Selig: Expecting instant success at ODU is unrealistic

Old Dominion fans have been extraordinarily generous in buying tickets and donating money to the school's football program, athletic director Wood Selig said.

But in the wake of ODU's 47-10 loss to Maryland, Selig said he's asking them for something else: time.

ODU is in the first of a two-year transition from the Football Championship Subdivision to the Football Bowl Subdivision. The Monarchs played their first FBS teams the last two weeks, losing by 14 at East Carolina in a relatively close game. The Maryland game wasn't close after midway through the second quarter.

"We shocked everyone with how successful we were right out of the block," Selig said of ODU's 38-10 FCS record. "That was great and helped propel us toward Conference USA and FBS football.

"But to expect that kind of success to continue with this transition is unrealistic.... What we're doing is more difficult than starting a program from scratch."

He said that's one reason the NCAA mandated a two-year transition. ODU joins Conference USA next season and likely won't be eligible for a bowl until 2015.

"Our university of opponents is now defined as the nation's top 125 schools," Selig said. "Before that, we could play down. We had options where we could play non-scholarship schools, Division II schools.

"Instead, in 11 out of 12 games (next year), we're going to be playing schools that have been recruiting at the FBS level for years. Even schools at the bottom of the top 125 are very good. We're going to get there, but it will take a little bit of time."

ODU plays five FBS and seven FCS schools this season.

Foreman Field claims top sellout streak in Va.

Thanks to a soft spot in Virginia Tech's schedule, ODU now claims the state's longest streak of sold-out home games.

ODU will sell out its 30th in a row Saturday in the home opener against Howard. And given that Foreman Field seats 20,068, it's a streak the school could continue for several years.

Virginia Tech had sold out 93 consecutive games at the 65,632-seat Lane Stadium until hosting Western Carolina on Saturday. The game drew 61,355.

ODU's Board of Visitors was recently briefed on a plan to build a new stadium on campus to replace Foreman Field that likely would open in 2017. The seating capacity is projected to be about 30,000. ODU officials feel there is enough ticket demand to fill 25,000 to 30,000 seats.

Monarchs take reps in mental-game prep

Quarterback Taylor Heinicke said his confidence wasn't shaken by his three-interception performance in the first half against Maryland, a game the Terrapins led 31-3.

"That's a really good defense," he said of Maryland. "They have an NFL defensive coordinator, and they were playing a defense we weren't expecting.

"You're going to have that type of game. I had three picks against Duquesne last season. It's one of those things you have to bounce back from."

He said the team had a closed-door meeting this week to lift spirits. Coach Bobby Wilder said confidence was shaken by the loss to Maryland, especially for ODU's young defense.

"I told them, "Guys we're 0-2, but look at the two opponents,' " he said. "East Carolina is arguably the best team in Conference USA. And we could have won that game."

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well woody,

a sure way NOT to get success or results of a positive nature is NOT to expect them. Guess it's time for more milk and cookies. Poor excuses accomplish what?? Perhaps the answer is poor results. You wanted to play with the big boys and pushed for it and you got the opportunity, was it just too early and you not ready???

Keep it up Monarch Nation!!!!!

JFR you must not like ODU and what they have accomplished in 5years of playing football.To be quite honest it is remarkable. ODU is the most successful start up program in NCAA history.I am a ODU alumni and attend ODU football games regularly so I will support ODU and the direction they want to take the program.ODU Football has brought a renewed excitement to the campus and community.When Conf USA came knocking on ODU's door asking us to join they must have seen something in our program.ODU was in a unique situation where they had to decide if they should jump to FBS or stay in FCS.Yeah their young but the right time is now and this change is great.I know change is difficult but if done right it can be fruitful and exciting to watch.

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I am an ODU season ticket holder. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and am also a Michigan season ticket holder. If anything, Selig is understating the challenge ODU is facing. Michigan plays Akron tomorrow in a cupcake game. Akron is 1-23 against Big Ten teams and 1-22 against ranked teams. The reason (according to the press) is that Akron has been in the FBS only since 1987.

The realistic expectation should be that it will take years for ODU to compete at a high level in the FBS. What ODU has done in a few short years has been spectacular. From fan base to coaching to on-the-field performance, ODU has far exceeded reasonable expectations. I suspect that ODU will continue to do so, but do not demand miracles.


and the ODU fans talking a different tune now after Maryland served them some humble pie. LOL!


The Monarchs are fine. They are right where most long time fans(yeah the season ticket holders, the ODAF members, the donators) thought they might be.

