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In Norfolk: Ice cream shop evolves; grocery store closes

Updating the store scene in Norfolk:

An ice cream shop near Old Dominion University is changing more than its flavors, and a small grocery store in the Freemason area has closed.

Norfolk Ice Cream Co. shut on Jan. 3, more than five years after it opened on Monarch Way. But those looking for treats needn’t despair.

Butch Mariano, the co-owner, said it will reopen as Twisted Yogurt Bar in March.

“We were making our numbers with the ice cream,” Mariano said, “but we thought a better, healthier alternative would be something more appropriate for a neighborhood near the campus.”

In the mornings, Twisted Yogurt will offer what Mariano described as a “super-healthy” alternative to the typical breakfast fare of doughnuts, bacon and pancakes. It will feature a variety of yogurts, including Greek and low-fat, along with a smorgasbord of toppings, including fruit and granola.

It will switch to frozen yogurt in the late morning and continue selling that through the evening, Mariano said.

Meanwhile, Shady Grove Marketplace, a small grocery store on the corner of Bute and Botetourt streets, has closed. Shady Grove sought to market local products.

A handwritten sign on the entrance to the barren store from owners Luke and Emily Stephens said: “To our friends, neighbors & all those that supported us over the last 3 years, thank you! Keep It Local!”

- Philip Walzer

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