Kaine, Scott to make local visits on defense cuts

Two of Hampton Roads’ federal lawmakers plan to draw attention to the effects of impending cuts in defense spending during separate events in the region next week.

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine will be in Norfolk and Newport News on Tuesday to talk with shipyard and Navy officials as he begins a three-day swing through Virginia.

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott is hosting a community forum Tuesday night in Newport News to discuss the implications of more than $1 trillion in automatic spending cuts spread over 10 years that are set to begin March 1.

The automatic cuts come at the same time the Pentagon has announced it also is slashing other spending because of $4.6 billion in budget shortages this year. Both lawmakers, along with others in the region’s congressional delegation, have said they want to avoid the deep cuts because of their negative effect on the region’s defense-rich economy and the damage to the national defense.

Scott, a Newport News Democrat, is scheduled to be joined at the forum by Vinod Agarwal, an Old Dominion University economics professor. The 90-minute session begins at 6 p.m. at An Achievable Dream Middle and High School, 5720 Marshall Ave.

Details of Kaine’s schedule have not yet been released but are expected to include visits Tuesday to Newport News Shipbuilding and Norfolk Naval Station to talk about the Navy's plans to slash spending, including canceling or delaying ship repair and construction projects, furloughing civilian government workers and reducing training time, to deal with the budget shortfall.

The Virginia Democrat is slated on Wednesday to visit Quantico Marine Corps base in Northern Virginia and the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond. His stops on Thursday include touring the VA Medical Center in Salem, meeting with National Guard troops in Salem and visiting in Charlottesville with the Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of Virginia.

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Oh Good, Another Community Forum by Rep. Scott

Allow me to display my powers of clairvoyance:

At this upcoming community forum, Rep. Scott will welcome those who in attendance and offer a few vague statements about our problems transcending partisan politics. His guest will speak for 20-30 minutes on the devasting impacts of even nomimal cuts gov't spending.

Comments will be invited from the audience, at which point Rep. Scott will go silent or perhaps pass an occasional note to his very busy-looking interns.

The only specific recommendations made is that we must raise further tax revenues from the greedy rich. Passing acknowledgment of the need for entitlement reform will be mentioned, but no specific program will be singled out for cutting.

I hope I'm wrong.

But I'm not.


knowing Tim Kaine is touring Virginia. Perhaps our Govenor can hurry and temporarily close the rest stops which hopefully Tim will wet his pants...

At no time is Rep. Scott without specifics

Clearly you have never attended a Scott town hall. He will have specifics and he will not go silent. The question is: Does fellow Virginian -- who is in the House Leadership and who VOTED IN FAVOR of the SEQUESTER -- ERIC CANTOR going to give Virginians a clear public explanation of his vote? He hasn't so far. Cantor is in the House leadership and Cantor voted to hurt Virginia by voted YES to this SEQUESTER. Where is Cantor's town hall explaining his vote?

Eric Cantor is Not My Concern

Eric Cantor is not my concern, unless gerrymandering of districts somehow extends from the very top of the state to the bottom.

No, I'm stuck with Bobby Scott, whose district is drawn such that he will serve for however long he chooses.

And there's the problem. It's not lack of specifics that I complain of. It's lack of responsiveness. Bobby Scott's townhall meetings are purely for show. There is not a bit of openness on his part to ideas that do not fit within his preconceived agenda -- much like your and Big Virginian's response telling me that I should be more concerned about representatives who are not in my district.

The lack of basic understanding on the part of progressives is oftentimes frightening. Thanks for the reminder.

And not that it matters ...

And not that it matters, Superfox, but I would be very surprised if you have attended even half the number of Bobby Scott townhall meetings as I have.

But yours, of course, is the typical progressive response. Ignore the substance of the argument and recklessly suggest bad faith on the part of the person with whom you disagree.


And yours is a typical right-wing factless response...

Not sure how showing you who voted FOR the SEQUESTER is lacking in facts. You offer no facts just empty opinion. If you've been to so many Scott town halls great. Hey, maybe you can even run a town hall. Obviously you have all the answers and you're smarter than everyone else.

Meanwhile back to reality: Where is Randy Forbes' town hall?? When was the last time he had one? Where is Rigell's town hall or Wittman's town hall or Cantor's town hall explaining why they voted YES to the SEQUESTER?? Where is their town halls??

Q&A portion, gerrymandering...

I hear your point but there is ALWAYS a Q&A portion at Scott town halls -- ALWAYS. If you disagree with your elected official that of course is your right but being in disagreement is not the same as "unresponsive."

To me unresponsive is NOT HAVING a town hall. That's what Forbes and Wittman do. They don't have them.

