ODU football will soon reassign thousands of seats


This spring, as Old Dominion University undertakes the painful process of reassigning most of the 14,134 seats purchased through football season tickets, a free-for-all of sorts has ensued.

As the team won 38 of its first 48 games and became the nation's winningest startup program, the demand for tickets skyrocketed. Foreman Field's 20,088 seats have been filled for all 29 home games, and the season-ticket waiting list more than doubled in the last year to 4,500.

Most on the list were told it would be years, perhaps not until the stadium is expanded, before they would get tickets. Not anymore.

Those on the waiting list probably will be able to purchase tickets for 2013 - if they contribute enough to the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation, the school's athletic fundraising arm. Members will receive priority over those who don't join the foundation, officials said.

The process could leave some who have held season tickets all four years - but who don't contribute to the foundation - without seats, officials say. Nearly 2,800 of the season tickets are held by those who don't contribute.

Monday is the deadline for fans to pay for season tickets or make down payments, and to donate to the foundation. Membership requires a minimum donation of $100. Season tickets are $163 apiece.

Buyers will select their seats based on a point system and seven criteria, including how long they've owned season tickets, how many they purchase and how much they contribute to the foundation. The more points, the earlier your appointment to pick your seats.

However, it's likely that many who want tickets won't get them. Four years ago, before ODU played a single game, 1,064 ticket applications went unfilled.

"I would expect we're going to be in the same situation," said Mark Benson, the senior associate athletic director who heads the athletic foundation.

"We don't know how many are going to choose to donate, how many will increase their donations, until our deadline," he said. "Basically, it's a clean slate for everyone to choose season tickets."

The process will leave few fans sitting in their old seats. Even those who give $1,000 or more could be moved if others earn more points.

The process happens every four years in football and men's basketball. Basketball has been through it twice. Benson said many football season-ticket holders also have basketball season tickets. They "know what's involved and understand the system," he said.

ODU's financial needs changed when it started football, then changed again last May when it announced plans to leave the Football Championship Subdivision - the NCAA's second-highest level - for the Football Bowl Subdivision. ODU will join Conference USA and compete in the same classification with Virginia Tech and Virginia.

The school's athletic budget will grow by about $3 million per year, with increased football and basketball TV revenue - about $1.5 million per year - expected to help offset the increase. The foundation has pledged to meet $1 million per year of the new costs.

"There are some schools where you have to be a member of the foundation to have season tickets," Benson said. "There are other schools where you have to give a dollar amount to ensure your location. We chose not to go with that system because we wanted to be fair to our fans."

Revisiting the seating is part of the painful process of moving up to big-time football, said ODU season-ticket holder Larry Eakin, a retired schoolteacher in Virginia Beach. He and his wife, Carolyn, a director of technology at ODU, give $1,000 annually to ODAF and have seats on the 30-yard line.

Eakin fears that as many foundation members boost their contributions, they will wind up in less attractive seats.

"I'm worried about how far we might fall the down list," he said. "But I realize this is the reality of college athletics.

"... We've got to pay for a stadium expansion, a new practice facility. Ideally, the system would reward fan loyalty above everything else. But loyalty won't build an indoor practice facility."

Dan and Michelle Malana of Virginia Beach have had basketball season tickets for eight years and football season tickets for four. "Everything that we can afford to spend goes into our tickets," Michelle Malana said. "We can't afford to join the athletic foundation. It really hurts to think that we might not get season tickets."

Athletic Director Wood Selig says he's sympathetic.

"I feel terrible when those situations occur," he said. "At the same time, I'm trying to balance a budget and put a product on the field that all of Hampton Roads and the state of Virginia can feel proud about."

ODU is studying how best to expand Foreman Field, as part of an overhaul of the university's campus master plan. That study won't be complete until the middle of summer at the earliest. It seems unlikely that the facility will be expanded in the next three years.

In 2015, North Carolina State comes to ODU, a game that likely will increase the demand for season tickets.

"It's an unfortunate reality that right now, we don't have enough seats to meet ticket demand," Selig said.

