ODU seeks money to add 170 full-time faculty spots


Old Dominion University is seeking state funding for 170 new full-time faculty positions in an effort to bring its student-faculty ratio in line with other Virginia universities.

The initiative would increase ODU's full-time faculty contingent, now around 800, by more than 20 percent.

President John Broderick told the university's governing Board of Visitors on Thursday that ODU's student-faculty ratio of 21 to 1 is out of whack with the state average of 17 to 1.

Lowering the ratio would help improve the university's student retention and graduation rates, he said.

Additional full-time faculty slots would also allow ODU to reduce its reliance on part-time, or adjunct, teachers, Broderick said.

The requested new teaching positions would cost about $20 million over the next two years.

Broderick said university officials have been lobbying Gov. Bob McDonnell to include the money in his proposed 2014-16 biennial budget, which will be unveiled later this month. The General Assembly will take up the spending plan when it convenes in January.

Broderick said ODU officials have also made their pitch to Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe, who takes office Jan. 11.

ODU's student-faculty ratio has been on an upswing over the past decade, largely because of a spurt in student enrollment in the mid-2000s. Enrollment grew by about 3,500 during that period, without a corresponding increase in teaching slots.

Since then, the student body has leveled off at about 25,000.

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Note to Mr. Broderick: In case you haven't notice, govt spending at all levels is not a growth prospect lately. Deal with it.... Signed, Taxpayer

In case you forgot, ODU

In case you forgot, ODU injects hundreds of millions of dollars annually into the Hampton Roads economy.

Get it right

ODU injects TAXPAYER'S dollars, money taken out of people's pockets unwillingly, into the local economy. I also doubt it is anywhere near 'hundreds of millions of dollars.'

Of course, Gov.-elect McAuliffe would promise more funding.

He's been running around the state since Election Day promising money for everybody for everything.

In about a month, reality will kick in when the General Assembly makes him go stand in the corner while they go about taking care of the state's business.

This is actually better news

This is actually better news than the football stadium (which I was happy to see too). ODU is right on the cusp of being one of the top 200 National Universities in the country. Looking at the criteria, ODU actually fares better in many categories than peer schools that are included in the top 200. The number of part-time faculty, class sizes and number of students graduating within 5 years are the main things the keep the school from getting over the hump. This will go a long way toward making that happen. A thriving ODU is a win for the entire region and state. Glad to see good news on the academic front at ODU and even better in-state college options for Virginia's youth.

Why in world would anyone

Why in world would anyone thumbs down making our state universities and opportunities for Virginia's kids better? If its the cost to the state, then read the article. It states that even though more and more Virginians are choosing to get their education at Old Dominion the number of faculty has remained stagnant and not kept up with its peers in more politically astute locations. I would much rather see our tax money go to needs like this for Va's citizens than to foreign toll and tunnel companies.

committed cons despise

committed cons despise education

Get rid of the football program

Redirect those funds to academics.

Per this (http://hamptonroads.com/2013/05/odus-budget-among-conference-usas-biggest) a single year's athletics budget at the school -- a vast majority coming from student fees and being funneled to the football team -- more than covers the $20 million needed for new faculty.

Not By Half

Just admit it... You don't like sports!

Do you honestly believe

that "sports" means only "football"? If so, that would be tragic for you.

Let me get this straight . . .

On the same page they announce plans for a new football stadium the school says it is looking for funding for additional faculty? Talk about a disconnect! ODU needs to get it's priorities straight: quality of education (and thus faculty) FIRST, entertainment SECOND. Putting building a new stadium before hiring new professors is definitely a case of putting the cart before the horse.

It is very simple....

ODU accepts more Va. Students than any other University. The current Student to Professor ratio is significantly higher than other state supported universities. ODU students deserve the same Professor attention than other students have at Va. Universities. Because of the research $ university professors bring in it pumps millions into our local economy. I have a suggestion.....UVA wants to go private. Let them and take the Millions the state supports them and provide those funds to ODU and other Universities. After all UVA has the lowest acceptance rate of Va. students than most other Va. Universities. Problem solved....and it it budget neutral !!!

I'm just curious and not doubting your word.....

Where did you see that UVA wants to go private?

The funding comes from two

The funding comes from two different sources. They can't use academic money for athletics and vice versa. The argument could be made that these donors should give to academic endeavors instead, but it's their money to do as they wish. None of my business how they donate it. I'm a fan of the teams so I'm thankful for contributors to both causes.

The funding comes from two

The funding comes from two different sources. They can't use academic money for athletics and vice versa. The argument could be made that these donors should give to academic endeavors instead, but it's their money to do as they wish. None of my business how they donate it. I'm a fan of the teams so I'm thankful for contributors to both causes.

3/4 of ODU athletics budget comes from student fees

The "separate pots" for athletics and academics is a false construct.

Faculty positions at ODU

I too am glad to see ODU focusing on academics, however, let's hope they are not once again playing with numbers. ODU's increase in enrollment since 2000 has been because of their push toward what was once called TELETECHNET online offerings, actually the on campus enrollments have been down. When ODU went to satellite offerings to other campuses (mostly community colleges in VA) and other states, they assured the General Assembly, if taxpayers would support this growth with infrastructure dollars for these programs, the university could do more with less and charge less to students. I see after ten years or more there is hope that no one remembers that promise. I for one would be interested in a breakdown of their enrollment numbers.

Unless these distance

Unless these distance programs are actually generating revenue for the school, then ODU should drop most of them. They were a forerunner in offering legitimate education options for placebound people, but that was before the internet. Now there are tons of schools that offer that. Id rather see them put that money toward world-class faculty members, research, scholarships or police.

More tenure track jobs...

There are few different aspects to this request and subject.

First, qualified people have to want to come to Norfolk to take jobs. With all of the crime in Norfolk, many won't. ODU & Norfolk still needs to deal with crime close to campus.

Second,only certain fields and disciplines that respect online degrees. The concept of online education demands a measured, disciplined approach.

Third, more than anything else, ODU needs to concentrate on providing for the students they already have: parking and housing. Expansion should be secondary.

Finally, bigger does not always mean better. What are ODU's admittance standards? How have they changed during the increase in the size of the student body? What is the value of an ODU degree?

Economic Impact On Our Local Economy

markk is right it's not hundreds of millions. Old Dominion injects closer to $2 Billion to the local economy. http://odu.edu/research
It's amazing how unwilling so many are to overlook or look down upon Old Dominion. ODU is a giant in our midst that is only growing in strength and prestige. Sad that so many are combative instead of supportive of Old Dominion. Really!? What is there to possibly be against?

The Flip Side

My husband is a professor in the engineering department. This past semester was a nightmare for him. Three faculty left within the first month of school, but somebody had to teach those courses. The department's request for adjuncts to cover the gap was denied. So the faculty continued to take on more courses in addition to their research loads. He sits up until midnight most every night grading papers and preparing lessons for the next day. Then up in the morning, into the office by 9:30 for either class or office hours. He leaves work around 4:30 or 5:00. Dinner, then back to the grading. They have not hired enough faculty to keep up with the burgeoning enrollment. He's exhausted. Thank God the semester is over this week!

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