Gerrymandering: EVERY DISTRICT in VA is effectively gerrymandered. Not just Scott's. Forbes' district is gerrymandered and so is Rigell's. It was the state Republicans who decided to cram all the Blacks in one district -- the third. Ask yourself: Why are there almost NO Blacks in Cantor's district in the 7th. Don't just focus on the Black district. FOUR districts in Virginia are gerrymandered.


I have to agree with the previous comment. You may not like Bobby Scott's politics but he is a wonk of the highest order. He thinks through issues and takes definitive stands. In fact I know he is very frustrated with his own party right now. It is always worth attending an event where he is on stage. You might learn something from one of the real vets in Washington.

A quick review of his yeas

A quick review of his yeas and nays,
Does not indicate thinking...no way.

Perhaps Mr. Cantor was

Perhaps Mr. Cantor was thinking
about the country, not himself.

How about a few facts...

At least Rep,. Scott knows where he stands and doesn't cast votes that hurt Virginia. This is what Eric Cantor did on the sequester.


POLITIFACT: Cantor, statement after he voted YES on the sequester Aug 1, 2011.

"Tonight, the House prevented default and boosted economic certainty by ensuring America pays its bills while we start getting our fiscal house in order," Cantor said. "This measure is not perfect or the way we would have done it if we were in charge, but it will finally begin to change the way Washington spends tax dollars.... This is the first significant move -- of many to come -- to turn Washington around."

I am now in favor of the sequester

I wasn't at first. I thought it a silly gimmick -- especially when everyone said that its very purpose was not to be implemented.

But having sat through President Obama's nearly unbelievably naive recitation of what he wants for our nation at the State of the Union speech, I now favor the sequester.

It's bad for our state, and bad for our nation. But nowhere near as damaging as the course of action that this administration is taking.

I don't doubt the sincerity of the president (or of you) in believing that this is the correct course for this nation. But his unwillingness to understand why almost half the nation (the taxpaying half, b.t.w.) disagrees with him is the scary part.

Wants something to compain about: Cantor, Rigell, Wittman

You complain when they don't have town halls and you complain when they do. You know what I want, I want at least ONE of the 3 Virginia congressmen from Hampton Rds who voted YES to the sequester to have a town hall to explain that vote. That vote hurts the military and the Hampton Rds economy. Bobby Scott and Forbes did NOT vote in favor of the sequester. They voted against it.

Why do we sit here with Eric Cantor in the House leadership voting to hurt Virginia and we don't demand answers to that question. Where is Wittman's town hall or Scott Rigell's town hall to answer why he voted YES on the sequester? Where is the VA Pilot to ask these basic questions. Billions will come out of VA's economy because of Cantor, Rigell and Wittman.


Yes sir, as long as everyone gets their welfare checks, who cares what the state of our national defense is.

Wars, waste and Corporate Welfare

So the $20 billion in farm subsidies every year isn't welfare? The $4 BILLION in corporate welfare to oil companies every year from our tax money isn't welfare?

But you worry about a poor person here IN AMERICA getting $30 in food stamps. Meanwhile we continue to waste millions on defense contractors who spend that money overseas on a war that is a complete waste.

Lacking Facts

I cannot believe that you think those not willing to work are only getting $30 in food stamps. Welfare recipients are getting close to $25K-$55K a year not including the $300-$500 for food stamps. These are people NOT WORKING or looking for jobs. You cannot blame them even with Obamas recommendation of $9/hr, they make more on welfare than for working. Farmers are responsible for feeding you and the ones spending the food stamps. There are grants to farmers for bad years, but they pay this back during good years with taxes. Why criticize business that are making money hear in America. Why do you think you desire their money that they work 12-18 hours a day to earn. Is it because you are greedy? A liberal with his/her hand out!

Ever heard of K-Mart, Target and the WORKING POOR?

Corporate farmers need to run their business without the money of the taxpayers. THAT is welfare -- $20 billion strong we pay it in taxes EVERY YEAR. The oil business makes BILLIONS in profit. They don't need and should not get $4 BILLION in tax money a yr. This is pure welfare.

And you are WRONG they are working. They're the working poor. When KMart pays people less than minimum wage (which I bet you are against increasing) those workers stay in poverty so someone can buy a yacht.

The "thousands" you talk of regarding those on TANF is chump change. The average monthly food stamp benefit is $133 a month. You'd rather talk about food stamps than talk of the BILLIONS in welfare to companies who should make profit on their own.

Who Built The Machine That Washed Your Brain?

The father of farm subsidies,
Is dem hero FDR—don’t cry to me.