In preparation for the new seating process, Benson and his staff met with 700 of the 3,104 season-ticket-holders, mailed 8,500 brochures and held three town hall meetings at the Constant Center, including last Wednesday. The athletic foundation's website explains the ticketing process, and there's an internal site for members that includes a calculator to see how they stack up.

When Michelle Malana voiced criticism of the point system at a town hall meeting, several fans urged her to join the foundation. "All it takes is $100," said Joel Hanssen of Norfolk.

Even with a $100 donation factored into the price, ODU's tickets - $426 for two, with parking included - remain cheaper than most of its future opponents.

Two season tickets at Virginia Tech go for $600 per seat. Parking adds $15 per game.

The University of Virginia charges $176 to $345 for season tickets.

ODU's athletic foundation has a more blue-collar look than the foundations at U.Va. and Tech, Benson said. Of its 2,800 members, 1,050 contribute $100 or less. Another 741 give $500 or less. Only 30 give $25,000 or more. ODU included in its brochures a pie chart on season ticket reorder forms, listing donors by amount given.

"We wanted to put to rest the impression that this is about big givers," Benson said. "This is about the people who give $100 or $300."

Benson fielded angry phone calls four years ago when not everyone who wanted tickets got them. He expects the same in May.

Malana may not be among those who complain. She was approached by two fans after last Wednesday's meeting who offered to allow her to purchase tickets under their names, a practice that, while not encouraged, is allowed, Benson said.

"I didn't go to the meeting expecting that," she said. "I went there to express how the little people felt. It was incredibly kind."

She said she and her husband haven't decided what to do.

"I'm not angry at ODU," she said. "I realize this is the way it's done everywhere else. I'm just disappointed that we might not get tickets....

"Do I want to go to the games? Yes, I really do."

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The fewer people urging students on to incur brain damage,

the better. It is nauseating that any school would try to profit from an activity that injuries students' brains.

What country are you from?

What country are you from? Welcome to America! Profiting off the labor of people is how the country was built lol! You might want to meet with the people that run the billion dollar tobacco industry.


You seem to be afraid to play a sport that involves physical contact.... Life must be boring for you!!!!

Pretty decent burn

You're wrong, but I'll award points for a funny insult.

Priority Seating!

Priority seating ought to go the the upper end foundation givers. They truly invest in the program and make it work.Others can get in line with the students. Even better, the students can go to the library of Saturdays. That's what I did!

You graduated from ODU?

You graduated from ODU? Cause if they thought like you they would still be almost the size of a community college. The students are your future alum that will donate back to the program so I doubt they want to send them to the library on game-day. Great Thinking!

me, too!

There was no ODU football for the class of 1995.

It's obvious ODU is trying

It's obvious ODU is trying to segregate who attends theirs games.It's like everything else in Hampton Roads.They have big thoughts with small minds.I know plenty of people in Hampton Roads that would love to buy season tickets to an Old Dominion game and they did not graduate or have affiliation with the program.It seems that you have to be well connected to attend.Don't worry if they expand to anything worth expanding we will see how profitable their brand is as the years go buy and they continue to weave out Hampton roads residents that have nothing to do with the program.They might think they play on the same level as UVA and VT but I just bought season tickets to UVA and I graduated from another university and I don't donate at all.

We'd like to play UVA but

We'd like to play UVA but they're afraid.

It's Obvious: Supply and demand

UVa has a 60,000-seat stadium that rarely sells out. ODU has a 20,000-seat stadium that has sold out for every game... There is no attempt to segregate... that's silly. Higher demand = more expensive. It's just that in this case part of the expense comes in the form of donating to the university.


Welcome to FBS! When ODU expands the season and suffers a few disappointing seasons, whether that's right away or 10 years down the road, there is a decent chance seats become available. It takes a lot of money to get an FBS program going. For successful athletic departments most of that money comes from donations. Those donations are often influenced by the football experience. It's pretty simple. Treat those who will write checks well, they write bigger checks, money is spent on various sports, those sports improve. There is often a correlation between the money invested and the product on the field or in the gym.

If UVa starts winning again, watch prices rise.