There was hope that we might get lucky in one of the first two game but I think there was also plenty of realization that with 40+ players who had never played a college game and a defense that struggled last year being made up of a majority of those green players, ODU most likely would be 0-2 right now.

The 50 or so friends and acquantances with season tickets that I associate with are not surprised and are just as excited about this team as they have every year the last 4. We all realize what transition means and we are a patient bunch. As Morpheus said everything is "right as rain".

True Test of the Transition to FBS

I am not at all concerned with the current or future state of the Monarchs Football Team. They will be fine. The true test will be to see who only supports the team when they win. I think that the true Monarch fans will be with the team through good (which we have had) as well as bad (which we have not really experienced yet). Two road losses to established FBS teams should have been expected as the 'transition' suggests. Look for the Monarchs to continue to improve through their transition. Love to watch those guys on Saturday, mixing it up with schools that are very much their senior. They will get there and they are our team, through thick and thin. GO MONARCHS!!

We had a good thing going in FCS

So they said wait till we build our program and join the CAA. That was great. First season in the CAA had some really great games and the competition was excellent. Now we get greedy and have to move up, now we have boring games and no competition at home. Who is actually looking forward to playing Campbell? I enjoyed close games win or lose. Who remembers the TOWSON game or the New Hampshire game? That was some exciting stuff. I suppose most fans are more into the tailgating and socializing, which would explain the empty stadium at the end of most games. But for football fans, competition is what makes for good entertainment. Playoff football trumps boring bowl games anyday.

Conference Games Not Yet

In a transition year, you're going to play some FBS teams that have an open slot and you will play some FCS teams. That is what we have this year.

If ODU were to have stayed in the FCS, it is likely you would have seen Citadel, Howard, NSU, maybe an Albany for some non-conference games. Instead in a transition year, you are also getting to see a fun ECU game, not so fun Maryland game :)PITT, IDAHO, and UNC.

Next year you will start returning to a conference schedule, and begin building rivalries and I dare say being a very competitive CUSA team. Sure, we will miss beating W&M, JMU, Richmond, Delaware, Towson, etc...but I am looking forward to Rice, Marshall, Tulsa, etc.

Not about greed, but about timing, strike while the iron is hot.

Love Monarch football, but..

Don't get me wrong here! I am a season ticket football holder since day one, and the ride so far has been worth every cent. The Monarch's success in the FCS has been astounding. But I feel the hunger for money has brought us to a worrisome place in the FBS way too soon. My feeling is that we should not have stepped up to the FBS without first, at least, achieving a FCS championship under our belt.
The Monarchs were well matched against teams we faced in the FCS. Plus, we had built great rivalries against neighboring teams like William & Mary, Towson, and James Madison. I personally will miss these match-ups in the future. We played "on their level" and were often, if not always, victorious.
Get ready for some tough football ahead, Monarchs!

fun is not winning all the time

You want bragging rights if you want the same old schedule every year. Those games become predictable and attendance decreases. Lo It was time and remember there was a said freeze coming up fo fcs schools.

Odu football will be fine. We will grow and so will our team. Did you not see the difference in size? We have just started recruiting that size players. We have just started reaching for fbs players. But as usual..norfolk citizens say the sky is falling.

This is exciting and I'm ready to see how norfolk reacts to this change. People want the same ole thing but new younger people want change. This is gonna rock and roll odu. Glad to be a part. Nothing else brings this much exposure to norfolk and our area and evidently dollars.

Fans Could...

...give a rats rear end who the opponent is as long as their team is winning. When ODU is losing games in CUSA next year, Monarch fans will long for the days when ODU was defeating W&M and Madison. Fun to see Selig already making excuses for the losses which are forthcoming!

Expecting any football sucess is unrealistic

The team will not win. The team will not make money. The team will not bring any positive attention to the university.

What football will succeed in doing is saddling ODU with debt, irreparably injuring players' bodies and brains, and embroiling the athletics program in the kinds of scandals playing out at Miami, UNC and Oklahoma State.

Time will prove you

Time will prove you wrong.:)

We're be successful and we're proud Monarchs. We're also a forgiving community so when you decide to jump on our bandwagon in a few years, we're accept you with open arms. We can't wait for you to join us in the future!

Oops, typo

I was so excited about you joining us that I typed "we're" instead of "we'll." Please forgive me.

Oops, typo

I was so excited about you joining us that I typed "we're" instead of "we'll." Please forgive me.

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