Oil companies are not “paid,”
Fed does not pay—fed raids.
Then fed taxes the consumer,
Govs take far exceeds producers

Exxon earns $0.02/gal, = $ 1.00/50-gal
Fed & state $0.48/gal, = $24.00/50-gal

(1)GENERAL RULE- Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, any amount paid or accrued by a dual capacity taxpayer which is a major integrated oil company (as defined in section 167(h)(5)(B)) to a foreign country or possession of the United States for any period shall not be considered a tax—

The “subsidy” of “Loopholes” are deductions
Like YOU deduct state for AGI reduction.

$ for Exxon -- none for schools or roads?

Of course you want to change the subject to FDR. Roosevelt was President 68 YEARS ago. Let's talk about right NOW. Right now this year our tax dollars will be spent on $20 BILLION in farm subsidies to corporate farmers. Explain how that's not welfare. Explain why tax money should be spent on private companies.

Your oil company nonsense is dazzling and irrelevant to the point. Let's get to it: Oil companies reported a record profit of $16 BILLION last year. How about explaining why a dime of our tax dollars should go to a private industry entity making record $16 BILLION in profit?


I agree--cut ADM and the

I agree--cut ADM and the rest off today!
You will not get that past dems--no way.
If you prepare your taxes you take deductions,
State taxes, ect. are Sch A reductions.

Oil companies do the same--that is not a subsidy.


"why criticize business"
How about: WHY criticize people who unfortunately are born poor and are in some dropout factory school. Can a poor person make it in America? Of course. But the odds are long. Meanwhile keep those military contracts coming right. So that tax dollar you pay goes overseas to Halliburton and Kellog Brown and Root so we can "build roads" in Afghanistan instead of in Richmond.

You have no problem when your tax money goes overseas for nonsense for a war that was built on a lie. You have no problem when it goes to some corporation. But when it goes to someone down on their luck it's because it's their fault and they're "lazy." AND YES: There is the WORKING POOR.

Well you do know that a lot

Well you do know that a lot of those people NOT WORKING are actually UNABLE (physically or mentally) to work. I don't know how you live wut welfare is definitely not GLAMAROUS in my opinion.
And yes there are some that are scamming the welfare system (just as some are scamming the tax system) but it's ignorant to paint them all with one brush.


"A liberal with his/her hand out!" I could not have said it better. Obama and the Demorats won their elections decisively because of the millions of people who are "in their pockets." Beware Demorats: the more welfare communities you create, the less people you can raise taxes on, and the deeper our government goes in debt!

Mr. Scott says it’s all

Mr. Scott says it’s all Mr. Bush’s fault;
For 20 years he’s been robbing the vault.
He is irresponsible—and will be to the end;
For political POWER—is the power to spend.

Mr. Ksine and his friends on both sides,
Have all taken us for a ride.
It isn’t as if no one could see this coming,
That they did nothing—is mind numbing.

Mr. Kaine revealed the race card strategy,
The nation will be awash in a dem hate frenzy.
He is a slimy and ignorant politician,
He lies—and does so without fear of admonition.

T Kosciuszko

I think that they played the race card on me. And we now know, from memos from the campaign and everything that they planned to do it all along. ~ Mr. Clinton

Why Not focus on Rigell and Cantor?

That's nice you're trying to keep the attention on those who ARE at least trying to inform their constituents on the dumb things others have voted for that hurt Virginia. Eric Cantor voted YES on the sequester. So did Scott Rigell. Why aren't you demanding that they explain their votes? Where is Forbes? He never holds town halls.

I will argue forcefully to

I will argue forcefully to support my ideas,
But a group ID card is played—is diarrhea.
I did not know that Mr. Kaine is—that...
He has no honor—he’s just an ignorant bureaucrat.

Probably Because ....

Without sequestration (which the president demanded) the country would have defaulted. do you know that the GOP controll house has TWICE passed bills to stop sequestration, only to have it held up in the Senate.

slimy and ignorant politician

Like you T_K - a slimy and ignorant 2-bits "poet".

2-bits, 4-bits, 6-bits, a dollar,
All for T_K stand up and holler!!

Mr. Scary or Mrs. Cary?

Arrogance and hate mail makes you look dumber than you probably are...why get personal?

repeating T_K.

Go back a couple of posts and find T-K's post and read the same line I used against him that he used for Sen, Kaine.

What's the matter, denying T. said it? Or don't you have the fortitude, strength, and courage to admit it. I notice you lacked the courage to cricize him -- just me.

I just love exposing the hypocricy and phoniness of Repubs, "the stupid Party".

The difference is the

The difference is the FACT
That my comments were not a PERSONAL attack.

You really are clueless.

hate mail

You got me confused with T_K. Go read his "poet" and find the remark - I just used it.

Well--at least I enjoy

Well--at least I enjoy myself,
You just make a fool of yourself.

Don't U Feel the Luv Today!