You don't have to be well connected. My father is a construction worker with a high school diploma. He has been an ODU basketball season ticket holder for 15 years and has purchased 13 football season tickets from day one for him, his children, and grandchildren. He/we contribute what we can to ODAF, but we are as far from well connected as you can get. It is something we enjoy doing, and we pony up the extra money to do it.


The only other way that ODU could allocate Season Tickets (other than donations to the ODAF) would be to do what Charlotte is doing...sell Seating Licences, which would be more expensive.


At most schools with good programs if you're not a student or a member of the Alumni "Century Club", you can forget about tickets.

Money, Money

This is why I do not gave to ODU. Their sport's program is all about how much money they can get out of you.

Sadly, that's just about

Sadly, that's just about every college program. It's all about the money nowadays.

Yes it is. It's called the

Yes it is. It's called the NCAA.


They have to pay for the athletic programs somehow, and just tickets costs won't cover it.

A few questions

Do you like ODU having scholarship players?
Do you like ODU playing at a certain level?
Do you want to see ODU put a competitive product on the field?
How would you propose funding these programs?

It should also be noted that those numbers in the chart do not include the various special campaigns outside of the general athletic fund, most notably those for new facilities. Major athletics are extremely expensive.


My wife (who is an ODU employee) and I were some of the first people to sign up for ODU football season tickets, without hesitation. We've enjoyed the games and camaraderie of each game.

Before the start of the 2012 season, we received correspondence from ODU concerning seating realignment. In that same correspondence ODU stipulated that those who held current season tickets were not going to be affected by the realignment. Even the PA announcer during the first game announced the upcoming realignment and stated current season ticket holders were safe. Surprise!

ODU has shafted their original fan base for money. Whether it's $100 or $500, there's still NO guarantee of reserving a seat. Way to go ODU; you've shown your loyalty and greed.

You're exactly right

It's the same situation for my husband and me. We got tickets from the very start when we didn't know how good or bad the team would be. Loved being there. Now that ODU's moving on, they're attracting the band-wagoners who want to be part of it. And ODU will take their money. We have three degrees between us and get no points for that. And $100 or $300 or $500 isn't going to keep our seats. I've been in the stands when it's freezing and/or raining. Funny that when ODU is losing, or when it's raining, Foreman Field empties so quickly. I just hope the funding doesn't leave as fast as the fair weather fans do. My husband & I didn't leave - we're getting the boot.

Same here

I'm in the same boat. Have been a season ticket holder from day one. There should be some points added for Alumi (Class of 1977). I too could be left out in the cold and I won't be happy, but I also realize they have to raise money somehow. I's no different at any other D-1 school.


If you want to play and compete in the big leagues, you've got to raise big league money, and this is how it's done.

You call this big leagues?

All because ODU may play an ACC team doesn't mean they're of the same caliber. So if you want to talk big leagues talk about big league schools, because ODU is not one of them.

I fully understand raising money, I'm just not a fan of some "private foundation" running the show (and the books). I know, wave the non-profit banner around, but just how much of that money will go to the top positions of the foundation? Are all the foundation records subject to public scrutiny? Probably not. Many other schools (big and small) have gotten into NCAA trouble because of their foundations; it's just a matter of time....

This isn't about raising big money; this is permissive extortion of those who have been there the longest. It's just pay to play...

Hey ODU fan. Let's just wait

Hey ODU fan. Let's just wait and see how they do. We've got plenty of competition coming up. Then comment after the game on how lousy they are.

But they want to be a "Big League" team


I agree that ODU still has a long way to go, but this is what they need to do to get there. In comparison to many "Big League" schools, these tickets are dirt cheap and quite easy to get.

You call it extortion, I call it capitalism.

Let's compromise

Tickets are dirt cheap and easy to get, huh? So why the reseating? Why a waiting list?

Capitalism only works when there is ample capital, and from what is being implied, ODU doesn't have it. I seriously question this... Ok, so raise ticket prices and concessions, paraphernalia, etc. Keep your "private" ODAF fundraiser, but don't screw over those who've been there from game one...

Let's compromise and call it what it really is...elitism...

Huge difference

Try getting tickets for "Big League" school; then you'll understand the difference.

I have

And I willingly paid the price without having to become a dues paying member of some private organization that handles the receipts.

