KILLS over 95% of the dogs and cats turned into them, it is NOT TRUE they are too ill, injured or old to be saved. PETA KILLS HEALTHY ANIMALS!!! THIS IS A KNOWN FACT!!! I am appalled the Virginian Pilot gave this horrid organization "Front Page" coverage with a total of 3 pages in the main section of the paper. It’s time I re-think paying for my every day delivered subscription to a "news"paper that would waste space like this.


Some of the comments here sadly show that PETA still manages to fool some of the population. Newkirk is a genius in some ways. She created an organization that manages to disguise itself as a non-profit, appears to stand for a good cause, and uses brilliant marketing to generate tens of millions of dollars yearly from it's blind followers. Even though the entire thing is a lie, I can't help but admire the brilliance and execution of it all. Some of us make an honest living, some make an illegal living, and then there's those like Newkirk who run somewhere in the middle - running a scam that still manages to abide by the law. As long as there are suckers willing to believe it, PETA will continue to thrive.

Didn't have enough

Interesting stories to share in today's edition so you wasted time on this group?

The ink devoted….

….to this biased article, “she’s ‘our’ wing nut,” may have done a lot of good for Wildlife Response, Inc. An unfortunate choice of subjects.

Ingrid Newkirk's rude, lewd, and crude demeanor...

...demonstrates the unacceptable behaviors she so flagrantly parades before our youth, in which her message is either shunned or lost. She and PETA should be scorned and held in contempt until they become more civil representatives of the cause we all share in being more humane to domesticated animals. The referenced article is just another lame attempt by PETA to gain unearned pop-art sympathy of the low level thinkers.

Groundbreaking Victories – Thank You PETA

PETA has accomplished so many groundbreaking victories for animals. To see a glimpse of what I am referring to, go to http://www.peta.org/about/victories/milestones.aspx. As a PETA member, it is an honor to be a part of this wonderful movement toward a more compassionate world. Thank you Ms. Newkirk.

PETA's good outweighs the bad, but agree they need a shelter

Someone said,

"They believe having the companionship of a dog or cat (or other animal) is wrong."

That conflicts with the fact that the Front St headquarters is surrounded by a 2 acre dog park on the Elizabeth River. One of the best, if not the best dog park in Tidewater I might add.

It also conflicts with Ingrid personally giving my mother a chained and abused rescue dog when her former dog passed away. Sends the dog a Christmas card every year. The dog turned out to be very special BTW, a nice story behind it.

PETA stopped some terrible atrocities in the 80's and 90's. The crash tests by the auto industry come to mind, animal experimentation at it's worst, all of it intrinsically wrong. You can't argue the good that came of that.

They are nothing but Eco terrorists

They support ALF ans ELF by giving the legal assistance. Those two organizations are listed by the FBI as terrorist groups. Why Norfolk wants to have the headquarters there leaves us fishermen and hunters scratching our heads. States have had to make laws making harassing hunters and fishermen illegal because of this group of terrorists. Fact is that they quit because of that and their little minions were politely told if they follow some of these folks into the woods making noise that they may not come back out!

Nolt many poster will do this

"You're right, I should have left that sentence off - I apologize"

Thank you Prinzy010 you have my up most respect

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Post continued, repeated

A few things I like:

A few things I like:
1. A nice medium rare steak or burger
2. My stylish leather shoes and cool leather coast
3. Chick-Fil-La
4. A good Philly Steak Sandwich
5. A nice glass of cold milk
6. Leather gloves with fur on the inside
7. McDonalds Coffee
8. cold beer or scotch on ice w/some chicken wings
9. Prime Rib or nice stuffed turkey
10. A good laugh - Thank you PETA

Who Speaks For the Animals That PETA Kills?

They seem to be an Oxymoron. Advocating against the inhumane treatment of animals and then killing almost 96% of the animals that are dropped off there. Anyone else see the hyprocisy in this?


But it's complicated. I have a love/hate relationship with PETA. I think it's very important to treat all living things kindly and make sure even those bred and raised for food live comfortable lives and die as humanely as possible. However, I believe I was born an omnivore and I see people who are vegan as very unhealthy. A flu that would mess up the average person for a couple of weeks would likely kill them. I also realize that as a species that has (and continues to) eliminated the habitats of most large predators, it is our responsibility to control the populations of animals lower on the food chain that have been able to co-exist with us. While some animals certainly are better off put down, PETA goes way overboard killing adoptables.