"We will not allow the Reps to furlough our hard working defense population"...they might get a job at Burger Biggie on Furlough day making the new minimum wage which we Dems are advocating and taking their 3 yr olds to public kindercare, which again you can thank us Dems cause we care about the underdog...especially if we can keep them there supporting us and making us rich! Please note sarcasm.
How did these 2 get elected and re-elected? Filling in 2 rings at the circus maybe?

a thought

--have you noticed Obama's new public relations firm at work yet?--supported by his billionaire supporters that are getting those new posts he is creating,--with public funds.

--wait and see how much it will cost the American taxpayers for his next trip overseas next month with his family. -MILLIONS!--of course the democrats are out warning of pending cuts in defence,-while our leader is out spending tens of millions on sight seeing around the world.--I wonder what exotic countries the first family will visit on your dime this time?

--frank i9n va.bch.

You think that presidential

You think that presidential trip overseas is bad, how about that 10 year war against Iraq that was based on a completely false premise and totally unnecessary.

a thought

--do you really want to go into the blame game?
--how many presidents put this country into $6.5 trillion in debt in only one term?
--how many presidents sent drones into foreign countries,--without their permission,--to kill people without regard to so called collateral damage to Innocent women and children?--fire from the sky.
--how many presidents gave weapons to the MUSLEM BROTHERHOOD?,--and ignored cries for help from his diplomats in Benghazi?
--how many times has this president demonized the republicans with lies?
--how many presidents have used race to get his way?
--how many presidents have divided this nation as much as this one has?

--you want to play the name game?--I could go on and on.--where are the jobs?
frank in va.bch.

Frank, times are still

Frank, times are still changing and unfortunately...you're not.

Frank lies

One cannot answer most of your questions bcause the questions are not based on any truths. You obviously are ignorant of logic. This is typical faux News way of providing news. Borrowed from Hitler: tell a lie long enough and eventually the people will believe it.

Billions could be LOST in VA - Why did 7 VOTE YES???

Let's go over it again. As other post says here is the SEQUESTER VOTE:

If you care about Virginia and the military and VA's economy, supporting sequestration was a vote to damage Virginia. Voting YES to sequester could take billions out of Virginia. Public officials representing Virginia should have to explain their YES vote.

VA House members who voted YES to SEQUESTRATION:
Rep. Scott Rigell (R)
Rep. Rob Wittman (R)
Rep. Robert Hurt (R)
Rep. Gerry Connolly (D)
Rep. Frank Wolf (R)
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R)

VA Reps who thankfully voted AGAINST SEQUESTRATION:
Rep. Bobby Scott (D)
Rep. Jim Moran (R)
Rep. Randy Forbes (R)
Rep. Morgan Griffith (R)


How did they get elected or re-elected? Why don't you know? They weren't politcians of the "stupid Party" boy, Kaine really demolished Allen!!!! And to think the polls showed Allen and Kaine neck and neck -- a Repub poll because it wss a whopping LIE!!! Final votes proved that.

Mr. Kaine is a reason to

Mr. Kaine is a reason to repeal the 17th Amendment,
VA’d have 2 R senators if it was represented.

a thought

--don't worry,--there;s nothing to worry about!--don't you remember that the democrats just pushed through a $58 billion pork laden SANDY RELIEF PACKAGE,--THAT INCLUDED RESTOCKING THE gulf of Mexico with fish!

--you really don't think the democrats are worried about just $38 billion for our military,--do you?--money grows on trees and the democrats are the pickers.

--frank in va.bch.

$3.9 TRILLION in tax cuts unpaid for

Fiscal cliff deal: Congress just pushed through a $3.9 TRILLION set of permanent tax breaks we can't afford with the $16 TRILLION debt. We have soldiers in the field in Afghanistan yet we reward ourselves w tax cuts. $3.9 TRILLION UNPAID FOR. Yet you want to talk about Sandy aid? $3.9 TRILLION ADDED to the DEBT.

I noticed that with

I noticed that with benefits, too.
Dems must think gov gives them to you;
And not returning—what they confiscated.
Dems believe gov is where it was created.

Figures...they worship it like a GOD.

I noticed there was no answer

Just another of those things that mean nothing but sound baaad to scare the uniformed.

Where is the money coming from?

We added $3.9 TRILLION to a $16 TRILLION dollar debt with that "tax cut" that we enjoyed while we have soldiers in the field fighting an unpaid for war in Afghanistan. Where is the $ coming from to pay for that war?

And by the way the sequester is harmful to the ENTIRE U.S. economy but particularly VIRGINIA.

George Mason U study: 10% of 2.1 million jobs that would be lost as a result of sequestration -- Of these 207,571 Virginia jobs, 136,191 will be lost as a result of cuts to defense, 71,380 job losses will result from reductions in non-defense spending }

Do you ever imagine us

Do you ever imagine us creating, innovating
And producing things for other than defeating?