I understand increased ticket prices and am willing to go that route, but if I have to become a dues paying member of a private organization and have no say in how (or to whom) that money is allocated (including annual audits), where's the actual ROI and value of membership?

Prior NCAA investigations have clearly shown when a publicly funded school and a private entity collude, it's just a matter of time......

It comes down to

It comes down to whether or not you really care about funding a high quality product. Are you attending like you would a movie or do you want to invest in having a program (programs for those who like to have their school competive in many sports) at a certain level? For those who actually care about the product having dues paying members is of great importance.

Reseating works so long as

Reseating works so long as the program is winning. UVa did this a few years back coming off of a couple of good seasons, made some money but drove away many longtime fans. Now that the program is struggling, the stadium is about 1/3 empty for all but the marquee games.

ODU tix

Let's sharpen our pencils folks and use erasers when needed. ODU football will continue to grow. There is no other sports ticket worth having in Hampton Roads in the fall. They have done a great job over there with their product and I only see it getting better. expect 50,000 fans in an expanding stadium within 10 years.

STOP Dreaming again

Once again a dreamer. Does ODU have a degree in dreaming because some of you ODU fans are about to see what it's like to loose big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After this cake schedule that has been put together old Bobbby will understand how big this program really is.


Please at least learn how to spell "lose" . . .


Thanks for the humor! ODU Class of 1994

But of course....

SHAFT the true fans for those that want "status" ..kinda like paying for friends....kinda pathetic...

Donors aren't true fans?

Donors are willing to buy season tickets AND donate money to the university. Why are they not considered "true fans"?

Don't Cry

Open your wallet up! I did, and I will be sitting closer to the 50 yard line! Woo Hoo!!

I believe this is one of the

I believe this is one of the best photos I've ever seen published in Pilotonline. Great pic Steve Earley.

Keep your $$$

I've had season tickets from day one but no more! It was fun while it lasted. Hope CUSA has a good TV deal or if I want to see a game I'll buy from stub hub. Welcome ODU fans to big time college athletics. Lets see how many they win this year!

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation.

With a new conference, it's a new dynamic.

The stadium MUST be expanded or a new one built; this will require money, but current sources are insufficient. The privelege of buying season tickets must therefore, somehow, be prioritized. Makes perfect sense.

odu football

Football is going to turn ODU into nothing more than thug city. Check out Greenville NC and East Carolina U. Nothing but crime city.

Crime City?

Its not like that area around the campus is crime free now. There is always some police activity in the surrounding area. How does football increase the crime rate?

What a ridiculous comment

Your comments about Greenville have no basis. In fact, to equate the existance of a college football program with an affect on crime in any city....Greenville, Norfolk, Blacksburg, Chapel Hill....any city....is just plain ignorant.

This is not about odu (a public school) calling the shots!

They abdicated that responsibility to their "private" (aka: secret) foundation to run the show. This is how improprieties begin in college sports in many instances... Non-profit means nothing to the guys at the top of the ODAF food chain......

Wait till ODU starts having

Wait till ODU starts having 1-9 or 0-10. Seasons, and they will, then fly over the field on game day and count the empty seats. Right now their winning.

not surprising and not fair

The fact that ODU is pricing fans out of the market is not surprising. As many have stated here, it's the price of success. I just hope their success continues once they're playing FBS. The same thing happened to me at VA Tech. I was living in Blacksburg after graduating in 81. Me and a group of alumni and local folk had a block of 12 prime seats....45 yard line row P and Q. Six on each row. In those days Tech was playing VMI and getting beat. Stadium was a lot smaller and still it was half empty. Once Beamer came and the winning started along with the bowl games we were notified that to keep our seats we'd had to donate $5000.00 per row of seats. Where were all these high rollers during the VMI days?

It's not ODU

ODU isn't pricing fans out of the market, demand is the factor that will potentially price some fans out of the market. If there is more demand than tickets available, the price will rise. The converse is true as well. ODU doesn't have a dog in this fight. They are merely talking up the situation and hoping that folks up their contributions higher than they might otherwise go. However, ultimately, demand calls the shots here.

