Ynot Pizza is new ticket sales sponsor at two venues

Ynot Pizza & Italian Cuisine has taken over the sponsorship of ticket operations for the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk and the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach.

Global Spectrum, the venue operator based in Philadelphia, runs the Constant and Sandler centers and sells tickets for ODU's athletics games. Ynot, with five locations in Hampton Roads, has worked with Global Spectrum as a sponsor of ODU football and basketball games and of the Ynot Wednesdays? summer events at the Sandler Center.

Those who buy tickets online will go to YnotTix.com. Ynot replaced Cox Communications Inc., which had sponsored the ticket sales since 2007.

Ynot's owners, brothers Tony and Harry DiSilvestro, declined to disclose the sponsorship cost. It will boost recognition of the Ynot brand throughout the region, they said, and provide opportunities for cross-promotion with the venues.

Ynot displayed advertisements for Cirque du Soleil and Harlem Globetrotters events at the Constant Center on screens inside the restaurants. Event attendees have brought in their tickets for meal discounts, and Ynot customers who hold its loyalty card can get discounts on events at the Sandler and Constant centers.

"We can help each other greatly," Harry DiSilvestro said.

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Good Food

I went to YNOT Pizza for the first time recently and really enjoyed the food. I hope they consider putting locations on the Peninsula very soon.

Can't the venue come up with

Can't the venue come up with the simple software to handle online ticket sales themselves, and cut out all these over the top processing fees?

The TED is an ODU venue. Surely there are a few kids at the school that might know PHP, Python, Ruby, or Java. Use Stripe to get around having to be PCI compliant in house, and ... magic.


How is this a good deal for the Ted & Sandler Center?? The 2 brothers who own YNOT are not nice people to deal with,especially Tony...Just ask some of the local food distributors.Somehow they were able to talk there way into this......MUST BE A NEW YORK THING!!!!!

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