I reckon Imagination ain't

I reckon Imagination ain't you...

No, we did not

I assume you are still hung up on the Bush tax laws? If so, you need to learn that the simplistic math used to come up with that number is incorrect.

Repubs role

The Repubs vos. spoke out on the Sandy Hook relief bill. Yes the Repubs tried to block this disaster. Wasnn't needed they probably claim. but the Repubs are just obstructionists. Thjey aren't concerned about tragedy.

And now VB area is faced with military cuts. Good!!! No one cares. Eat your heart out. Repubs attitude when they voted for sequestration.
They were only interested in tax saving for the 1% rich folks.

a thought

--everyone seems to forget that Obama cried for this deal in 2011 because the democrats couldn't come up with a budget that they themselves would approve.--and they still failed to present a budget that they themselves will approve even today.--so go ahead and blame the republicans because the democrats can't get a budget themselves.It's nothing new.--point the finger at anyone except the ones that don't know how to stop spending money on the rich democrats with deep pockets.

--so long as the democrats keep supporting all that PORK spending instead of creating jobs,we will all be in trouble.
frank in va.bch.

Mr. Schumer and Ms.

Mr. Schumer and Ms. Gillibrand porked Sandy,
E.g., Amtrack subsidies and Alaskan fisheries.
Dem kooks just don’t get it—Tea ain’t playin’ that.
And they are not timid—they’ll slap a democrat.

Let's look at who in VA delegation voted for the sequester

This is the August 1, 2011 vote on the sequester that hurts Virginia. http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2011/roll690.xml

You can see who in the Virginia's congressional delegation was dumb enough to vote YES for sequestration that will kill Virginia's economy: That would be ERIC CANTOR, Scott Rigell, Rob Wittman, Bob Goodlatte, and Frank Wolf. How about the VA-Pilot asking these US Representatives who are barely in session and making $174,000 a year how they could cast a vote to hurt Virginia's economy?

Bobby Scott and Randy Forbes weren't stupid enough to vote yes to sequester and never voted for this foolish idea.

174 House REPUBLICANS voted YES to the sequester in all.

And if they had voted against it

you would castigate them for not raising the debt ceiling. Ho-hum

Wow, Tim Kaine!

I sure hope that our former governor puts a little more effort into this battle than he did to keep the Ford Plant in Norfolk!
Additionally, I sure wish the Pilot would put out a little more information or do a little more research that might keep us unworthly civil servants informed as to what actions are being proposed at our local DOD facilities. The Navy never does a thing without a plan. When NAP was being shuttered, nary a day went by without a story.

We have 536 folks in Washington doing everything (immigration, minimun wage,etc.) but working towards getting a budget for the first time in four years and resolving the sequestration issue. perhaps it's part of a greater plan...

Absenteeism Thy Name Is Rep Scott and Senator Warner

Where was Bobby Scott and his concern this past Summer when only the only concern was from Republican Senators and Congressmen. Ooopps - it was not a problem then because it would have negatively impacted the Obama reelection campaign.


But hey, President Obama said Sequestration will not happen - so "Don't Worry, Be Happy" your Hope and Change is coming.

John McCain on sequester: It was stupid

Wait a minute -- Bobby Scott voted AGAINST the sequester. You know the sequester right? The one Scott Rigell and John McCain voted YES on. So John McCain's little media tour through here was cute but his vote will damage VIRGINIA.

McCain in AUG 15, 2012: “I plead guilty. It was a bad thing to do, OK?” McCain said in an interview Tuesday evening with Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren. “We did a stupid thing when we said if the select committee failed then there would be automatic across-the-board cuts.”

READ THIS: http://thehill.com/blogs/defcon-hill/budget-appropriations/243763-mccain-i-plead-guilty-to-vote-for-sequester

Bobby Scott Was Kicking the Can Down The Road

Not worrying about sequestration because he was not up for relection and addressing this issue last yeaer would have negatively impacted Obama. This issue has been festering since 2011, Bobby Scott was invited, Senator Warner was invited. Bobby Scott was absent adn said no. Senator Warner was scheduled to speak during the Session with McCain, Rigell, and other, but then pulled-out putting his party ahead of country. Face it, the only reason that Bobby Scott is worried about it is now because his voting block is now going to be signficantly impacted.

This is not about MEDIA TOURS -- look at their VOTES

#1: Who kicked the can? The House is controlled by the GOP. Eric Cantor controls what the House votes on and Cantor voted to kick the can with Scott Rigell and Wittman. Sequestration cuts will hurt VA's economy and the military. Face it: That's what they voted YES to.