Not a real possibility

The state/area are within the top five talent pools in the country. That's according to Maxpreps, USA Today, and a few other recruiting reports. The number one 2014 DE is DaShawn Hand up at Woodbridge this year. The top DT is Andrew Brown at Oscar Smith and top S Quin Blanding at Bayside. That's TOP 25 ESPN right there. The SEC/BIG TEN/ACC/PAC 10 do recruit here. The state may not have a lot of dominant schools (exception Phoebus/Stone Bridge) like some in Florida or California, but it does have Hargrave and Fork Union which are magnet schools for football recruits who need structure. So there IS talent here, and ODU can keep some quality recruits home even if its not those mentioned above. That more than ensures a better record than 1-9.


D-IA football requires a whole lot of depth. I love VA HS football, but there is not enough depth in state talent to supply more than one strong football program (there is not one now). This is an exceptional year for talent. You bring up some very fine players, who I look forward to watching as they grow on Saturdays. However, that talent is going to get spread out both in and out of state. If teams want to compete at a high level, they need to bring in classes that have that kind of talent and then some. Furthermore, it cannot be a one year thing. It has to happen year after year. Not everybody will pan out, and collecting a bunch of so called skilled players does no good if you don't maintain a playable 2 deep in the trenches.

ODU Expansion

I can't help but wonder where everyone will park after the stadium is expanded. The Hampton Blvd. area is not that large to begin with. Just imagine the traffic after expanding the stadium to seat 30k+. I would love to see the football program expand but, until parking is resolved, I would not even think about attending a football game there.

Parking garages and public transit

I would guess that ODU's expansion plans include new parking garages. Also, like many other schools with large stadiums, fans can use public transportation.

Right now, there is a lot of

Right now, there is a lot of room to park in front of Central Radio. They will likely run shuttles from satellite lots also


Thanks for the info about parking; that is good to know.

Consider this

ODU loves to expand and claim other property under eminent domain rules and has been successful(most likely with the assist of City of Norfolk). I'm not saying this is bad thing for certain parts of Hampton Boulevard, but if the stadium and parking is going to be expanded, those homeowners adjacent to the stadium may consider looking over their collective shoulders the next few years. It's just a matter of time......

What's the Deal?

I don't understand the number of people commenting on this story who are either: (a) naysayers who have nothing positive or constructive to say and who seem to delight in insulting ODU football and those who support it or (b) those who enjoy their view from Mt. Pious and seem to live a boring, empty life but take time to post their negative comments about athletics, a subject that know very little about. Most of us realize that we are not in the ACC or have the history of a VT or UVA. It doesn't mean that we cannot passionately support the ODU football team and be proud of the success they have enjoyed thus far. Yes, some dark days may be ahead, but that shouldn't diminish anything they have accomplished thus far. Go Monarchs!

Don't care

I do not care how expensive the tickets are for ODU Football, Norfolk Tides or any basketball game. I will not attend any of them. Because of the price, being retired and on a fixed income, if it isn't on TV I do not watch it. So raise the price as high as you want, this old guy will not be donating to your fund. I'll be home in my warm Lazy Boy ,private rest room, and my own concession stand with no line and a better price.


Sounds like a very enjoyable retirement. Thank the lord my parents manage their fixed income and actually enjoy activities outside the house.

season tickets and odu football

Why do people get on here just to complain. If you do not want ODU football tickets don't get them, it is that simple. Getting on here just to put down the program, then just do not follow it.


Come on folks ever heard of supply and demand? Don't take it personal. We have a short supply here and a high demand. If you want to go, buy some tix, if you want to do something with less out of pocket expense then do that. It's called capitalism! As the program grows there will be many growing pains. The ODU administration will run it like a business because that's what it is!

Isn't it amazing..

how all these institutions and entities like our college campuses, which routinely spit on and rail concepts like capitalism, with the usual media suspects blessings, are ALWAYS all about the money? And in all 'fairness', those who contribute to the school should have some perks thrown their way. But it's that 'fairness thingy' that usually brings out the knives from those usual suspects! Our own Huffington Pilot is on record for advocating things like 'redistribution', i.e., the taking from some to give outright to others. But their own ownership can now get these prime tickets, based on what they gave to the school. Anyone think any editorials will thus be forthcoming to denounce this most 'unfair' situation?