What would we do with out xactive101

xactive101 does it really matter that a word was misspelled, when you knew what a person meant,but no you have to show your spelling be power didn't you?

Be nice

If she left with Piers Morgan back to England.

PETA opened my eyes ...

I grew up with dogs and loved my dogs more than anything in the world. I thought I was an animal lover, but one day, I visited a slaughterhouse. I saw terrified cows hanging upside down by one leg, kicking and trashing, as they were pulled down the mechanical line to be hacked apart and skinned -- sometimes, while they were still conscious. That was in the early 80s and PETA was a new group advocating for animals. I learned from PETA that I didn't have to continue eating meat to be healthy--and if I stopped eating animals, I would stop supporting a lot of horrific suffering on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. I went vegan almost immediately. I applaud Ms. Newkirk and PETA for fighting the good fight for all of these years!

Love you PETA, Love you Ingrid!

I love everything about PETA and I am proud to have them in Hampton Roads. I see your community animal project people in the streets and out there giving free dog houses and straw to dogs. I took my sick dog to PETA when all the other vet clinics turned me away because I didnt have money to put her down. I take my dogs to their dog park almost every weekend. THANK YOU PETA! THANK YOU INGRID!!!

Inspiring Piece

Say what you will, but anyone who wants to get attention for their cause, brand, or what have you could learn from watching PETA how to get media attention. If companies can use nudity, shock, the gross-out factor, and similar tactics to sell products and make money, what exactly is so wrong with a non-profit doing so to bring about positive social change? And you can't argue that it doesn't work - just look at PETA's long, long list of victories.

Ingrid Newkirk/ PETA

More power to you, Ingrid! You and PETA's "in-your-face" (and other more conservative) campaigns are EFFECTIVE; otherwise you wouldn't rattle so many cages (just look at the majority of these misinformed, ill-willed comments!!!). And we all all know there are countless cages to be rattled. My husband and I--dynamic, healthy, and for better or worse, educated, caring human beings--just sent in another contribution to PETA's Community Animal Project after reading THIS, pertinent article. (Credits to the reporting journalist. You were nothing but objective!)

PETA wastes their resources

If PETA spent their advertising money on free spay and neuter for pets across the country, we would be sooo much closer to a no-kill nation! They'd rather kill everything and NOT eat it than help animals thrive and live better, longer lives.

Love PETA's work on behalf of animals

PETA's fearless approach to shining a bright light on animal suffering and human cruelty has changed many hearts and minds, mine included. They've exposed so much that most of us would never know of or think about, from how fur is ripped off the bodies off conscious animals, to rabbits having chemicals rubbed in their eyes, to cows on dairy farms being cruelly dehorned (burned) with no anesthesia. I'm forever grateful to Ingrid and to PETA for their courage to do whatever it takes, within the law, to help animals. And bravo for wildly effective strategies as innovative online marketing and attention-grabbing street demos! PETA works hard, has fun, and will always have my support.

How about their lack of concern for people?

"Even if animal tests produced a cure [for AIDS], we'd be against it."
-- Ingrid Newkirk, national director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA)


7 Things You Didn't Know About PETA

1) According to government documents, PETA employees have killed more than 19,200 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens since 1998. This behavior continues despite PETA’s moralizing about the “unethical” treatment of animals by farmers, scientists, restaurant owners, circuses, hunters, fishermen, zookeepers, and countless other Americans. PETA puts to death over 90 percent of the animals it accepts from members of the public who expect the group to make a reasonable attempt to find them adoptive homes. PETA holds absolutely no open-adoption shelter hours at its Norfolk, VA headquarters, choosing instead to spend part of its $32 million annual income on a contract with a crematory service to periodically empty h


Please enlighten me. What epiphany did Ms. Newkirk have when the kittens she wanted to save were euthanized by her local animal control? It would seem she doesn’t mind the kittens and puppies euthanized by her own group. Ms. Newkirk has lost her way on the elevator ride to the top, too bad.


PETA's goal to end all pets and human/animal relationships. It makes me wonder that people cannot see this? PETA kills 95% of the animals that come into their care. Ms Newkirk does not have a pet of her own and never will. She has made so many statements about ending pet ownership, they are easy to find. It is on the PETA website. All these celebs and others are just Useful Idiots dancing to her tune. Very scary for us who love animals.

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