#2: The sequester issue has not been "festering since 2011." It was the House Rs who created the Budget Control Act to force Dems to agree to raising the debt ceiling. Totally fake crisis and stupid governance.

#3: Bobby Scott voted NO on the sequester. Rep. Scott knew it would hurt Hampton Rds as did Randy Forbes so they voted NO. McCain, Rigell and Wittman voted YES. This not about media tours and talk. It's about decisions and VOTES.


#1 The bill passed by an overwhelming majority in both Houses. They all kicked the can, including the President when he signed it into law.

#2 The 'issue' is the debt limit crisis which resulted in the sequestration and it has indeed been 'festering since 2011'. The Democrats, who controlled both Houses at the time, knew the debt limit would become an issue and purposefully did nothing about it to use it as a wedge issue. That part of their plan has certainly worked.

#3 Yes, many voted for it, not because it was a good idea, but because it was the ONLY idea which had a chance of passing. I also have no doubt, that had it NOT passed last year you would have castigated them for voting against the bill.

The FACTS of the Sequester vote

#1: The Sequester did not pass by "overwhelming majority". Read and see for yourself: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2011/roll690.xml

The vote was 269 to 161. 161 members figured out how stupid the idea was and voted NO -- why couldn't Virginia's Eric Cantor and Scott Rigell figure that out too? Again: It will hurt VA!

#2: The way to "control" debt" is not to hold the economy hostage, damage our credit and crash our financial markets. House Rs are children. They hurt the economy via extortion. These same Republicans just voted to add $3.9 TRILLION UNPAID FOR to that 16T debt they care so much about. Where was the debt issue when they made the fiscal cliff vote?

#3: It was NOT the "only" idea. House Rs are children who can't compromise.

Keep the blinders on

#1 A 63%-37% is an overwhelming majority

#2 The last sentence here shows that you do not even understand the what is going on.

#3 I did not say it was the only idea. I said it was the only idea that would pass a vote in both House & be signed by the President. I find it amusing that ya'll can stillwhine about compromise in the face of what has happened in the last few months. Amused, but not surprised, since it is EXACTLY what I have said all along and EXACTLY why we are in this situation.

Focus on what is important, not trivia

#1: Not sure why you care what the exact voting % in the House was.
#2: What you should care about is your elected Representatives in VIRGINIA where you live voted.
#3: One of your elected Representatives in VIRGINIA is in the House leadership. That would be House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. When CANTOR (and RIGELL, WITTMAN...) voted in favor of the Budget Control Act (also known as the SEQUESTER) it was a vote that could take BILLIONS out of VIRGINIA's economy and eliminate thousands of JOBS. Tell me why we should care about anything else? Virginia's economy is heavily reliant on the military as everyone knows. Everyone also knew the sequester would drastically cut the military budget.

I do

#1 I was pointing out the flaw in your original argument that this was the GOP's fault/doing. It had broad bipartisan support and was signed into law by the President yet you seem unable to get unstuck from Cantor & co.

#2 I know what his vote was & I agreed with his vote.

#3 Why should we care about anything else? That is your standard - as long as we get ours the heck with the rest of the country? or the future? That is very sad.


Oh give me a break. You are the conservative who sits quiet when we waste money on BIG TICKET items. Wars for $1.5 TRILLION that go on 10 years? Corporate welfare to big oil and corporate farms? Tax breaks for GE? That's all good. Then suddenly you're a "fiscal conservative" when it comes to Medicare and Social Security.

Sorry but you don't vote for your Congressman, Senator or Governor to represent anyone else but you. They are to represent VIRGINIA. Wake up. I bet you sat silent when Congress JUST PASSED a fiscal cliff bill that ADDED $3.9TRILLION to a $16TRIL debt but now you want your elected reps to GUT VA and our military w/ the sequester to help everyone else. Come on.

No, I am not one who sits quiet when

money is wasted on big or little items. There are many things which the 'conservatives' in DC do with which I disagree. I won't respond to your shotgunned list here, because of the limited space, other than to say you are using the typical libbie heart-string-pulling, emotional attack with no basis in reality.

As to your second diatribe, who said I ever said any different? The difference is in what I want/expect them to do and you (and the person I responded to, obviously) want them to do. I expect my representative in the US Congress to put the long-term health of the COUNTRY first - not me or Virginia. As for your undefined fiscal cliff bill that 'JUST PASSED', you will have to be more specific - what bill?

Sequestration & Kicking the can down the road

In our 3 part government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial) govt., the Executive branch provides budget proposals, and the Legislative is charged with passing a budget. This has not happened for over four years. The House (in the last 2 years, under GOP leadership) has proposed budgets & sent them to the Senate. The Senate has not passed any proposals of their own nor considered the House proposals. Sequestration (a lousy idea) came because of a do-nothing-on-budget Senate and an Adminstration that loves to spend, spend, spend. A "Yes" vote, while painful to Virginia (and many of us directly or indirectly) was also a vote to protect our future, in Virginia and the USA, from runaway spending and deficit.