Yeah, right!

At least we know ODU won't move

So the money invested in the TED and Foreman Field will continue to be a good investment. But I remember when basketball moved from the Field House to Scope and suddenly tickets were easily available, and sell outs few. Better a full stadium with 21000 than an half empty one with 40000 seats.

P. T. Barnum was spot on!

"There's a sucker born every minute."

I'll bet there's plaque with that quote over Wood Selig's office door.

And they sent Phil Hamilton to prison for bribery?

Go figure!

Pay up ... or stay home!


I've been a basketball season holder with my father since I was little. We've been football season ticket holders since day 1. Went to renew our tickets the other day, paid $1500 and were told they couldn't guarantee us any tickets. I know it's a money game. But we're real fans, and it's a shame. I'm also a graduate of Old Dominion, and have given more than my fair share to them. Sad.

Not Interested in a Bidding War for Tickets

I'm thrilled there is so much interest; however, since my W2 won't allow me to get into a bidding war for season tickets I'll pass and wait until they expand the stadium and become more desperate.


Yes, I'm clueless about all of this. It just doesn't seem right that the folks with money get the tickets. But, hey, what do I know?
I want to thank all of the great professors I had at ODU. BTW, are they still in the education business...or what?
You folks take care and have a good day....
And, so it goes.

ODU '75

Nice graph ODAF....

It still does not justify letting a "private" (aka: no public oversight) organization control ticket allocations to a public event held on public property.

And with the money you have collected previously, what have you 'actually' done with it and how much stays at the top (or pockets of) the ODAF top dogs and cronies? Who audits the ODAF?

The bottom line is you have thumbed your noses at those who initially helped support this team with ticket sales, concessions, clothing and other paraphernalia, but that's not enough anymore. I get that; however, attempting to extort money from the ones who were there through thick and thin and now threatening to throw them to the curb if they don't meet NEW ODAF criteria is wrong and unethical.

Small Donation

I have had season tickets every year and have donated to the University and ODAF every year since I graduated. If you can afford season tickets you can afford to further support all athletics at ODU with a $100 donation.

If they really wanted to thin out who attends, they could just do what other football programs do and start charging $300+ per season ticket instead of just $163. Let's see how many of these "die hard" fans buy tickets then.

odu football program tickets

First the master plan will be released soon so apply to get new tickets in an endzone. Second the new coaches and all the salaries have to be increased to keep talented coaches.

Or if you really want to go to the game get a part time job at the stadium or volunteer at the concession stands. I work and instead of giving money to the university they pay me to have fun be a part of the games and walk away with more money. Really simple? Yeap. I love my saturdays spent earning extra cash and season ends right around christmas so that's where all that money goes.

Nothing New Here

Nothing new here, money always talks. Those with the dough, make the rules.


Per the great Obama, we need to redistribute the tickets to the poor, not the wealthy. HA!

whatever you want to call it

It's still greedy schools making enormous profits off of the backs of their students. Lets not forget about coozies, replica jerseys, seat cushions, jackets, etc. Please don't try to dumb down the thread by saying, "They're getting a college education". That argument is old and doesn't even come close to what they make off of their students and/or the students parents bank accounts. How else do you explain the 400% increase in tuition over the last 15 years as compared to the rate of rise of the economy. Try to name any year that a college or university has not been under investigation over their athletic programs.

The more money = more greed, the more greed = more money.

comments like this

Reading comments like this demonstrate the utter lack of critical thinking skills that exist by so many who are unable to think for themselves. This "money and greed" song and dance is just regurgitation of the anti-capitalist nonsense sweeping the nation. If you really think that ODU is profiting all the way to the bank, you are crazy. Sure, there are people making a nice living from college athletics (and you talk like that's immoral?), but ODU has to raise money to give the program a chance to succeed at this higher level. You seem to conveniently ignore the costs that go into such a venture. But then again, I really don't think you have any interest in considering both sides. You have an agenda and are running with it.

Run,while there's still time....

...the scourge of so-called "big time football" is intoxicating. Makes otherwise intelligent people take money from family & business needs and toss at a dream which almost never comes true.If you must give funds to ODU earmark it to academics of your choice.It will mean more to you & ODU long term.
an experienced donor of several decades wishing I had it to do over.

Same People

The same people who are complaining that season tickets are allocated based upon contributions (and other factors) would be complaining that football is robbing the students and taxpayers if the tickets were sold without contributions.

high salaries

Fans count only if they have money. Colleges have to have some way to pay coaches and staff salaries that are higher than that of any professor or president of a college. From college sports to professional sports, I hope at some point our society will come to realize that paying somebody millions of dollars to carry a ball around a field is just plain stupid.

Thanks ODAF

Thanks ODAF for freeing up my Saturdays. While I will miss tailgating etc. I refuse to join the suggestion of giving 110% every year to keep my seats. I hold no haste towards ODU because this is normal D1 elitist mentality.

ODU has found a gold mine in their football team.

Guess who is being handed the picks and shovels to dig that gold out of the walls for the ODUAF?

The line starts here, folks. Get in line for your pick and shovel, only $1,000 each ... maybe.

Time will tell. Let's hope

Time will tell. Let's hope it turns out to be a gold mine, but that is not the case at MOST universities. The numbers in this story indicate a $3M increase in the athletic budget with only about $2.5 M of that covered by increased revenues and the foundation donations. I only hope the remainder is not dumped on the students in the form of new fees. While it's nice to have football at ODU, some of us think the current transition came at a heavy cost to some of the other sports.

Mistake to expand---

--the current stadium. Plans need to be on the drawing board for a brand new stadium. They don't need anything elaborate--a 28,000 seat facility with the ability to easily expand up to 32,000 should be the objective. (If the light rail ever expands to ODU the facility would be an ideal venue for large concerts or other sporting events--such as international soccer games.)

International soccer??????

International soccer?????? What are you talking about????? Soccer????? Wow expand the stadium for soccer! This area will never have anything major.

Never said--

--expand the stadium exclusively for international soccer. Merely brought that up as one of the many events that could be played in a larger stadium. A 32K seated stadium could also support a Bowl Game--should one of the existing bowls (Military Bowl comes to mind) opt to move.

It's understandable, but

It's understandable, but don't forget the longterm fans who brung ya. Quick money comes . . . and goes when the team loses. If you turn away Long Termers, it's harder to get their business back.

It's easier to keep a customer than to get him back.

20,000 seat stadium...

Are there really any BAD seats in the place? So someone wants to shell out big $$$ and get a marginally better view of the field... while benefitting the program. What's so wrong with that? I do get the season ticket holders frustration with displacement. But I find it hard to believe they'll wind up in a bad seat. I say bring in the big spenders. Let them give more money to the program/school. Let them go to the local bars, restaurants, shops and spend more. Good for ODU and the local economy!

Seem to be a lot of commies posting comments.

Do like the pros

You cannot budget easily and long term under the current process of small donations from a few customers.

Instead, price out the seats for their value and sell real season tickets. Look at the Washington Redskins model. Every seat in the stadium has a price. Let the people buy what they can afford (cheap seats or premium seats).

When ODU needs more money, raise the ticket prices. People can still join ODAF for recognition, but give us permanent season ticket options and price accordingly.

I hate reading about people who do not want to spend $100 for an ODAF membership. It does make ODU fans look blue collar. Most of us went to college, right? This points system is not the greatest idea.


Everyone has their own difficulties and priorities and this is, what it is. ODU has some big expenses on the horizon so ODAF has to strike while the iron is hot and raise big money if at all possible. Did some of you forget that about TWO-THIRDS OF BLAINE TAYLOR'S SALARY WAS PAID BY ODAF? ODU paid 250K and ODAF paid something like 500K. THIS IS REALITY AND THIS IS HOW IT WORKS PEOPLE! And as far as the "no seat guarantee", heck I won't guarantee the sun will rise tomorrow, so why should ODAF guarantee seats? They don't know what's going to happen until all the donations are counted. All I know is, we ponied up and we most likely will be going to see football! All you naysayers and shut-ins can poo-poo this all you want, I DON'T CARE.

iF YOU DON'T CARE, why comment?