I thought I read on the Pilot's site that Va.'s redistricting plan was now "dead" in the GA.

Not quite--but Rs are timid

Not quite--but Rs are timid re the vote;
However, for 100 yrs dems went for the throat.

too tomid to vote

So the Repubs are first class cowards? Obstructionists, yes. Stupid, yes. Dying, yes.

dems around 100 yrs, going for the throat. You really are a 500 year fossil.

too tomid to vote

So the Repubs are first class cowards? Obstructionists, yes. Stupid, yes. Dying, yes.

dems around 100 yrs, going for the throat. You really are a 500 year fossil.

They spit vile and

They spit vile and splattered nasty
But couldn’t nudge it.
A primal scent—was wickedly crafty;
They attached it to the budget.

They did what THEY do best,
It was 100% partisan legislation.
But they will FORCE the rest,
Into 100% participation!

too tomid to vote

So the Repubs are first class cowards? Obstructionists, yes. Stupid, yes. Dying, yes.

dems around 100 yrs, going for the throat. You really are a 500 year fossil.

Yes. Some are. All will. I

Some are.
All will.
I saw what they did on O-care.

They spit vile and splattered nasty—but couldn’t nudge it,
Driven by a primal scent—they attached it to the budget;
They got THEY wanted—it was 100% partisan legislation,
But they will FORCE the rest—into 100% participation!

Get a Clue

Geez get a clue. You know who Mark Warner is right? You know his voting record right? You know what the gang of six is right or are you avoiding it? You notice they trotted Timmy out but Warner is absent right? Last checked McCain doesn't represent Virginia, but since you have so much time post the rest of the Virginia democratic voting stance on the subject so we can see how "all" of them voted. PS You confirm by your position you approved of the U.S. defaulting on it's debt limit in 2011. Fact is Bobby was too weak to vote yes in Aug 2011, so don't make him appear too smart.

Cantor, Rigell vote FOR $2 BILLION leaving VA -- JOBS?!

So am I to understand that Randy Forbes, who is on Armed Services and knew what the effect would be on Virginia, was weak too? Looks like Forbes and Bobby Scott actually thought about how Virginia would be damaged by the sequester BEFORE voting. They weren't too weak for anything.

Go ask Cantor and Rigell and Rob Wittman why they voted for this -- $2 Billion leaving VA -- JOBS?!

Mark Warner and Jim Webb BOTH voted for the sequester. I guess you don't have google. Here's the vote:

By the way: All Mark Warner does is sit on the fence and avoid taking strong positions either way. We need people representing us that TAKE POSITIONS not get ready to run for their next office.

Spare me with Mark Warner

Spare me with Mark Warner. He was in the "gang of 6" they got nothing done as usual. Name what any of these "gangs" have accomplished? And if you can figure out what Warner's views are on any fiscal issue let us know. He is all over the place. I'm guessing Warner is hiding because he vote FOR the sequester. Kaine wasn't in the Senate so he can come out. You get a clue: It's not a Rep/Dem thing it's a SMART thing. Bobby Scott and others were SMART and voted NO. Period.

Scott, Moran, Griffith and Forbes read the bill and made the right decision for their constituents. Cantor as usual did not. And I guess Hurt and Goodlatte didn't either. It's shameful. Who do these people represent?


Take a comprehension course, the implication was Warner didn't get anything done with the Gang of 6 "and" he voted for Sequestration. As far as Scott, the vote was tied to the debt ceiling and Scott voted for default. Smart? Not hardly. I suspect your economically challenged and need pictures when you read comments.


Concentrate hard: The reason there was a "choice" of raising the ceiling vs. default is because that's the choice House Republicans led by fools like Eric Cantor and John Boehner set up. But here is what you keep ignoring:

#1: That "choice" should never have been the 2 options.
#2: Bobby Scott and Randy Forbes KNEW and figured out BEFORE VOTING that the drastic cuts were not the best way to budget and govern and voted against the bill. Period. Forbes and Scott did not vote for "default."
#3: This childish governing style led to our credit rating being damaged.

You continue to ignore the issue that the Eric Cantor, Rigell, Wittman voted for the SEQUESTER which hurts VA and eliminates jobs. You ignore it because you know it's true.

Mr. McCain is a typical

Mr. McCain is a typical dinosaur R,
MSNBCTV loves him—he’s their star.
Mr. Lieberman says dems are irresponsible,
I say—he and Mr. McCain are just as awful.