The opinions expressed are valid and while I respect most of your opinion, it's just one of many. The issue is, the previous season ticket holders WERE informed they would not be affected by the future realignment, but when ODU transferred over 10,000 tickets to the 'private' ODAF, the game plan changed. Let's see, 10,000+ tickets to a 'private' organization w/only 3k current donors means over 7k previously held tickets are now exploitable.

So whether you care or not is irrelevant; most others do and we do not feel we should have to donate to a 'private' organization with little to no oversight.

We WERE expressly informed our seats were safe and that's all we expected as season ticket holders, regardless of their collusion with ODAF.

what changed?

I think that promise became null and void when the move up to Big Boy Football was made. While unfortunate for those who will lose seats, it is understandable if the program is to have the financial resources to succeed at the FBS level. If the operate under a small budget because they didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, we are doomed to failure. While not the ideal explanation, it is reality. Also, your math assumes 1 ticket per donor, which is incorrect. Each donor on average purchases over 3 tickets.


Death and taxes my friend. Everything else is subject to change, you should know this. But you go ahead and vent, have your temper tantrum if you like, we're here for ya.

the ODAF graph is misleading

They are using 2011 data, are implying they received only $3.02 million in donations via their 'private' fund, say nothing about 2012 funds received nor mentions funds generated from tickets sales, concessions, student fees, sponsorships (there's a good one), advertising (every down is an advertisement) and/or direct private donations.

I have personally been told whether I give $100 or $500 there is no guarantee of maintaining season tickets we held since inception. So implying by that a measly $100.00 will ensure continued seating is incorrect. It also depends on recurring donations, I can only assume the 'private' ODAF will adjust this to meet their future projections.

Why not publish where each ODAF dollar goes? Transparency? NOT!

ODU is running this program

ODU is running this program like everything else in this mismanaged state, and especially Hampton Roads. "Hey look everybody at what we have to offer!" "We are big time and have a big time environment." "But wait wait we don't want everything that comes with a big time environment, so we gonna make more rules and regulations to prohibit certain people from buying our tickets". "We want your money, but we want to decide who the money comes from even if we take a lose". Sounds like the great Hampton Roads motto for business throughout the area and the State lol. That's probably why we still think in VA from Richmond to Roanoke and to the land of the lost Hampton Roads that Washington pro teams are apart of us lol.


What else did you expect from Wood Sellout?


I love how cheap tickets are at ODU, even including $100 to ODAF (which supports the Olympic sports as well). Check out some other schools prices:

Arkansas - Cheap seats are $255 each for the 5 games at Fayetteville plus $120 each for the 2 @ Little Rock (4 hours away) for $375/seat for all 7 games, plus travel and possible hotel stay.

UVA - Cheap seats are $176 each. When you add in $100 to ODAF ODU is still about $10/person less for 4 tickets.

VT - Cheap seats are $500/seat ($300/seat plus $200seat gift commitment) and are sold out, as are the $800 ones ($300/$500).

Dear Perspective

How dare you cloud the issue with facts! lol Let's face it, some people aren't happy unless they're complaining. Everyone has choices, how one reacts when confronted with such choices says a lot about them. Who knows, if I was against moving up to FBS, I may be upset too. But it is what it is. We should all want to go along for the ride.

What's fair

In their point assignments they should give extra points to alumni. Also you should get more credit for past donations and number of years in the Big Blue club. This would reward loyalty.

You Do

If you actually looked at the ODAF material you would see that they clearly do give points for past donations and years in Big Blue.

"Malana may not be among

"Malana may not be among those who complain. She was approached by two fans after last Wednesday's meeting who offered to allow her to purchase tickets under their names, a practice that, while not encouraged, is allowed, Benson said."

This is the one part of the process that clearly is not right or fair. No one should be buying tickets under a different person's name to get ahead of people who have actually donated to ODUAF. How can Mr. Benson think this is fair and should be allowed. To me this is no more fair than someone who donates a large amount this year to move up during the reseating process and then lowers their donation next year. People who do that have their seats downgraded. Why is this being allowed?

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