Leftwing Mainstream lies and embellishes,
But Mr. O has lost his aura of invincibleness.
Low information is charmed by the ugly troll,
He may be charismatic—but he lacks a soul.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)...

said Thursday that she opposes a cut in congressional pay because it would diminish the dignity of lawmakers’ jobs.

“I don’t think we should do it; I think we should respect the work we do,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. “I think it’s necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded.”

Pelosi, whose husband is a wealthy real-estate developer, was quick to note that a cut in her own pay would be far less significant than that for both staffers and less wealthy members of Congress.
Details and more info at:

The pervasive attitude of royalty and entitlement that is replete in most politicians. Both sides are too self absorbed in their "greatness" to compromise.

CANTOR: Sequester will "boost economic certainty"

Who cares? Pelosi represents San Francisco.

POLIFACT on Eric Cantor sequester vote: "the majority leader helped set the clock ticking on the cuts by voting for a measure that included their possibility... Cantor is now distancing himself from a situation he helped create. We rate that a Full Flop."

Source: http://www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2012/oct/08/eric-cantor/eric-cantor-says-he-never-backed-sequestration/


Will it happen? Another ploy for stupid Americans. Rid 3 branches of gov't and start fresh. 1st term Rep is a GS-5, Sen GS-7, make them work. We have a gov't that wants to change the way we live, get rid of the puppet and capitalism will survive. Ships in disrepair, no border patrol, but we'll have inspected food, entertainers and sports!

The lemmings here have such short memories

and the President counts on that in his rhetoric. What the White House had to say about this whole deal back in 2011.

"The debt deal announced today is a victory for bipartisan compromise, for the economy and for the American people"

"Stays true to the President’s commitment to shared sacrifice"

"Deploys an enforcement mechanism that gives all sides an incentive to reach bipartisan compromise on historic deficit reduction, while protecting Social Security, Medicare beneficiaries and low-income programs"

Now all or a sudden it is "a bad idea" according to the President and all his lemmings are crowding the bandwagon.

Well—we’ve gotta r

Well—we’ve gotta r stupid party
To go with our stupid voters d party.
I’m just a “shrinking demographic” bloke,
But I can’t help but notice—we’re broke.

Some members of the stupid party agree,
Those in the stupid voter party can’t see.
They think SSTF debt “secured” by debt—is secure,
And responses to fedrev queries are unsure.

On gender, skin and other group ID issues,
They emotionally espouse social values.
Competency—they tell me—matters not—
What matters is the sticky tag they’ve got.

In an effort to acquire a better understanding,
I endeavored not to let Reason be so commanding.
And even summoned my feelings to an Ouija board.
Tragically, Occam's razor appeared as a warlord...
Ouija is no more...

Oiuja board

T_K do you talk to the dead and see ghosts on you Oiuja board play?

I tried, for I had arrived

I tried, for I had arrived at wit's end,
And I endeavored to understand dems.

Sen Kaine's schedule next week

Mon. President's Day holiday
Tue. Town Hall in Hampton Roads
Wed., Thu. rest of a 3 day swing through Virginia
Fri. back to the US Capital????

No wonder the Senate doesn't get anything done. It reminds me of the work schedule in the Emerald City (WIZARD OF OZ): "We get up at 12 and start to work at 1. Take an hour for lunch and then at 2 we're done. Joy good fun."

Personally, I think both houses of Congress should do like the Cardinals are getting ready to do in Rome. Lock all 535 members of Congress in a room, and don't unlock the doors until a budget is developed and agreed upon. When they walk out, no discussion of who supported what, what was cut out, etc. Consensus for and by all.

207,500 jobs in VA LOST? How the delegation voted on SEQUESTER


VA and the military and VA's economy is about to take a great deal of damage. The wrong vote could cost Virginia 207,500 jobs according to a study by George Mason Univ. It will cost the US 2.1 MILLION JOBS.

VA House members who voted YES to SEQUESTRATION:
Rep. Scott Rigell (R)
Rep. Rob Wittman (R)
Rep. Robert Hurt (R)
Rep. Gerry Connolly (D)
Rep. Frank Wolf (R)
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R)

VA Reps who thankfully voted AGAINST SEQUESTRATION:
Rep. Bobby Scott (D)
Rep. Jim Moran (R)
Rep. Randy Forbes (R)
Rep. Morgan Griffith (R)

Mindless dems just don’t

Mindless dems just don’t understand,
Air shows are nice—but we need a budget plan.
Forget headed—we are over the cliff,
Don’t mean to give this fella the short shrift,
But we ain’t got no time for shows,
We gotta try to land...

...even if yousa 007 man.


That really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, not, and just in time for this cold wave now here. Think I'll just get sick!! The CLOWNS are coming, the CLOWNS are coming and you ain't gonna be laughing either. Elections have consequences.

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